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April's Application for Crew!

[*Phoenix*] for crew.


I am one of the Official Apprentice Heralders.


What I've done


Official Elftown Stuff

~ I am one of the Reference Photographers by submitting many pictures to Reference Pictures with my April's Photos.
~ I entered some of my poems for the Daily poem and even had 1 featured making me one of the Daily Poets.
~ I am a Featured Wikigraphers because my wiki, What's An Artist?, was a Featured Wiki.
~ I also had a poll that I suggested make it on Mainstreet. How cool is that!
~ One of my pictures was nominated by [NightTheOwl] for Featured Art.
~ I'm also a Editor for editing assistance - elftown.
~ I'm also a Herald Hopefuls.
~ I am also a Portraitists.
~ I am one of the EG Artists for donating graphics to Elftown Graphics.
~ I am one of the Tutors for my Egyptian War Tutorial.

~ I won third in the ECM Werecreature Art!...
~ Entered the ECM Phoenix Art...
~ Entered the Magic Art Contest for Newbies...
...making me one of the Donors of Art.
~ Entered the Original Character Contest making me a ET Artists.
~ Entered the Elftown Drabble Contest making me one of the donors of writing.
~ Entered a couple EPRM Contests.
~ Entered the Valentine Art Competition 2010 making me a Saint Valentine Painters.

Un-official wins
~ I won third in Colloquialisms: A Photo Contest.
For more contests I've entered see *Phoenix* Contest Art.


~ If I were to list all the wikis I am apart of you would get bored, but I do have Wiki of wikis that could be of some use.
~ I made and am in charge of Wish Upon a Star Contest. I had Show what your Belief is!, but it was a hard theme so I switch it to the Wish Upon a Star Contest.
~ I'm also Creator/Moderator/Owner of The Age of Dragons roleplay.
~ I also have a lot of my work on here through April's Poems, April's Stories, April's Art(not updating), April's Pictures, and I also have *Phoenix* Contest Art to see what I entered where.


Forums! I do know how to post, reply, etc, but they haven't really appealed to me much. I'm part of quite a few and have started to post in them more often.


I would like to donate funds, but I'm an American, jobless teenagers so it's not going to happen...sorry.


What I will do?


I really like to make wikis so I would be good at making pages for people. I'm a fast learner, love to learn more, and would be happy to do anything! I'm patient with people, and I hate to make people mad or upset. I do all that I can, whenever I can. I'm really hard working, and I would love to join the crew. I also have a really good grasp on the English language and have good grammar skills.


I'd like to work on some of the ongoing contests, like the Elftown Photo Reference Marathon and the Elftown Creature Marathon. I know I haven't really contributed a lot, but I have wanted to, and I would like to help manage some of the stuff going on there. I understand it may take a while, that's something I'm interested in. I also would like to help with Reference Pictures: help organized, count, etc.

I also wouldn't mind working on featuring more Roleplaying contests. I think it's something that can be explored a bit more.

Those are just some of the ideas I've been thinking of. I'm open to anything! ^^


For how long?


Forever! I love Elftown and I've been apart of this community since 2006. I love being here and I hope I never leave! I couldn't pick a nicer place to be apart of and I really want to help out more and be more involved in "official" things like contests and polls and whatever else needs help.




1. [XxTsomexX]: I've known Phoenix for quite some time now... and she has been on many rp adventures with me. I believe she would be a fine addition to the crew, and one that should definitely not be passed up.

2. [wicked fae mage]: I've known April for about a year now and she has been quite the spirit with our started RP adventures, and a good eye with making wiki pages more appealing. She is sure to be an asset as an Elftown crew member.

3. [Eyden13]: When I first came to Elftown she was a great help. I know she'll be a great addition to the crew.

4. [Company Awesome]: She possesses a fair understanding of the fundamentals of wiki management and is quite personable to boot. Helpful, creative, fun to talk with, and enthusiastic. Worthy of merit.

5. [Deus Ex Taco]: As far as I know, she has been a member on Elftown for as long as I have, which is saying something all on it's own(considering it's been a long time). As a conversationalist, she has been one of the most intriguing, thought provoking people that I have spoken with. Her What's An Artist? is one of the most original wikis that I have seen on this site personally. I feel that April would make a wonderful Elftown Crew Member :D

6. [Nioniel] - April definitely loves to contribute to things such as Reference Pictures, and I know that she is eager to help out elftown in other ways as well.

7. [The Dizzy Raven]- I consider April a girl with the full potential to accomplish anything she dreams. She is a highly responsible girl, more than I could ever be. April is a very reliable person whom I could count on through the years that I've known her here on Elftown. Excessively Creative, she is full of fantastic ideas that has greatly benefited others and her badges are well earned. Everything she does, she finishes remarkably. I personally believe April would make a marvelous addition to the Elftown Crew.

8.[Mrs Vicious.] I have RP'd with [*Phoenix*] for a while now and she has a wonderful way with words. She has a kind heart and a generous nature and I belive she would be a brilliant member of the Elftown crew.

9. [Lothuriel] - Don't really have anything clever or insightful to say. I can say that [*Phoenix*] is a hard working girl and has a real passion for Elftown.


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2010-03-15 [sequeena_rae]: What sane individual does that? You start reading one post and before you know it you've gone through 5 threads XP

2010-03-16 [*Phoenix*]: lol. I read some, but then got bored so I marked them as read so I didn't have to read them all.... >.< I don't have that much time on my hands *thunks head on desk and slumps in chair*

2010-08-12 [Company Awesome]: You crew yet? :-/

2010-08-12 [*Phoenix*]: No, not yet. My application was considered "Medium." But, now I've redone parts of it so I'm not sure if I'll be moved up or not...

2010-08-13 [The Dizzy Raven]: There you go, April. Hopefully this helps

2010-08-16 [*Phoenix*]: AWW! You're so sweet! *blushes and gives you a big bear squeezing hug* ^-^

2010-08-17 [The Dizzy Raven]: ^_^ aw thanks :3

2010-08-17 [*Phoenix*]: No, Thank you! *squeezes some more*

2010-08-17 [The Dizzy Raven]: lol ^_^

2010-08-18 [*Phoenix*]: <img:44166_1164903263.gif>

2010-08-18 [The Dizzy Raven]: ^^

2010-09-12 [Mrs Vicious.]: woooo do I just sign my name on the dotted line.

2010-09-12 [*Phoenix*]: Just add it above. You don't have to put a comment up there if you don't want to.

2010-09-12 [*Phoenix*]: Thankies! *huggles*

2010-09-12 [Mrs Vicious.]: I did! I know its small but its well ment.

2010-09-12 [*Phoenix*]: That's just fine. I loved it! <img:61691_1132936287.gif>

2010-09-12 [Mrs Vicious.]: woo!!! brilliant.

2010-09-12 [*Phoenix*]: YESH!

2010-09-13 [Lothuriel]: You should also mention that you are helping with Reference Pictures and that you help to moderate the EPRM. Hope you don't mind but, I fixed a "typo".

2010-09-14 [*Phoenix*]: OH yes, typo is always a good thing. At the top I put up "I am a Photo Reference Bosses trainee" but I didn't realize that meant I'd help with EPRM. O.O

Thanks for your support even if you can't say much! ^__^

2010-09-14 [Lothuriel]: ^___^

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