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Once entering inside Asper's mind to erect a defense against another mental attack from Lord Soth's minnions.

The moment Asper touched the wall, a thunderous boom scattered everything. Aspects ran here and there and the wall itself that had been solid a second ago disappeared. A strong wind blew over everyone, and when she looked Darryl was gone. All around the atmosphere started to change, buildings began to shimmer into being. Looking around Asper noticed everything had changed around her like she had shrunk.

Asper gasped and grabbed her stomach. "NO!" She yelled as she shrunk she noticed her fingers getting pudgy and her baby was gone. No longer in her stomach and that she no longer was the woman she had grown to be but the flat chested of a very young girl. Her voice to had changed. "Darryl!?" She called worried and frightened, her voice was too high pitched, that of a young girl before puberty.

Her mothers house before her, it was a warm summer evening. Everything was just as Asper remembered it. She was dressed as she normally was at that age. No voice responded to her, she couldn't see him anywhere. However she started hearing the sound of arguing from inside the house.

Asper crept forward silently, peeking up through the window she made sure to only peek through the side that the curtain would cover her. She always remembered that part. After all if the woman found her trying to sneak in or HE found her peeking in, it always led to a beating and no food. So she looked in cautiously to see what was going on, not bothered by the boys pants that were ripped and stained and badly sewn together by her own little tiny child like hands. Or the shirt that was just two strips of clothe tied around her to keep her covered.

"Bastard," she yelled, "you promised never to do that again." She was wiping her mouth and spitting. He sat on the chair by the fire laughing, "Come on you know you love it." Tilting up a bottle of spirits and taking a long pull. "Maybe I need to teach that little abomination how to please a man, get a little more money flowing in here."

Asper made a disgusted face and dropped back down. Why...Why was she back here? She didn't even remember most of her childhood. Hell she never knew how old she was in the first place. She looked around. Everything was as she remembered it, everything. Well... a lot of it she didn't remember but some of it she did. She was in a five or maybe six year olds body. She was dressed as a boy and looked like a boy, except for her skin and hair. She didn't have shoes on either just old peices of Sandels someone threw away she recovered and tied to her feet with weeds and string.

The back door opened and he came stumbling out, bottle still in hand. "Oh, Assper almost forgot bout you, c'mere." He looked at her for a long second, dressed like a boy, hells ugly little bitch too. Tilting the bottle back up he took another swig and belched. He kept watching and waiting for her to come to him.

ASper froze when the door opened and turned quickly to see him stumble out. She sneered as much as a young child could sneer anyways. she wasn't going anywhere near that ugly smelly ass. Not when she rememebered how much she was always beaten afterwards. She stood deffiently severl feet away from him. She was in the middle of the small yard and he had just stumbled through the back door. She looked around for possible ways to escape. There were a few she might be able to use.

"You'll come here now, or it'll be worse when I get my hands on you." he threatened. He took several steps forward and pointed to the spot before him. "Take your pick, run and pay or come here and you won't get it as bad. Or maybe I make sure you don't get food?" he narrowed his eyes at her.

Asper shook a little and tentatively stepped forward. With her small size and the fact she was so damn skinny she knew she needed food. She knew she couldn't run forever and expect to survive yet. She didn't trust him anyways. It was always bad no matter what he said to her. It was always always bad. Asper put a hand to her stomach and hoped nothing too bad happened as she stepped forward more, taking it slow and watching him the whole way suspiciously.

"Here have a pull, he offered her the bottle, keep that endless pit full until yer mother feeds you." Watching the little girl, Lash waited he remembered this night. "Show us all how much you've grown." he said to her.

Asper took the bottle and wiped the lip of it, trying to 'clean' it from his use before she did take a swig or two. Shaking her head it made her body burn and made her throat sore until she coughed some. She looked up at him wondering what he meant by show him how she'd grown. She was right in front of him couldn't he see? "What are you blind now old man?" She asks looking up at him as if he was dumb. She didn't realize how close she was to still being the same child that she now portrayed, even though she was really twenty something and these were only vague memories for her.

No sooner had the words left her mouth, than Lash backhanded her hard enough to spin her twice before she hit the ground. "Smart mouthed little whelp!" he declared bending down to pick her up. Once he drug her to her feet he slammed his fist into her stomach. "You think you are better than me, she doesn't want you, no one does." Lash smiled, he knew his time was limited but he'd revel in abusing her again.

Asper flinched and took the hits hard. It had been a long time since she had been so thoroughly beaten. She'd forgotten how to prepare herself for it. She was on the ground wheezing holding her stomach with both arms coughing for breath. There was blood in her mouth and she tasted the metallicness of it. It made her shiver harder and she stayed crouched donw on the ground. Her body now ready for another impast as well as she could be at whatever age she was. Tears ran down her dirty face from the pain of the hits she had taken. 

He kicked her backside sending her into the dirt, "You stay down in that dirt little bruise." He took out his switch and caned her twice, "One of these days, I'm gonna sell you to someone to violate you. Even though I may only get a couple coppers for your flea ridden corpse." He laughed and caned her once more before going back into the house.

ASper stayed on the ground and whimpered once he was gone. Her pride wouldn't let her make a sound otherwise while he had been there actually beating her. But now the pain from the bite in her mouth and her stomach and ribs, not to mention the bloody welts on her back. She could already feel the clothe covering her sticking to her back. It wouldn't matter too much the clothes were so blood stained anyways a few new ones wouldn't do anything. She had forgotten or rather forgot on purpose what she had endured as a child. She couldn't even be six or seven yet, and already he held nothing back on her. It was a wonder she hadn't died yet from his treatment. She lay on the ground the tears rolling down her dirty face as she was curled in a ball whimpering softly at the pain of her body. Too much soft living with the Ravenwoods, she would have to toughen back up the hard way.

She found time here moved oddly, by the time she woke up next it was twilight days later. Mother dropped her beaten copper bowl, filled half full of watery broth and very little vegetables along with a crust of bread. She barely looked in Asper's direction before walking back into the house. More than likely Lash ate well and she ate adequately, Asper always got what was left. "He's out drinkin, don't let him see you tonight." she warned brfore going inside.

Asper ate quickly, she was almost starving, her stomach grumbled and threatened to heave as she ate. Once she was finished and the bowl was quite literally licked the bowl clean she left it near the back door like she was supposed to and quickly ran off into a back alley way. If her mother warned her then she heeded the warning. Always. If nothing else her mother made sure when He came she was always gone if he was too dangerous. Sneaking off into an alley and seeing what mischeif she could sneak around and avoid. To steal and sneak without getting caught.

When she arrived at the end of the alley, to her horror she was still in the backyard. The moon started to rise and the light was quickly fading. She could her them in the house, Lash had returned home and was joining with her mother. He wasn't being nice about it eaither, she yelled and screamed as he did what he would. Would there be a beating this night, if mother upset him there would be.

"No! No no no there is an alley there! I escaped! I left so many times before. I always ran off! I always got away!" Asper said to herself in a panick, though her voice was still too high pitched for her to feel confident in herself. She knew what was going to happen. A beating... a very bad beating.

Lash exited the house leaving her to clean up after coitus, when he saw Asper. Reaching back into the house he produced his whip, and gave her a cruel smile. "And here I thought I would go to sleep without disiplining you." He cast the whip and it snapped, cutting her leg causing a shallow burning gash. "I'd lay down and cry little bruise, because you don't want me cutting your face."

Asper cried out at the burning pain from her leg and looked up at him in horror. This time he meant to really hurt her. "You're the one who want me to grow up to be sold for pleasure..." She says softly hoping it would deter him from such a harsh beating. Already she was trembling in anticipation of the pain she would be in once he was finished. It always hurt, there was always pain. Lash was pain to Asper, always was and always would be. As long as he was alive. Asper was kneeling and trying to hold the cut on her leg wanting it to stop bleeding soon. Her pants were already soaking up with the sticky blood.

"Your right, bruise." he tossed the whip back in the house and started walking towards her. "You are gonna learn the fine points of pleasing a man." as he hefted out his member. "Your mother does a good job, so I figure you'd take after the strumpet." He continued moving toward her with purpose, and a letcherous gleam in his eyes. "Maybe when you get out of here, you'll have a new talent to show your master, since that is all you are good for."

