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Realms of Lemire Arena Character Creation

The character bio explained:

Player – Your Elftown username.
Name – Your character's name (first name, family name, any other names).
RaceRaces of Lemire (if you want to play a half-breed, message [Veltzeh] first).
Sub-race – Depending on your main race you may have a sub-race (Ignean, Lynx, Lochmorian, etc.).
ClassClasses in Lemire (if you want to play a class not available to the race, message [Veltzeh]).
Allegiance – Choose a side in the story according to your race. Or you can have no allegiance.
Appearance – As much detail as possible, please. (10 sentence minimum)
Age – Do I really need to explain?
Personality – I will expect you to stick to what you write here during the game. (10 sentence minimum)
History – As much detail as possible please. The more you write, the better. (20 sentence minimum)
Others – Anything that won't fit in the upper categories.

Check your starting class's Starting package and write down your items, or if you just have money as a starting package, check the Items Index and buy them.

Send the application to [Veltzeh]. Preferred method is making a character wikipage yourself and sending just the link to it. The page's name should be the character's first name. Below is the code you should paste on the wikipage you make:

<b>Player</b> – 
<b>Name</b> – 
<b>Race</b> – 
<b>Sub-race</b> – 
<b>Class</b> – 
<b>Allegiance</b> – 
<b>Appearance</b> – 
<b>Age</b> – 
<b>Personality</b> – 
<b>History</b> – 
<b>Others</b> – 

Realms of Lemire Arena

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