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2008-08-22 05:21:24
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Ashura the Glitch


/ [Skemo the Hedgehog]

Hey, I bet you didnt know that I make Sonic games too!

Thats right! This is a project I started early last year for The Sonic Stadium, but I lost all the files when the community went down! >.<

Due out at the end of 2007, many of it's fans think it's been dicontinued, but fear not! Ashura and Noir are back! Ive resurrected the project using demo files that are saved on another website!

Okay! 1st off, I'll be starting with "Ashura the Glitch", the 1st game in my series which tells the story of a glitch that must use the Chaos Emeralds to restore the world and itself back into reality... Sounds predictable right? lol

This new ROM hack promises:

New Pallettes for each Zone
New Layouts for each level
Difficulty turned up to 11, this will be one tricky game!
New Special Stages, and they aint easy either!
Possibly some music changes too :)

Here are some screenshots, I'll post some footage and a demo real soon! :P

Most of the following shots are from the 1st level, Dream Hill Zone, everything except water and rings are black and white in this level, not too hard on the eyes is it?

This game is full of traps, meaning you have to watch what you are doing before doing it, or you could die! Mwahahahahaha!

See that? Its another trap! Haha!

Yup, I nearly fell into my own trap too >.<

So the story goes, Ashura has made the world mess up, as you can see here. Eggman appears on Act 3, and when he's near, the background will go funny to show danger ^^

That's the boss! But look! Ive changed it to make it hard! :P

This is the 2nd Zone, not playable in the demo, but here's a screeny to show how it looks, I call it Misery Zone

The 5th Zone, Bronze Sky Zone, Rather incomplete, thats why you cant play it yet :P

Please do comment and be harsh! Demo will be available soon!

The Demo Is now available! Click here to download!;11564141;/fileinfo.html

To play this, you will need a SEGA MEGADRIVE emulator, like Gens, try running a google search to download one for free and enjoy ^^

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2008-09-29 [HardRockAngel]: Wow, that must have taken ages to make that o.O
Anyway, good work *thumbs up*

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