His eyes suddenly went wide, when from under the house behind her came a low growl. A dog, exploded from a hole under the porch area barking and snarling. Lash, weaponless with his member in his hand turned and fled for the house, forgetting all about Asper. And with a resounding slam, he seperated himself from his would be attacker. The dog scratched at the door and continued to bark and snarl, Lash peered out the window at it. Alone outside and wounded, Asper was left alone with the dog.

"Stupid move Asper." Asper berates herself. She was almost in very serious trouble there with Lash. Of course now... Now there was a killer dog at the door and she was on the wrong side of the door... Either way the door was she was on the wrong side of it. Her leg had stopped bleeding as much and was now simply oozing a little. She still held her leg hoping it would be fine once it stopped bleeding. After all she wasn't allowed to use fresh clean water, to drink and or clean up in. She usually waited for the rain and used a puddle that wasn't horribly muddy yet.

The dog continued to bark at the door, then turned and regarded Asper and headed her way. Asper had seen the dog only a couple times, it was a medium sized animal. It continued towards her and stopped and began to tilt its head. Sniffing around face and hair then lower to her wound, the dog took its time getting her scent. Then it went to the neighboring shack and disappeared into a hole at the porch.

Asper had held her breath the entire time the dog was before her. She had no love of animals and they usually had no love for her. The fact this raving mad dog was going to kill Lash and only come to sniff at her had terrified her. when the dog left she sat on her ass and stared at where it had gone. Breathing softly as if trying not to draw attention to herself she sat and waited. She remembered kicking that dog once, but other then that she couldn't even say it was the same dog for all she knew.

Seconds later, it reappeared from its hole carrying a long rag from its mouth. It trotted right up to Asper and dropped the rag, which was long enough she could use it to care for her wound. Sitting on it's haunches it continued to watch Asper and sniffed the air. Shifting gazes between Asper and the house, making sure Lash didn't return to try continue the beating. Then it stood and circled her, then moved up and nosed her trying to push her towards the neighbors house.

Asper jumped before it pushed her too hard. She was still terrified of the somewhat large dog. It was about the same size as her and had a better advantage. A.K.A. teeth. She stood still trembling a little with her calf ablaze with pain from the gash Lash had created with his whip. She edged a little but remembered what had happened last time she had moved towards the edge of the property. She didn't remember this happening though.

The dog rounded her and picked up the rag again and growled. Lowering its head and pushing the rag against her wound. Another muffled bark signaled it wanted her to do something. Then it just waited for the young half drow to do something.

Asper looked at the dog and trembled still. Flinching away from the hot breath of the dog's, she reached out her trembling hand and took the wrag in it's mouth. It would be the perfect for a bandage. Swallowing she leaned down not looking away from the dog. Not that it would make too much of a difference of course whether she was watching the animal or not. She wrapped the wrag around her leg tightly. Wincing at the pain of having it so tightly wound around the open cut. She looks over at the dog after having tied it tightly against her skin.

The dog got almost face to face with her, and licked her face. It then turned and ran down the alley only to reappear seconds later. Looking around as if unsure how it got back to this point. He looked at her as if asking "Did the same thing happen to you?" Then continued looking around the back yard.

"There is no escape, Not from Lash. There never was. I don't know where you came from mutt, but I think now your stuck with me..." Asper says falling with a sigh to her butt once again. She wanted to let her leg rest. It would be slowing her down. She didn't know what was coming next but she feared it would be Lash and his heavier beatings. After today he had drawn blood, he would do it again and again. Each time he beat her and it was alwyas heavier and harder. At least as she got older that's how it always was.

In response the dog walked around and started to nose her toward where it had disappeared. The neighbor who lived in the house was rarely home and never claimed to have owned the dog. It made a den under the house and came out when it wanted. Now it seemed, it wanted her to move in that direction, as if it knew something. 

Asper frowned at the dog and where it was nosing her toward. She wasn't sure what it wanted. She had tied the wrag around her leg but she knew he would be able to smell the blood regardless. This had to be one smart puppy, no pun intended either. Of course she'd never been around animals before so she didn't know if it was a smart dog or all dogs were like this.

The door of the house slammed open and Lash started out the door whip and club in hand. "First the mutt, then the bitch!" he exclaimed. It didn't wait nudging Asper harder towards the hole. Lash didn't remember the dog or it chasing him in the house. But since it was only memories, he kill the damn thing and beat on Asper.

"Shit!" Asper yelps seeing the oh so angry and still drunk Lash. Asper didn't need any more help she ran and dove for the hole. She didn't even know if she would fit or if both of them would fit. She just needed to get away from Lash and the anger she saw in his eyes. She was terrified now that he'd grabbed a club as well. He had broken her arm once using a club. Her mother and put some sticks around it and tied it straight. It had taken her months to recover.

The dog growled, but quickly gave ground when the whip opened a cut on its muzzle. With a momentary tight fit she, then her new friend popped into his den. It was larger than she thought, she'd be able to stretch out comfortably and had some interesting things inside. Best part of the whole hole was Lash couldn't get inside. He was swinging the club side to side hoping to make contact, until the dog bit him hard.

Asper shook and curled into herself leaning her back against the very back of the den's dirt wall. She'd never been here before. She knew she'd never been here before. She would have remembered using it as an escape many more times after or before this right now. She heard Lash rant and rave. She hoped they switched to a different memory soon. To someplace where Lash wasn't so angry and violent.

Lash's hand disappeared and the dog retreated back closer to Asper but between her and the entrance. Ten minutes after, it turned and pulled a traveling cloak over to her. Then he went and stuck his head out of the hole to check for the villians. Turning back he came back to sit and look at Asper, gently placing a paw on her uninjured leg. 

Asper sighed a heavy sigh of releif and opened her eyes. Looking at the cloak curiously. Where in the world would a dog have gotten a cloak. It didn't really matter she looked at the paw and back up to the face of the dog. It wasn't the prettiest face and now it was dripping blood down it's muzzle. All because of Lash, She reached out her hand and arm trembling and shaking badly. She gently touched the top of the dogs head and hoped she wouldn't get bitten for her efforts to comfort the creature. She knew how badly Lash could hurt someone.

The dog moved forward and allowed her to pet him, making contented noises. After a little time the wound on the muzzle began to clot, and he laid his head onto her lap. Looking around the den it would occur to Asper this place would prove impossible for Lash to reach her. And this new firend meant to watch her back then she may not recieve all those beatings. Later she heard her mother drop the bowl on the porch, just as her stomach began to rumble.

Aspers ears twitched and she looked up towards the hole. Listening carefully she couldn't hear Lash, so she crept forward and peeked out of the hole looking around cautiously. People commented on her being like a wild animal. It was true. She had never fought the accusations, seeing the coast was clear she crawled out of the den and cautiously made her silent way across the yard to the back porch. Grabbing her bowl she quickly and silently ate.

As she finished the watery stew and piece of bread it began to rain. Cold, fat drops splashed down all around her. The dog had sat off aside and watched her eat, keeping an eye open for Lash. Overhead a crow cawed sitting under an overhang, watching them. Once the rain started falling faster the dog barked at her.

Asper sat under the rain. It felt good to her. It wasn't often she got clean. Clean and... alone. It always felt good to be alone before. But now... now Aspers heart ached for something she wasn't sure she knew. It ached for warmth of some kind. She used to find solace in Lash leaving, she used to be releived. She was still anxious she knew he would come again. Tears welled in her eyes, and she made her little hands into fists and hit the dirt. She didn't know why she was still being tortured in life. She didn't know why she had been allowed to live at all or why she didn't give up when there were so many chances for her to do so. But she fought on. Always, to survive and continue living.

The dog came up to Asper and whined, nudging under her arm. It seemed to know how she felt and was trying to comfort her. Lash wouldn't come out tonight, she would have time to recouperate. There had to be a way to escape, otherwise the only hope out was someone breaking in.

Asper sat up again, the rain was washing her face and her tears away, it could very well have been the rain on her face and not her own tears. But the tears were hot and the rain was making her shiver in cold now. She wrapped her arm around the dog and was grateful for the warmth she had never had in her childhood that she had now with him beside her.

After a few mintues the dog nudged her back toward the den, realizing the little girl would freeze to death in the downpour. The crow above cawed out it dipleasure at the rain. The dog continued to nudge and guide her to the den, inside it would be safe and dry. Hopefully, the rain would stop and the sun would dry them and guide the way.

