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Autumn Falling

"Why...? Why did you do this, Serian?" the woman sank to the ground as she shope to her only child, flashes of her husband being killed lingered in her mind. The room smelled heavily of the stench of death. Serian knelt above his father's freshly mauled corpse, talons raking into the flesh, blood staining the once delicate, pale fingers. His mother repeated the question over and over and tears streamed down her cheeks.

No, he did not regret killing his father... and he'd do it again if he needed to... the bastard deserved it. "Why did you do this...?" Serian stood at the words and walked slowly over to his mother's huddled form, "because you made me this way," Serian said in a low voice, "both of you did."

Serian awoke with a start, building persperation caused his shirt cling to his chest. Breathing hard, he climbed out of bed, hoping to rid himself of that horrid memory. The memory of when he had barely hit puberty. He was now 23 and still... well, he hadn't changed much.

Getting off a nearby bus was Murakai le Voughn. He was rather disgruntled and his clothing was still a bit ruffled from his last......activity...and now that he thought back on it..that was such an exquisite boy. So very willing, and will-bending. So very...possesable.. oh how sweet. The boy had quenched his thirst but he felt it building as the boy's smell was on his clothes. He remembered how the boy had cried like a fact..he had a girl's name...what was it? Hell he couldn't remeber. It didn't matter to him anyways.

Murakai shrugged and walked along, looking for not only the sign of a hotel, but also for another victim in which he would defile and make his.

Sencing another being passing by, Serian peared out of his curtain. He was too close... he didn't like it." He pulled off his drenched shirt and walked out of his house with a sigh to set things right, "oi!" he called to the passerby, "this is private property!"

Murakai laughed" Umm this strip of sidewalk is the city's moron..."He said, sizing the man up fidning he was very much in lust with him already...oh dear."Unless you have a problem with that of course..."

"Of course I have a problem with it," Serian told him, drawing nearer, "why the hell do you think I came outside??!" he paused for a moment and gazed at him, "you must not be from around here... because people here know me better."

Murakai rolled his eyes." What are you some kind of big shot or somthing?" He asked, looking the boy up and down hungrily.

"Yes, actually," Serian told him, hand on his hip withought realizing it. He noticed the other's eyes on him, and he didn't care.

Serian smiled" I am supposed to just get on my knees and worship your very ground then huh? Not going to happen kid." He said, looking suggestively at Serian and then blowing him a kiss as he walked off, trying to think of a plan to have the kid one way or another.

Serian considered what that was all about as he wandered back into his home. As soon as he sat down, however, he pain no more attention to the thought anymore.

Murakai went to the local tavern and smiled as he thought of a plan he would find a way to sneak on the doorstep and leave a flower and a note...sounded nice to him...yes and then the note would tell the young one to meet him back in the hotel and give his room number and hope he goes through with it. With that figured out Murakai did just that, going to the hotel and getting a room, taking one of the flowers from a near-by vase and tying a note to the stem telling Serian to meet him in room 215. He smiled at his handi-work and set out to deliver the note, cautiously nearing the doorstep.

Serian, who had been in the kitchen preparing himself a meal, heard the noise from outside as he had excelent ears for a demon lord. He sighed and whiped his hands off on the white apron which was tied around his waist, and went over to the door, pulling it open to view the specticle before him. he was silent as he stared at his vistor.

Murakai smiled."Oh my...hello..yes I was going to leave this for you in secret but since your here.." Murakai said, holding the rose out to Serian, bowing low as he did so.

Serian took the rose and sighed, backing up, "you may as well come inside," he said, "it'll save time."

"Save time for what...and thank you." Murakai said, smiling his hungry smile and walking into the house.

"save time of my going to your place... I wouldn't have gone anyways," Serian explained, going back into the kitchen, "make yourself at home."

"Why wouldn't you have gone?" Murakai asked, only a little offended.

"I never answer anybody's calls nowadays," Serian told him, "you have no idea how many people try to get close to me; mostly to get me in bed. I came to the conclusion that there is no one that I'm meant to be with. So I don't care anymore. I don't care about who I sleep with, I just wont go out of my way to do it."

"Well..I wasnt trying to just sleep with you..yes its a part of it but I like you..I think your beautifull.."

Serian rested his elbow on the counter, and his head propped up in his head to get a better look at his visitor, "really??" he asked, pretending to be touched.

Murkai raised an eyebrow" And let me dont believe me?"

Serian shrugged, "I've heard that bull shit a thousand times," he said.

Murakai sighed" Then I see my efforts were in vein.."He said, tearing up and standing." I am sorry to have bothered you.."He said, tears dripping now down his cheeks as he rushed out the door.

Serian winced. The one thing he couldn't stand were tears... Moving quickly, he hurried after Murakai and grabbed his arm, "no, wait..." he said, "I'm sorry.. I've been a jackass."

Murakai sighed" No no I was wrong to think I would..ever be able to accquire such a beautifull thing..your truly are that much. I will leave you alone don't worry aboutit." Murakai said, sighng sadly.

Searching the other's face, Serian pulled him to himself, holding him in a fast hug, "no..." he muttered, "you are worthy of me.... perhaps-perhaps I'll give you a chance..."

Murakai sighed and dried his tears, but inside he was smiling evily. "Thank you...."He said softly.

Serian smiled, "well then," he said, "today's not the warmest of days... come back inside with me?"

Murakai nodded."Yes..thank you."He said shyly.

Serian kept a hand wrapped around the other as he led him inside, closing the door behind them.

Murakai leant into him as they entered the house again, his eyes down cast.

Serian sat them both down at the couch, pulling the other slightly into his lap, "you better now??" he asked.

