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[Aliz]'s main art page :D
Because she finally decided to get some sort of system in the chaos

<img200*0:stuff/tgdrfrfrr.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/hgfhhh.jpg> ~Deviant art page. More art there, included photographies ^.^

aliz's pencil-drawings Oldest art wiki.
aliz's art 2
aliz's art 3
aliz's art 4
aliz's art 5 Mainly from end of 2009 and 2010 ^^
aliz's art 6 Newest! From summer/fall 2010 and winter/spring 2011

For photographies, check out Deviantart account and aliz's pictures (also, aliz in Japan

Requests/commissions: I sometimes take requests, so message me if you are interested <3
Though, if it's a big project (character(s), full colour with complicated background) and/or tradtional art, I only take comissions ^^;
I use paypal, and price depends on the picture (how many details and medium. Guiding price would be somewhere between 4-20$). Just message me if you are interested ^^;

I was featured at Sunny featured art<3

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2010-10-06 [Zel Holt]: Great Work! And "traditional art" meaning pencil drawn/pencil colored? O.o?

2010-10-06 [Aliz]: Thank you ^//^
Yup ^^ markers, pencils, paint... anything not made on a computer xD

2010-10-06 [Zel Holt]: You're Welcome! ^_^
Ok then, Thanks. :D

2010-10-06 [Aliz]: ^.^

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