Asper followed the dog and his nudging. Coming to the den she turned and looked at the house her mother called home. Dropping her head she slid into the den again and didn't care that was she muddy once again. She was used to being covered in dirt and grime so it wasn't a problem. Though she was shivering from the cold of the rain and outside it was much warmer here in the den beneath the house of her neighbors.

Again he pulled rags and the cloak to her and whined. He moved as far as he could to shake off, then returned to her and watched. The rags would be adequte to wipe off the mud, and after wringing out her wet clothes the cloak would keep her warm. After a time they couldn't hear the crow anymore and the rain slowed but remained constant. Asper realized her roommate didn't have a name or if so, she didn't know it.

ASper had wiped off the mud and watched the dog curious. Was this normal behavior? The wolves did it back at the Ravenwoods. "I don't even remember you." She says softly huddling in the cloak and trying to get warm. She was undernurished and cold, not nearly as plump as a well taken care of child should have been, it was hard for her to get warm and stay warm. She didn't have enough fat on her body to do that.

After a few minutes the dog trotted over and layed up against her. It seemed as if he was waiting until he was dry. And it didn't take long for their shared bed roll to get nice and warm. Asper could feel his tail every so often bump her foot. But, he faced the opening watching for any movement.

they lay together like that only a few moments before Asper had fallen asleep. Warm and safe and for some reason a little happy that there was a safe haven she could go to. She wasn't smiling in her sleep but she wrapped an arm around the dogs shoulders and laid her head against his furry neck. Nestled against him her child body relaxing against the warmth of the dog and cuddling into the furryness too. She was all skin and bones, her hair dirty and matted and matted together.

"Where in the hell did the dog come from?" Lash yelled. Shadow watched him with indifference, "Perhaps the girl remembered things better than you did?" The psion had more important things to do, Darryl was trying to break through, but without Asper the aspects were making life hard for him. "Make things harder, take out the dog first then go after the girl." Shadow was not here to help Lash just to inable his torture of the girl.

The next morning, the sun rose and dried what water remained. Asper opened her eyes and noticed he was gone. Several moments later a loud curse sounded and the slamming of the door above. With a loud thud, the dog reappeared holding a hot pot of water in its mouth. Emenating from the pot was something that smelled very good.

Asper looked startled at the dog and the fact that she was still where she had been when she fell asleep. "what did you do?" She asked the dog and wrapping a wrag around her hand to protect her from any heat she took the pot from him and sat it on the ground. HEr small stomach grumbled loudly at the wonderful smells coming from the pot though. "I don't care what you did... I just don't wanna get caught for it." She says then and opens the lod quickly to see what was inside of it.

She saw sausage and what honestly looked like a corn meal mush inside. And that puff of steam brought with it a wonderful smell. Their stomachs started to growl in tandem. Oddly, there was no sounds or signs of pursuit for this breakfast. He settled onto his haunches and watched her with a hopeful look in his eyes.

She grabbed the sausage and tossed it at the dog. She couldn't handle solids like that very well. Not after her soup based diet almost all her life. She did begin to eat quickly though using her fingers to shovel the corn meal stuff into her mouth. She didn't stop until her stomach protested and there was still more then half the pot full which she set aside for the dog. she figured she shouldn't waste it anyways.

He wolfed down the sausage and the rest of the pot. Then came over and licked her face in appreciation. The outside world seemed quiet and she could hear birds chirping. Knowing she could use the bowl and rags to get water from rain barrels, there were four in the backyard. She could get herself clean.

Asper giggled at his licks that tickled her face. It was a rather pure sound coming from her that she'd never done before. She didn't remember any happy times from her childhood until Jake was there to be with her and old enough to actually play a little bit. Pushing him away and wiping her face she frowned. They would know she ate something and stolen something if she didn't wash her face and hands at least. Looking over at the bowl she grinned and grabbed it wiggling out of the den and into the backyard. Listening carefully and wincing at the bright light hurting her sensitive eyes. She usually just slept throughout most of the day but... she had woken refreshed that morning.

She found at least with him around she didn't have to be constantly on edge for any attackers. He would pad about and watch her then watch every other access point into the backyard. Asper wondered what she should call her new friend, he needed some kind of name. The crow cawed again watching them from a higher point on a nearby wall. The dog stopped and looked at the bird as if pondering why it was here.

After cleaning up quickly she shook herself to dry off and looked up at the crow. "There's always a crow in my memory, the love this city because there's always something... or someone to eat." She says softly petting the dogs head again. Looking down at the dog she smiled. "alright ya bastard, from now on since your a boy you'll be bastard you hear that? So we can match..." She said with a small smile on her face, she was actually happy to relate to the dog in some way. Considering Lash always called her a bitch.

Together they spent the day trying to find a way out of the back yard. And in every case they wound up in the same place. After that defeating idea they clambored back inside the den to get some sleep. Bastard woke her later, alerting her to the noise at the entrance. Lash had made a risky decision sticking his head into the den. Bastard actually snapped very close to Lash's nose, he retreated and nothing else was heard until dinner.

Asper was glad she had a protecter now. She didn't know why but Lash was acting differently as well. Or... at least she thought he was. She really didn't remember things like most people. She had shoved all her memories in the back of her head and buried them by not thinking about them as hard as possible. It had worked but now she was lost in her own dreams. Near Dinner Aspers stomach rumbled. Her mother usually put out her bowl sometime soon and... even if Lash was out there she needed to eat.

A wafting breeze brought wonderful smells into the den, making stomachs growl louder. They both took a chance and peeked outside, a basket set on the porch. Bastard whined, the smells were enough to make your mouth water. Sitting up on the wall the old crow watched and cawed on occasion.

Asper licked her lips and looked at the crow then at the basket again. She crawled out of the den and cautiously made a very slow very quiet way over towards the basket where the smells were coming from. Her stomach rumbled loudly and she hurried up. Carefully checking the windows often to see if there was a body there waiting. If there was she'd be gone again in a flash. But so far so good.

She snagged ahold of the basket and heard the growl behind her. "Damn," declared Lash as the dog came on. He knew Asper would escape back into the hole. As Bastard got to Lash suddenly the club slammed home into his side, sending him flying. Rather tahn wait, knowing she had no weapon, he struck several times at the dog. After he heard the club snap, he tossed it down and sauntered back into the house, "One down."

"Shit!" She scowled and backed away. Looking over at the dog and back at the house. The edge of the other house where the hole was was far enough, but she couldn't leave the dog there. Looking at the house she ran to the dog and saw it was still moving a little. "Don't bite me." She says softly before grabbing it's upper half and quickly dragging it towards the hole. She hoped she could make it in time to at least shove him through before Lash got to them and stopped her and actually killed the beast. She didn't want to get beaten but she didn't want the dog to die either.

Lash didn't follow, he achieved his mission, and didn't even care if the bitch gorged herself on the meal inside the basket. The dog would die, there was no way around it he knew the last couple strikes would do the job. He looked at the crow and smiled, Shadow had cloaked him long enough in invisibility that they passed right by. "Well, if the dog in her memories was that easy, maybe I should have him let Darryl in." he mused.

Aaper got Bastard into the den and arranged him comfertably. She knew there was something she could do... But if the dream didn't let her... Then Bastard would die and she'd be alone again. Going to the backyard again she glanced in the windows of the house. She needed to distract him somehow... "If I was as impotent as you I'd be pissed too I'm sure!" She says loudly from the far end of the yard. "I mean if you have to force yourself on every woman... MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY MEN!" She yells. She was she knew being stupid about this but for some reason, she had to do what she could to try and save Bastard. Her heart had tightened in her chest at the dog's impending death. In her memories Lash always put his traveling bag in the house by the dresser, it was only a few feet from the door and less then that from the window. IF she could grab his healing potions she might save Bastard.

There was no response from the house, had Lash left or was he laying in wait to beat her as well? Suddenly the thought occured if the basket had a nice dinner, her mother would have insisted he take her to a tavern to eat. The bag would be unattended, all she had to have was the speed and quickness to take the potion. Asper knew the decision was hers, save Bastard or allow that heartache to happen if he died.