Murakai nodded, wrapping his arms around Serian's neck"Darling..what's your name?"

"Serian.." he told the other, surprized at the title, "no last name.. I discarded that when I... well, I did."

"Well I am Murakai le Voughn." Murakai said softly. "I am glad to have come here. "

"Why... did you come here?" Serian asked, "nothing much goes on around here.. it's probably not even on the maps."

"Well...I was looking for somnoe to settle down with and you...seem to right now you seem to be that person."Murakai says shyly, blushing.

"well, I don't know about settling down.." Serian told him, "but, maybe in time..."

Murakai nodded" Yes..maybe....can ..I...have a kiss?"He asked timidly.

Serian smiled softly and leaned foreward, planting a kiss upon Murakai's waiting lips.

Murakai returned the kiss, wrapping his arms about Serian's neck.

Serian deepened it, a bit confused at the change of rappid events.

Murakai kissed him back more, wrapping his arms tight around him.

Serian pulled back, suddenly feeling strange, "there's your kiss..." he said, attempting to pull back.

Murakai did stop the kiss, not at all finished with his little plan but he instead rested his head on his shoulder."Thank you."He said softly.

"No problem..." Serian said, the strange feeling lingering as he draped an arm ove rthe other's shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Murakai asked, kissinf softly on his chest.

"mmn... yes..." Serian said, shivering at the touch. Who was he to play with his heart??

Murakai sighed softly."I..feel very protected around you."

Serian smiled softly, "glad I can change at least one person..."

Murakai smiled. " I..yes..thank you. Your very sweet."

Serian felt his cheeks grow warm. He leaned foreward and placed a kiss on his cheek.

Murakai Kissed the other's cheek back, smiling and wrapping his arms about him.

Serian moved his lips to the soft flesh of the other's neck, placing feather-light kisses and teasing bites to it.

Murakai shivere,d forgetting that he was to be the dominating role in this factor, allowing the other to give him these kisses and bites.

Serian leaned the other back 'till he was laying down on the couch and he proceded to climb atop him, undoing the buttens of his shirt, eyes asking for permission, protection, love.

Murakai almost felt bad for what he was going to do to this boy when he left him. But for now he ignored it, giving the boy another look to match the one he had been given. He sighed softly and wrapped his arms around the other's waist.

Satisfied, Serian moved to pamper the other's chest as he ran his hands over him, down to his waistline.

Murakai was finding he was very much enjoying this other boy being on top and decided to discard his dominance for a few minutes, running his fingers through his hair.

Serian rid him of the pants of which Murakai was wearing that only proved to get in the way of accessing him. He lowered his mouth to the other's member, running his tounge along the length before taking it into his mouth.

Murakai groaned out, his eyes shutting tightly, mouth opening in the need for gasping, shivering and slightly thrusting his hips up, fingers gripping the couch side.

Serian sucked long and hard upon him, holding fast to Murakai's sides, single hand slipping behind him to prod at his entrance before pushing into it.

Murakai called out, gripping along the couch tighter, shivering and thrusting his hips up.

Serian released the organ before he got too aroused, and pulled himself up, removing his pants so that he could slip his own needy errection into him.

Murakai shivered, letting the boy top him, wrapping his legs around the other's waist.

Serian continued pushing into him, filling him completely.

Murakai shivered at the feeling of being stretched by his lover and held tight to him now, pressing his hips up against him-

Serian pulled out of him, holding onto the hips of the other, nearly comming all the way out before comming crashing back in.

Murakai groaned aloud, shivering and panting softly.

Serian repeated this movement, coming in each time a bit faster than the last as he came crashing into the other's hips.

Murakai met his thrusts as well as he could, holding on tight to Serian's sides.

After carrying on for a long moment, Serian released inside his new-found lover, moaning as he called out the other's name.

Murakai came soon after and held to him tight.

Breathing pattern slightly off, Serian leaned foreward and kissed the other, "I... hope you're happy now..." he said silently, pulling out of him.

Murakai smirked" Yes..I am ...very happy." He said getting up and pulling his clothing on. He felt only a tiny bit bad for what he was about to do" It was fun, I enjoyed it...but I am afraid that just like the other brat I left the other night I am to be going."

Serian smiled grimly. He had expected it... he knew from the start... "Since you are going to be leaving..." he said slowly, mind realing, but face expressed as one heartbroken, "may I have one last kiss... please?"

Murakai smirked" can." He said, leaning in to kiss Serian.

Serian returned the kiss, pulling him closely towards himself. A single finger ran down the other's chest. He pulled his lips back ever so slightly to move them towards the other's ear, "nobody...." he whispered, "has ever left me before... If you are going to leave me... I'm going to send you-" he paused, his hand had rested on the other's chest, then, in the blink of an eye, his hand had shot through the other. His hand, now dripping in the other's blood stood, clenched at the other end of Murakai's body, "-to hell..."

Murakai had no time to even think as this had happened. He dropped down , eyes open in pain and before his eyes closed he smirked" That is fine...I will..die the other boy I feel not sorry for."

Serian smiled as well, "I couldn't give a damn about your pity..." he said, "and as for this other boy, I don't even know whom it is you are speaking of. All I want right now... is to see you suffer."

With that Murakai's world went dark.

Serian slowly withdrew his arm from the other's body and let it drop to the ground. He stared at it in disgust. He hadn't wanted him to suffer because he had made him have sex with him, no... that wasn't it. It was that for that brief moment, before he realized Murakai didn't want to be with him, Serian had felt vunerable. That was a feeling he had never felt before. He swore that he would no longer be that way...

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2006-12-15 [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]: no... more than shot... I've thought through his death... watch and see.

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