Gritting her teeth Asper ran to the door and peered inside. She saw the bag on the ground and snuck inside. rifling through the bag quickly she grabbed two glass vials marked for healing. She didn't bother closing the bag, let him know she took them. She ran to get to the den as quickly as she could. Sliding in feet first to get inside all the faster to heal Bastard. If she would have stopped and thought about it she was know she was doing this because the way she felt warm with BAstard was the same as when Darryl held her. Popping open the vial she quickly applied it to Bastard. She ignored the basket full of food. She didn't care if she didn't eat for a few more days she was used to that but she had to heal Bastard and make sure he was okay.

Puring the liquid into Bastard's throat and could tell it began to work. His breathing improved, and she could hear the broken bones knitting themselves back together. He looked up at her and licked her hand affectionately, standing and taking steps around the den it seemed he was fine. He then poked his head out of the den, then sprinted out and came back with the basket. 

Asper sighed heavily with relief and slumpe dleaning against the walls of the den. She started to follow when Bastard ran out but relaxed when he came back again. Her stomach rumbled but she didn't care at the moment. She was just glad Bastard was okay and wasn't going to die. "Don't you ever scare me like that again Bastard!" Asper said wrapping her small thin arms around him and hugging him tightly.

Bastard waited and when she released him, he brought her the basket and dropped it on her lap. Then turned around sitting beside her to wait for her to open the basket. So close were they she could hear his stomach almost as loudly as her own. And the basket felt heavy on her legs, but the aroma was chicken and other wonderful smelling things.

Asper growled a little and opened the basket quickly looking inside. She grabbed the bread and ripped off a hunk handing it to Bastard. Biting into it and almost sighing at the taste of perfectly baked bread that wasn't rotten. Ripping off small chunks of the chicken she ate that too handing Bastard peices now and then.

They continued to tear into the chicken and the roasted potatoes, as well as the bread. The first couple bites Bastard almost nipped her finger tips, and when she fed him a potato he made some very funny movements. It was all delicious and in the bottom she found a light looking desert with honey and sweet bread. Bastard, didn't look very intersted in these, in fact he went over and flopped onto the floor.

Asper ate what she could, There was still quite a bit of food left but the desert was gone completely. Setting the basket aside she crawled over to where Bastard was and lay down beside him. Intent on sleeping again.

When they opened there eyes opened again, the day had passed into night. Bastard rolled over and yawned at Asper, then got up. She noticed he went and checked the opening for an enemy. He left for a moment then returned looking happier. He came over and gave her a appreciative lick. He then turned and sat beside her.

"My turn." Asper says softly and crawled out of the hole after having scratched the dogs head and chin for a moment. Looking around quickly and listening for any noises from the house just in case. It was becoming a ruetene now that she had a safe place to hide that she COULD get out of and go in to. So she sat leaning against the house listening and looking around. She saw better at night then she did in the daylight. One of the reason Lash had always caught her during the day if she didn't listen and time things properly.

She saw Bastard pop his head back out and circled the backyard keeping an eye open. Inside the house, she could hear her mother moaning. His boots sat on the back porch, he must have been cleaning them before the "mood" hit him. Bastard saw them and stalked forward, sniffed and promptly raised his leg. He then came back over to her, and it seemed like he was smiling.

She rolled her eyes and went over quickly to an area she always used and quickly relieved herself. She threw some dirt over it and turned, curious now that it was night to know whether or not she could leave. She still heard her mother moaning so it was safe for now. She walked to the entrance to the alleyway, a small hole in the fence and she squeezed through it.

Asper found herself face to face with Bastard, climbing out of hole in another fence. It hadn't been there before, so that was now a testament she was a prisoner. The dog's ears twitched, and she also realized her mother had quit moaning. Swearing about his forgotten boots, Lash opened the door of the house.

Asper froze and not at a good time. She was pulling her other foot out and had turned sharply at hearing the door open. She fell with a thud and pulled her leg through the crack quickly. Righting herself she sat up and stared frightenedly at the backdoor of the shack her mother called a house.Asper was more worried about Bastard being alive and perky and having pissed in the boots then anything else at the moment. "Go to the den!" She whispers urgently to the dog. hoping her followed her instruction.

Bastard moved but not far enough to the den, he lowered himself and watched the house. More than likely if Lash started after her, he would charge him. Lash didn't step out, her mother called him back to her bed. He turned and went back inside, without even looking at the boots. Bastard looked in her direction and cocked his head as if saying, "You coming or not?"

Asper sighed deeply and nodded her head scrambling to her feet and wincing at the pain of her foot. She must have twisted it. She looked down and saw a bloody scrape and sighed. It was what she got for trying to get away again. She made her way to the den regardless and slid intside and crawled to the back. She didn't move her ankle as much as possibly in hopes it would heal faster that way.

Bastard came closer and licked her ankle, he looked at her as if hoping it would help. He then drug a couple rags to her, it seemed he wanted to help her. He then returned and brought her the basket of food again. Then they heard it, "Damn dog or bitch! Whichever one pissed in my boots!" He continued to complain as he shut the door.

Asper burst into fits of laughter at that. She clutched her stomach and laughed until she wheezed from lack of air, tears running down her face at the mirth she only wished she had seen him face! She was sure it had been priceless. so with her fits of giggles and laughter she tied a wrag around her ankle and her foot and a little of her shin and hugged Bastard, still giggling softly every now and then afterwards.

Bastard brought her the cloak and settled in for the night, after he nudged her leg on top of the basket. He then laid down beside her, and waited for anything that would think to try hurting her.

Asper stayed awake for a while before the comferting warmth of Bastard next to her finally made her drowsy to the point she fell asleep. She curled on her side and into a ball against him. Taking her foot off the basket and down as well as she curled. It was normally how she slept.

Time moved at odd times, when Asper awoke next she was being licked into consciousness. She could hear Lash above them doing something, as he kept grunting the a thud and again a grunt and thud. Bastard hopped up and moved to the entrance of the den. SUddenly the entire world went dark as Lash lodged a large rock into the opening.

"NO!!" Asper cried out crawling to the entrance and shoving against the rock. She was too small to evenmake the thing budge. She was terrified of being in this small space blocked in. She would die of starvation or thirst. She could see still, actually she could see everything fine but she was still stuck.

Bastard came over and nuzzled her trying to comfort her. He barked low, then went over and started digging what looked like a new entrance. Stopping from time to time to nudge her or lay his head in her lap. He prodded her near the basket to realize they had food and he would get them out of this situation.

Asper calmed down a little and nodded her head. Eventually she come over and started digging too. they would run out of air if they didn't make at least a whole for it to escape and new air to get in. She didn't know if you could die in your own memories but she didn't want to try. She dug with her fingers and fingernails wincing when her fingernails tore but she kept digging. She didn't know how much time they had for air after all. She was still a little panicky but she was keeping her breathing even. This wasn't the first time she was stuck like this somewhere and she was sure it wouldn't be the last either.

Bastard chased her away from the new hole after she began to tear her nails. And went back to digging by himself, making good time and a small air hole before he was too tired to dig anymore. He came over and laid on her legs, in an attempt to keep her from hurting herself. Looking up he whined a little, his way of apologizing for not making a new entry.

Asper petted him gently. Stroking his head and ears over and over. Her fingers hurt and they had bled a little but she didn't care at all. They had air so they were fine for now. Her panick had subsided and she was calm again comferting the tired dog laying against her. "I want out... I just want to be left alone." She says softly tears spilling down her dirty cheeks, her hands never stopped petting Bastards head. she wanted to feel her baby again she wanted to see jake and she wanted to never be attacked again. Just left alone.

Inside the house Lash was busy patting himself on the back. "Oh, Shadow it was a glorious stroke of genius. I simply trapt them in that den and let lack of food and air take care of the rest." He turned and looke at the crow, he had hoped it would congratualte him. Instead the psion/bird held him in his gaze.

"Darryl Ravenwood growss in sstrength, already I can feel him chipping away at the wallss that inssulate thiss memory. He iss focussed on ssaving hiss wife and protecting her from harm. If he doess thiss then we sshall fail, Lassh, and the masster hatess failure. But, you are correct the dog doessn't belong here and it iss possssible he bent the ruless to help her. You have only a little time left before I break the ruless here to asssisst you." the crow looked out to where suddenly the rock disappeared.

Lash followed Shadows gaze, "Where in the hell did my rock go!?" Neither Asper nor the dog could have moved it. He opened the window and looked around the entire yard, the rock was nowhere to be seen. "I want access to my powers, Shadow." he exclaimed. With them he'd be able to finish this, he wondered what Asper was doing in the den right now.

Asper gasped as light poured into the little underground room as she had sat with Bastard. Almost instantly she crawled through and smiled as felt wind on her face. She didn't know how it had happened but she thought it might have been Darryl's unfluence and she was more then glad her husband still 'loved' her so much as he claimed to. She stretched out her full height of her six or seven years would allow. Greatful of the fresh air and the abaility to get out of that little hole.

Lash saw her, "Oh, well at least I can lay hands on my punching bag again." He turned and ran to the back door, grabbing his whip he opened the door. Flicking his wrist back and snapping it forward when he was close enough. Even if she saw him there would be nothing she could do, to protect herself. The whip drew a fresh wound on her arm, and he smiled reaching out with his other to grasp her throat.

Asper had cried out at the pain on her arm "NO!" She yelled eyes wide seeing him, her arm down and her hand holding pressure over the new cut. She backed away a few steps. She had forgotten to look, forgotten to check if he was there and if it was safe to come out. She was stupid, so stupid! Just because this was her dreams... or rather memories she didn't remember it didn't mean she could stop being so cautious especially with the pain being so real.

Lash kept coming fast and knocked her to the ground, getting a firmer grip on her he pressed down on her. "I will not let you get away, whoring yourself to that Ravenwood for protection. I will have my son." His whip forgotten feet away, and he wasn't listening to the caw of the crow. The growl and pressure from the dog knocking him off the girl got his attention. Bastard had rocketed from the den and now he and Lash were rolling on the ground, the dog snarling and trying to gain an upper hand on her attacker.

Asper looked around quickly and looking over at the edge of the fence she spotted what she could use. It was a small peice of metal used to hold the fence together but it had rusted and fall off almost in half. It wasn't completely sharp but it would do the job and she ran to it and grabbed it. Ignoring the pain as the one side cut ther her flesh a little on her palm as she held it tightly in her hands before coming up on the scuffling pair. She only had to wait a moment until Lash's back to her as he wrestled with Bastard but as soon as it was she struck. Both hands on the metal sliver of a post she drove it against his back as hard as her little arms would allow her. Her own purple blood dripping down the makeshift 'blade' as his own red blood welled up around the wound she dug in his broad human back.

Lash jumped and bellowed, his hands reaching back for the offending piece of metal. Bastard, took the opportunity to promptly latch onto his thigh and draw blood. "Damnit Shadow help me!" he screeched in pain trying to shake the dog off. The crow cawed again and Lash vanished from sight it was dark again. Leaving the two victorious friends wondering how daylight went to nighttime so fast.

Asper dropped to her knees and panted. It had taken everything she had in courage to attack him like that. She wasn't strong enough to make it a fatal would. She had to figure out some way to kill him or something! She was too young dammit! Why couldn't she manipulated her own memories!? She looked up at Bastard and quickly looking him over for any wounds as well. She turned her head and saw something that made her smile. Lash's whip. He'd dropped it on the ground. Getting up and shaking heavily Asper walked over and grabbed it. Taking it over to a rock and the back door she quickly cut the leather that held the whip together and as fast as she could she unbound the damndable weapon. Soon it was just a collection of different strings and long lengths of leather coming from the handle. She flung in on the ground hoping Lash would find it like that. It wasn't unti lthen her hadn burned visciously and she looked down seeing rust in a long cut down her hand. It was from the sliver of metal she had used to stab Lash. It hurt now that she looked at it... and it was still bleeding.

Bastard came over to her, nudged her hand and licked it. The pain lessened and then went away. He looked about and again the days had changed again, it was dusk, when minutes before it had been noon. Her hand was fine and so was the wound Lash gave her. 

"W-what is going on! I can't keep doing this! This is impossible! I'll never get out of here!" Asper says sitting down on her but and drawing her knees to her chest. She didn't drop her head so she could watch and make sure no one was going to be attacking her. After her attack on Lash he would surely kill her. there wasn't any hope for her after this and when they teleported it took the only 'weapon' she had been able to find one.

Bastard came over and nudged and licked her face. This had been a victory, for her and as long as she saw it that way, there was always hope. Suddenly he darted into the den and began digging. Asper could hear him growl and yip as he began doing something in their home. A moment later he burst out, dusty and dirt streaked and headed back in her direction with tail wagging.

Asper had followed on her hands and knees curious and when he burst out she had jumped and stared at him stunned. "Your filthy Bastard! Wait... What have you got?" She asks looking at what was in his mouth. She was almost a brown dog now instead of a white one. She wondered where he continued to get things in that little hole of his in the dirt. There was no way a simple dog could ever be that smart right? Couldn't be. She didn't beleive it so it had to be someone helping her but who?

He dropped a little bundle into her hands, and licked her face again. Then while he shook of the dirt away from her, she opened the bundle. What was inside mistified her, Asper's wedding ring and a dagger were inside the cloth bundle. It erased any doubts that even here, trapped in her memories, that someone was giving her tools to defend herself. As she put the ring back on, it resized itself to her finger as its protective magics activated.

Asper blinked it felt weird having such small childlike hands with a wedding band on her fingers. She quickly grabbed the dagger and held it in her hands tightly. Looking up at Bastard she shook her head and smiled. "Darryl... I should have figured." she says softly moving over to him and hugging him tightly even if he was still fuzzy.

In response his eyes flashed blue, but not the usual brightness, she figured he must be up to something else at the same time. Bastard licked her face a couple times then nudged her back to the hole in the fence. He poked his head inside then pulled it back out and looked at her. Then she heard the house door open, turning she saw her mother. "You know he'll punish you for what you did to his whip, why do you have to be such a pain?" she admonished, but never took her eyes off Bastard.

"The same reason you have to be a whore. I was born to be what I am right now." Asper said softly looking back at the figure that was her mother. Long blond hair, clear blue eyes. Even if she was a little underfed she still was thin with plush hips and breasts and full lips, Asper had gotten her lips from her mother, and the small hands and breasts. Everything else though was all Drow. "I'm sorry you bore me mother... I wish the gods had answered your prayer to kill you in the attack. Just like you've always wanted." Asper said quietly before turning and heading through the hole in the fence. She didn't want Darryl to see her tears. It was stupid anyways. she had always known and it had never chainged anything before it wouldn't change anything now. She wasn't alive to tell her things. She was just a memory acting out the things she would have done.

When she entered the hole, she popped out into the den not quite understanding how she got there. Bastard was sitting there on his haunches and looked quizzically. He gave her a lick then nudged her fishing for a scratch behind the ears or a god rough pet. She found it hard to believe in some form or another this was Darryl. She did realize from the caw of the crow outside that something had changed in her prison.

Asper sighed heavily and hugged him tightly again, then leaned back and scratched both ears at the same time and then down to the rough of his neck and down further over his back and but. She laughed softly at the doggy faces of pleasure he made though. "I hope you get me out of here soon Darryl... I'm sick of this tiny body and... of ever coming back to this place." She said softly her high pitched childs voice quivering a little.

He licked her face, probably his way of reassuring her that he would take care of it. His tail was waving back and forth from her attentions, showing he was very happy. Bastard sided up to her and laid down beside her, the situation had changed with Asper finding the inner strength to attack Lash. And because Lash called for this 'Shadow' persons help, the rules he had set up in her mind had changed.

Asper lay down and tried to get some sleep. She knew she would probably need it and with Darryl beside her she felt safer at least then before when she thought it was only a dog. So she curled up on her side and hugged him with her little arms the dagger still in her hand. She felt much safer when she had a weapon in her hands then without. Especially now that she had a little bit of hope to go on.

Shadow was angry with Lash, "I thought you said the girl was terrified of you? Now because you allowed her and a dog to bait then wound you, I had to change the conditions of this place. Ravenwood is handling the aspects better, confusing them and setting them to help each other. If he can get inside this place we will lose." Lash groaned as the wound and weapon started to disappear from his back. The girl and dog must be dealt with soon, he thought.

Lash looked at the crow, he knew he spoke the truth of the situation. "Something has changed, the dog was not here!" he declared bluntly. Then he figured it out, realization crossed his face like the dawning of the sun. "Its Ravenwood, he is doing what you do, taking the place of something in her memory!" He looked out the window towards the den, wondering what the Ravenwoods next move would be.

Time passed and Asper awoke in the den, Bastard/Darryl still lay sleeping against her. Sunlight poured into the hole making a samll circle of light a few feet ahead of the sleeping duo. In front of them was some bread and a waterskin. She could hear birds singing outside, something had changed everything seemed to hold a hopeful feeling.

Asper stretched a little and looked around grimancing at such bright sunlight. She hated daylight sometimes... most of the time. For her daylight was and still usually was very dangerous for her. It took several minutes for her eyes to adjust to such brightness even in the dim of the den. She scratched Darryl's ears for a moment and she picked up the bread.

Darryl's eyes popped open & he yawned just as dogs do then stood up. He shook all over and nudged he lightly before running outside to take care of a dogs duty. A few minutes later he returned and sat down across from her. Her body was still that of a six to seven year old, with the mind of his pregnant wife inside. Standing he nosed her stomach and looked at her with a slight whine.

"I don't like it either... I just want to be back in my body again Darryl. I want to get out of here." Asper said hugging his doggy head tightly. She laid her cheek against the top of his head and sighed rubbing the soft if not dirty fir across her cheek. She needed the comfert and she wished she could feel her baby too. As much as she loathed being pregnant for a full year or soon to be anyways she missed it a lot.

A small crack of bluish light began to glow in a darker corner of the den. And she could hear herself saying, "Darryl you are sooo powerful.." Then another voice shooing the first away. It was apparent that this was the place where Darryl was breaking through the prison. Bastard looked in the area and barked low. 

ASpers eyes got wide and she backed awayfrom it quickly. It was clear she was frightened and didn't know what was going on even if she heard her own voices. She put her arm around Bastard and held him. She thought that... Bastard was Darryl... not that there was more then one. Now her head hurt trying to figure it all out. Her arm tightened it's one arms side hug of Bastard and she held the dagger in her other arm just in case.

He licked her face a couple times and moved forward towards the crack. The small Asper's giggle floated through the crack to their ears. Bastard looked back and swung his head towards it. Quickly he took a couple attempts to dig and drew long scratches around the crack. Tail wagging he came back and almost knocked her over.

"Um... okay." She said with a shrug. How worse could it get? So she cautiously came over to the cracks as well. It wasn't very big and she poked at it with her fingers. She wondered what it was and if it led back to the giant space of the creepy multiple hers. Bracing herself a little she kicked at the crack with her bare footed heel to try and get it wider and much more open.

The kick landed her on her rear, and the crack remained the same only know there was a foot shaped area in it. When she stood and looked she could see Darryl and he aspects, they were milling about as he focused a ray of energy on the prison wall. Bastard licked her foot, thinking she may have hurt herself. The crow cawed outside, making Bastard turn his attention to the hole. He moved closer to it, and sniffed and jumped back when Lash appeared.

ASper whirled around dagger held in her hands tightly. "DARRYL! HURRY THE FUCK!" Asper yells hoping he would get through and be able to help her. All the damadge she had done to Lash was gone! She couldn't outmatch him! Not in a six or seven year olds body! She was panicking and she knew that. She looked around trying to figure out a way to help or do something.

"I have you two now!" Lash declared trying to open the hole wider. He was being careless in this attempt though. Bastard moved in front of her and eyes begining to glow, released a bark that blew Lash away from the hole and his shovel slid inside. A little dirt shifted and both of their ears were ringing. Lash didn't reappear at the hole, and in a hour the ringing began to die down.

Asper sat there kinda dazed shaking her head every now and then. This was one freaked out place she was in. this just made her all the more determind to never remember her past again. Starting the minute she was back in her own body out of her head. She looked back at the crack in... the memory? and wondered if there was any progress.

The crack was indeed larger and as she got her face near it, Darryl's hand made contact lightly rubbing her cheek. He pulled back through crack and she could tell he was resuming his work outside. Bastard came up and affectionately rubbed against her. It was an attempt to remind her he was with her and wouldn't stop until she was free.

Asper jumped when he brushed his fingers against her cheek. It had startled the hell out of her. She pet Bastard absently and grinning at him. "You think I could help widen it? It's my head right? I remember Darryl... and Jake! there's no reason my head should hold me down... right BAstard?" ASper asked sitting down watching the crack but then looking over at the dog.

Bastard tilted his head, nudgeing her foot with his muzzle. Getting up, he took a run and pounded his head into the barrier. A crunch rang out indicating he didn't do much. Turning around he shook his head and whined at her. They were succedding in making the area around the crack lightly glow.

Asper grinned and immediatly came over. Using the dagger she put it through a small area of a crack and using the leverage tried to pull more of it down quickly. She hoped it would break a good sized little chunk out of the wall further. She wanted it open as soon as possible. She didn't know when Lash would be coming back but she wanted to hurry and get this crack into a large hole!

She wrenched on the dagger until she was covered in a sheen of sweat and the crack looked no bigger, but glowed a little brighter. Bastard kept a close watch on her and would check for Lash periodically. Her stomach grumbled a little and she noticed it was getting late again. Her doggie companion also had a loud grumbling stomach. 

Aser ignored it. It didn't matter anyways, she just needed the stupid crack to get bigger! "Come on! Break open!" She groaned having braced her feet and pulled now with all the strength her child like body could muster. She didn't care if she was sweating, or hungry. She wanted out and here was her chance and it was right in front of her. Almost taunting her with the promise of freedom. "Crack dammit!" She cursed in her high pitched soft girls voice that she still hated very much.

She continued to pull until her hands were too slick to hold the dagger and her stomach growled louder than Bastard did. The crack now could accept her arm to the shoulder, but showed no more movement. Bastard was continuing his patrol and nipped at her bottom after her last check. He looked outside and she noticed it was raining. He looked back at her and yipped at her.

"Ow! fuck! fine! Fine! I can't get a good grip anyways." Asper grumbles and crawls over to the edge looking around warily before popping her head out and wriggling out of the tiny den. Looking around she was glad at least the rain was washing more the the dirt and mud off of her. She looked around the yard still and wondered what Bastard had been barking about in the first place.

The yard was empty, but over near the house she spotted some canvas and her dinner on the porch. Bastard flitted out in front of her looking around and coming back to signal the coast was clear. He ran a couple steps and rolled on the grass, getting most of him clean so to speak. He got up and ran up beside her and rubbed appreciatively.

Asper sighed and pushed him away and went for the food instead. grabbing it she looked around again and sat down starting to eat it. She offered some of it to Bastard too, but she wanted to get back dry off a little and work more on the crack... if she could get it large enough to fit her head she'd be able to go through it no problem. After all on her right now the largest part of her was her head.

Coming over he took the food from her fingers. He roamed back into the rain, and ran from one side to another. It was rather comical considering the situation they faced. It was then she noticed the crow watching from the overhang. It was paying a great amount of attention to Bastard.

Picking up a stone Asper grinned very evily for such a small little girl and with a very careful aim she chucked the rock straight for the crow. She had eaten all the food and had given almost half to Bastard as well. So she was done and had set it down. She didn't like the look of the crow always hanging around her house. It was something she often did to the crow in the past. Chased them off, with stones and other things. It had been a game to amuse herself with.

Just before the stone struck the bird, it turned to dust. The crow turned its head to her and cawed. Bastard skidded to a stop and barked at the bird, which then regarded him as well. Asper heard the door of the house open and Lash exit it. 

At watching the stone turn to dust Aspers mouth dropped and she just stared. when the door opened she turned and looked fearfully up at Lash's tall and horribly angry self standing not even more then two or three feet away from her. She truned and scrambled quickly to her feet to try and make a run for the den.

Lash was ill prepared to see her, he began to chase her. Scooping up a rock he hurled it at her retreating form. His aim wasn't off and it hit her in the upper shoulder. He began to head her way, until the damn dog got between them. "Damnit Shadow, what the hell are you doing?"

Asper cried out and fell a moment before scrambling back to her feet again and turning watching Bastard and Lash. She was only a few feet from the Den and there fore 'safe' Now her front and face were covered with mud again but she kept her eyes peeled on Lash and flitting over to the crow. Shadow he had called it. It had to be the other Psion. She didn't have her dagger on her she left it in the den. she couldn't fight him now, she had no weapon. She just wanted bastard to back up and get to the den.

Once she had made it to the den, Bastard turned and headed that way as well. Lash in turn picked up another rock and threw again, he connected and the dog yelped but kept going into the den. He shook his head and went back inside, he'd get them later. Bastard came immediately to her, nuzzling her seeming to check if she was seriously hurt. She could tell he wasn't putting all of his weight on his left rear leg.

Asper shook her head. "I'm fine Bastard... I'm okay." Asper said hugging him tightly though with only one arm tightly the other obviously wasn't working as well. She felt searing pain and an almost numbness on her back shoulder area and her arm didn't want to respond very well. "Maybe... not okay like... completely fine okay." She mumbled frowning a little and sitting back trying to get a feel for the damadge.

Bastard went around and licked her back and after a time the pain subsided. He then did the same to his own leg which seemed to get better after a time. It was unknown if any extra work would make a difference on the crack. Bastard settled down to wait seeing what Asper would decide to do. Daylight began to creep back over the houses soon it would be very bright.

Asper sighed and curled up beside Bastard. She was exhausted and still a little sore in her arm and frightened and it seemed like nothing she did was helping or doing anything to help. Lash had struck her again and only Bastard had saved her but also got hurt... again. The light was starting to hurt her eyes again and she buried her face against Bastards fur. Settling down to sleep for a little while and wait for Darryl to get through more.

Lash sat in silence, he only had a few more days in the memories before, the memory version of himself left. He wondered if he could force them out of the den and into a encounter. This plan hadn't gone the way that he and Shadow set out for. Looking out the window at their hiding spot, he had several ideas and since Shadow complained about breaking the rules why not break them some more. Two plans formed in his mind and he began to replay them over and over, looking out as hours later the sun began to set.

Asper groaned and blinked rubbing her eyes sleepily. Yawning softly she looked over at the crack. Wondering if Darryl had broken through any further then before. She was glad the sun was setting, now she felt more comfertable in the dark. The sunlight as a child always had hurt her eyes. She was better in the dark anyways. She grabbed the dagger again so this time she would be ready. But she needed to use the restroom as well.

As she finished doing her business, Asper heard a voice. "Asper gather your things, Darryl has opened the crack enough and my magic will pull you out of this prison." The voice belonged to Lai, she was calling from the alleyway that hadn't lead to anywhere. "You must hurry, the dog will keep them busy while you escape." A soft white light began to grow from the alley.

Asper jumped and looked over at the alley way. Darryl had told her in the sitting room what felt like months ago, that only a psion could save her from a psion trap. That it would be a battle between psions if they got in. She backed away from the alley and headed for the den quickly. "Bastard!" She called looking back at the alley once more before she slid into the den on her stomach.

He was on his feet when she slid inside looking concern with his ears pitched forward. Lai's voice called across the distance again, "Asper please you must come with me." Bastard took her hand in his mouth and moved her away from the hole. Minutes later the light winked out and a resounding "DAMN." echoed in the yard. It was disconcerting hearing Lai's voice in an attempt into tricking them.

Asper sat beside BAstard nearest the crack. She knew she shouldn't trust that. She didn't trust the damn elf in the house let alone in her own head. Sometimes it was a good thing to be so paranoid and mistrust everything. She shook all the same, wondering what they would do next and who they would use the next time. she hugged Bastard tightly, waiting longer hoping they owuld come out or drop their interest.

Lash paced back and forth inside the house, "I thought you were supposed to prompt this altercation Shadow?" His tone was belligerant and he kept opening and closing his fist. Shadow was playing and replaying Asper's mother washing herself from the cracked porcelin basin. "Three dayss left Lassh, we musst do ssomething or let them esscape from here." Lash glared out at the hole, perhaps they could convince them to abandon the hole if it was no longer safe, Right now it all depended on Asper.

Asper sighed and relaxed in the den. "I need a drink though now Bastard..." She says looking down at the dog at her sigh and wondering if she would be safe to go to the rainbarrel to get a drink. She hoped they weren't doing anything out there that might be a trap. But she was very thirsty now and wanted to not be afraid to get even the simplest of things, like a drink.

He stood and went to the hole poking his head outside then giving her a small yip. He proceeded outside and stationed himself in such a manor that no one coming from the house would notice him. It wouldn't take long to break through the prison and he could remove them from her mind. But, he didn't trust the psion or Lash, they were up to something. He turned his attention to Asper and the house.

Asper too crawled out and put herself up near the house where no one inside could spot her. At least she hoped. She snuck over to the rain barrel and dipped her head in cause her hands were too dirty to use to drink from. She takes a good long drink and sighs letting herself back down on the ground. She'd had to haul herself up on top of the rainbarrel to get a drink. Once back on the ground she headed back for the den. Trying to be careful not to be seen unless someone stood at the window looking out.

Lash did see her and watched as they slithered back into the den. "Oh look Shadow, Asper was thristy. Maybe I should help her get a drink since she might not have gotten enough." Shadow watched him and drew a wicked idea from his words, "Yess, I think sshe lookss a little parched, Lassh." He followed the plan and they sat to discuss the finer points.

Asper once back inside the den looked over at the crack looking to see if any progress had been made to it. Grabbing her dagger again she looks over at Bastard. "Maybe... this time I can try to expand the crack and it'll get bigger?" She said softly before wedged the blade into it and pulling it again. Her legs settled and braced as she pulled trying to widen the crack again. unaware of what sinister and evil things were being planned.

Bastard started digging at the area as well it couldn't hurt and the dug for a long while until the sun started creeping over the buildings. It would take another day at most to bust the prison open. But, the thought occured to Asper if the prison was open what would happen next? Would Lash and Shadow be able to follow them into the rest of her mind. FInally neither could dig or pull anymore, they were both exhausted.

Asper let go and fell to the ground breathing heavy. She hoped they would be... forced out of her memories if she stopped remembering. She hoped Darryl had a plan. She didn't she just wanted out. Laying on her back she got her breath back and wondered how long she'd been gone? It had felt like a month or more. she put her hand on Bastard and ran her fingers over his fur finding comfert in his presence there with her.

As she petted him, he looked down and nuzzled her face giving her affectionate licks. It felt longer than it actually was, since time in a memory had no relivance. Bastard circled her then cuddled close, keeping himself between her and the opening in case anything were to attack. The dog she barely remembered was since Darryl was inside was turning out to be a loyal friend. Suddenly, she heard a rush of water and it hit Bastard before making it to her.

She gasped in a breath before holding it and closing her eyes. Curled tight against Bastard she shivered as the cold water filled the den. Lash was dumping the rain barrel into the den! That barrel was almost as big as the den itself was! Was he trying to drown her? maybe... maybe he was trying to drown the dog and get to her. Either way it was working. once the Den was full the only way she could get out to get air would be the entrance, and Lash would be waiting for her.

Bastard understood the mans new tactic, the water continued to rise and soon they would have to leave or drown. He managed to get Asper onto his back, for it would give her a few more moments before they would have to willingly exit into Lash's hands. A quick glance around spotted something, he barked at Asper and drew her gaze up to a root sticking not far away from the entrance. She could grab and hold onto it and if he distracted Lash she could escape. Looking at her, he waited to see if she would reach out for the hand hold.

Asper did and quickly. She didn't know what Bastards plan was but she didn't think she'd like it very much. She looked around and shivered hard as the cold water was around her tiny body, Holding the branch was better then not holding on to anything. Even if she couldn't fully stand in the den anyways. She breathed the few breaths of air left and held her breath again as the water rose up to the top of the den. She had to get to the opening and she only had a few moments to do it.

Bastard exited first, but due to the fact she couldn't see throught the muddy water she didn't see him slide back inside the den. Lash had been waiting, he figured the dog would come first and swung the minute its head was in view. The club landed squarely and the damn thing slid back into the hole. He then dropped the ruined club and waited for the little bitch to pop out next. He glanced at Shadow not far away, once he pulled her from the den, she'd be sorry.

Asper knew which direction the opening was. She kept a tight hold on the dagger in her hands and shoved herself for the opening. Shoving her empty hand through the hole first. She hadn't even brushed Bastard, she'd gone above him in the water, unaware he was drowning uncouncious on the bottem of the den. She just felt the burn in her lungs and the need for air.

Lash snagged ahold of her and yanked hard enough to throw her out of the den. Wet, cold, and her empty arm in pain she hit the ground and stopped at Shadows feet. Then , before shed could recover Lash wrenched her to her feet, "Now, I'm going to kill you Asper, and Shadow will use your body against the Ravenwoods." Lash turned her back to the den and wrapped his hand around her neck.

Asper shook from pain and cold. Her arm felt dislocated, but she kept the dagger close to her body so it wouldn't be seen. He would make a mistake and when he did she would take him out. Hopefully for good. "Only a coward like you would really enjoy killing like this. Used to be you'd torture and beat, I can see how being a bitch in prison would change your attitude." Asper gasped out from his grip on her throat and the cold and pain her body was in. "If it wasn't for the psion you'd still be that bitch in prison. If it wasn't for the psion I bet you couldn't even kill me. As small as I am now." She taunted hoping this would work fervently. The dagger in her hand digging into her stomach enough to bruise against her boney chest.

Lash leered at her, and began to squeeze harder, "And no dog to save your bony little ass." He was going to enjoy this, and then Shadow could us her to keep the family distracted. Looking to the den he realized his hit must've killed the dog. "Shadow how much damage can I do before you can't use her?"

Before Shadow could answer there was a rumbling sound from the den. Lash looked concerned over her shoulder and Shadow took a couple tentative steps in that direction. Suddenly the den and most of the house blew out, sending water, building parts, and dirt in multiple directions. It was at this point Asper began to glow a light blue color. "She has a shield!" he yelled, ducking in front of Asper to avoid the incoming debris.

As soon as she'd been released Asper dropped to the ground to make as small a target for the debri as possible. She didn't want a plank to the head or anything, Her throat hurt badly and her breath wheezed in and out. She hadn't noticed she was glowing, she was also scrambling towards the explosion. They wouldn't go near it. Her right arm was dislocated though as it didn't want to work for her. She didn't know what had happened exactly but she prayed yes she prayed to any god listening it was Darryl and that he would save her.

She bumped into something solid and a strong arm wrap around her lifting her from the ground. Both Lash and Shadow stood back up, although not seeming so smug anymore in their victory. "Point the blade at him Asper, it is an extension of your will. I will handle the other one, trust that we will beat them." Darryl said to her as she felt the warmth of healing run through her. 

Asper looked at him and her eyes drank in the sight of him. From the point of view of a child he was huge!! She nodded and turned the blade carrying it as she usually did when readying for a strike. She didn't understand the extension of her will bit but she was very grateful for the healing and for him being there holding her. "alright." She said softly, her voice seemingly loud in the silence of the moment.

The blade shot from her hand and slammed into Lash, she saw a general outline of her adult self holding the dagger. He made a strange squealing noise and winked out of sight. She looked down and the dagger re-appeared in her little hand. Darryl pointed at Shadow and lightning blasted the inky colored man. "I think that will make us even Shadow," Darryl wasn't joking, his tone was impassive to his enemy.

The lightning hit and crackled all over Shadow, pain was something that shouldn't affect him. This place was his world inside her mind, he didn't understand how Ravenwood was subverting his control. "HOw do you do this, Darryl? It is impossible, what allows you to wrest control from me?!" he began to rant. He raised his hand and a lance of stone flew from the earth at his feet.

Asper stared in shock and her eyes were wide. She didn't know what was going on but it certainly wasn't good if they were actually fighting. She held tightly onto Darryl in fright of what was happening around her or rather around her in her own mind. She didn't like the other guy, he was dangerous. And she was hoping Darryl would just finish him off. He;d done it once before.

The lance stopped before making contact with them, "This is the best you could muster after attacking my wife's mind?" THe lance twirled and sped back at Shadow. As it approached it shattered and all of the shards continued at him. Asper could see them pepper Shadow's body and he fell backward. He thrashed about for a few seconds the shards were visible and then he too vanished.

"Darryl!" Asper finally cried and hugged his neck tightly. Burying her face in his shoulder. She had missed him more then she missed Jake. Which annoyed her and worried her. She hated the little body she had at the moment. "Change me back Darryl. Please I don't want to be a child anymore." She said softly into the skin of his neck. She didn't stop holding him tightly, and she found it odd and hateful that he held her up with one arm.

"We'ce much to change before we wake up" He whispered back to her. Suddenly she felt somewhat normal again, only not pregnant yet. Darryl kissed her neck and held her tightly, "Asper, I should have broken through earlier, I'm sorry. Shadow had built a strong wall keeping me out, and they were laying in wait for us to build your wall." The feel of her in his arms made him very happy, now he just needed to protect her.

"I don't care I'm fine. Are they dead? Can they still get through?" Asper asks worriedly, she really didn't want them back in her head again. And she certainly didn't want to be in her own memories anymore. She kept her arms tightly around him, taking much comfert in his contact. She was in fact VERY pleased he hadn't given her what was her true form. She felt normal again almost, as if free of a very heavy burden for a moment.

"No, I'm sure Shadow kept them both from dying. But, I did use my attacks to help in a small way. Shadow has lost the ability to enter people's minds as long as that one shard pierced deeply. And now to take care of this place and protecting your mind from intrusions." She heard a strong rush of wind and things crackling as the prison literally fell apart.

"Oh I see, Um... no not really but as long as they can't get in mine anymore. What do I do? To help I mean?" Asper asks looking up at him and still looking a little concerned. She flinched at the sharp noises of the prison breaking. She didn't like anything much right now. She was still terrified from everything that had happened and she didn't care if she even was a little clingy. She was much bigger now but she really didn't know very much.

"You just need to relax and let the tower form around us, it won't hurt and then we have a few other things to do." He enjoyed the fact she was hugging him, having felt the affection she held for Bastard. All around them a tower formed around her will, it would keep others out, even him. She could however allow someone inside her mind and memories, it would be someone she trusted. "Now, we'll go into my mind Asper, and I'll wipe away anything you don't want me to remember." he smiled lightly at her.

"No... Fuck that! I'm not playing god in your mind Darryl! What you know is what you know." Asper said shivering at the thought of someone even giving her control like that. It was rediculous and stupid. Absolutely stupid what kind of idiot did that? She was a little nervous with the tower around her,and in her mind but if he said it would keep everyone out she beleived him. She hugged him tighter and rested her head against his chest. She just wanted this all to end.

"Asper, then please believe what I know and what I've seen will stay between us. I want you to know that I will never betray you, even if I can't make every promise happen." Darryl knew she may not understand or like his words, but he needed to say them. "I do however want to show you a memory that I saw once in Mother's mind, its one that reminds me of how much they love their family." He then took them out of her mind and into his, a little town somewhere in Andor.

"I believe you'll always try Darryl, But I don't need to see anything else Darryl. Really I don't... I just want this all to be over. I want this to end." Asper sighed softly shaking her head. She really didn't care or pay too much attention to what he had been saying. But other then that she knew he cared for her, but other then that she didn't care for what he was showing her about his mother. She just plain didn't like Alehial. He couldn't seem to wrap his mind around that.

"Alright then, then I'll wake us up you might be surprised at the amount of time has passed." he gave in. Darryl continued to hold her tight, and began to move them out of the interior of their minds and begin to wake them. As the began to regain the waking world, they became hazy to one another. "Don't worry, we'll see each other shortly and the baby will be back with you." Holding himself in her mind just long enough to make sure her defenses were proper & in place, then he opened his eyes.

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2010-10-05 [Nuktae-tal]: ...why wouldn't they be working together in the first place? They are there.. Asper just never uses them. or likes to acknowledge them often. but when she uses them... she does. It's not like she refuses her emotions Steve... she hasn't used them often enough to be comfertable with it. She used the flirty one with Lyriel though when she saved him from the mountain prison... she does use them she just isn't comfertable with them... she doens't fight herself in her head... she just fights thoughts with other thoughts.

2010-10-05 [Sheamus Finn]: They were fighting or trying to distract Darryl, so he kinda got the motherly one to handle the crying one...etc etc etc.

2010-10-05 [Nuktae-tal]: ... oh they were all just interested in who or what he was. Other then that they are fairly calm. well unless things happen. they weren't fighting... Asper was embarresed to see them all... so se got angry. they all came to look at Darryl. She isn't as split in her head as you think.

2010-10-05 [Sheamus Finn]: Never said she was, but Shadow would have kept them close to distract Darryl

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2010-10-05 [Sheamus Finn]: Trying to keep him from craking the prison.

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2010-10-05 [Nuktae-tal]: well the one afraid of him is her fear... it would be present at all times because of Lash. So... would Anger really... when he punished her. other then that not really.

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