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Aodh of SabbathNight

RP character © [moira hawthorne] Oct 2005
Would you like to draw my faery!?!
Please feel free to use and abuse him! 
He is such a slut! - I pass him around to all my friends!
Since he is an egotistical bastard - he loves the attention!
hehehe just remember to bring him home! hehehe
Aodh is a horney rude faery musician who cant keep his pants on
so be warned


[This wiki-page is starting to get too big!
Please divide it into separate pages!







BJD of Aodh
BJD Aodh FanExpoDM2010



interestin links and other stuff


Yaoi Art of Aodh

need to ask permission to view





Once there was a time when Faery and the human world move closer together.
When faerys had watched humans; watched over them.
When there was magic in the world and humans were part of that magic.
When faerys loved the humans in their care.
Loved them like children, but also in waiting, awed as they grew.
Waiting for their human friends to grow to love them.
And still Faery is waiting for the human race to grow up.
Ive had Aodh in many RPs
there are gonna be some details that dont match up
but I try to keep him consistent
this is mostly for Aodh in the real world
the fantasy Im building
its based on the fact the myths, magic and Faery really exist
and moves forward in time with the natural world
but 'humans' blind themselves to it... disbelieve...




Naomimon my friend on Y! gallery made me this
isnt he just sooo cute!?! =D


Members of SabbathNight

- Aodh Eigneachan the Ruis / Luis Uath - faery glamour - lead singer guitarist
- Méadhbh Aoibh - guitar
- Stanley/Stud Gruer - drummer
doesnt drink or fuck, likes to beat things, and watch
6'7" heavy muscular bald man
- The Twins
Hugues/Hedge Fraser - bassist
Laurent Fraser - keyboards
two charming Montreal lads
long brown hair
- Travis Baldini - guitarist

The Drunk Tank

-Joese - barman
-Matt - bouncer



saw this meme for band fans... and just had to make it relevant for Aodh's band
maybe Travis will share his pussys with Stud... but Stud cant have cats... he'd be too much like a Hellboy ripoff if he did (which he isnt)

...The Twins...
Hedge -bassist and Lauren -keyboards

From: [Cia_mar]

A WIP giftie! Twin brothers! Aren't they hot!
lol check out their progress at cia's wip
Well this is about as 'pretty' as I have ever tried to draw a guy
hope you like him/them
so sexy! nipples and long hair! AND TUMMYS!!! yummmmy!




Aodh's Smirk

reference used with permission by ~denizdolmen on DA thx u!


This is my faery Aodh...
Aodh: I think people know by now! *sarcastic nod*
*me ignores interruption* he is a punk metal goth musician.
He is crouching on a branch outside your bedroom window!
Do you open the window and invite him in?
and party... horizontally! :drool:
Do you open the window and climb out on the branch with him?
Or do you pull the drapes shut and go back to your homework?
whatever you choose there is sure to be plenty of mischief!
crouching in a tree...'Aodh At Your Window' Y! gallery Collab: Gabycat's line art & my colouring.


I asked [wicked fae mage] if I could use the photo of [occult rogue] she has on her house as reference for a painting...

sooo here is the painting I made... took me 2 hours... I hope they both like it - its Aodh my faery ofcourse.

'Aodh's Moonlight Song'

my faery musician and his guitar Méadhbh Aoibh
lovers separated by form but always together...
she was mortal as a woman till she became the soul of his instrument
so she could remain with her immortal love.


oooh and since it was bothering me
I decided to make an adjustment to Aodh's Moonlight Song
I desaturated the colours as they would be seen at night
red goes almost black... and yellow turn white


Aodh's Music

I take my place on stage,
The mic firm in my hand,
Loyal fans beneath me.
I stroke the neck of my guitar,
And just like always,
She makes me breathless.
I remember the way her eyes always had a secret to tell,
And her smile was never cruel.
Her love never failed.
The fans are still cheering,
Calling my name,
And as always,
My love and I,
We make music together.

by [MyAlterEgo]


my friend on DA keltryanson made me this
after I commented on a piece of her art
of her OC Vinny with someone else's OC
and we started chattin about OCs


Sharing Secrets by ~keltryanson

Ever since I met :iconhawthorne-cat: I've had this image in my mind. :)
It finally got drawn, scanned, and now is colored!
And it's probably one of the best digital coloring jobs I've done to date.
This was my "figure out how to use Gimp" guinea pig picture,
but I'm quite happy with it. :)
It wasn't until I was totally done with the drawing part
that I took a second look and said, "Wtf, Vinny! Where are you putting your hand?"
But anywho, it's totally something he'd be doing there, so ah well.
I can't always be cramping his style . . .

Pardon me while I put words in their mouths and have Vinny break the fourth wall a little. :P Yes, Vinny is originally from a GURPS game.

Aodh: You know, I'm a rock star. What makes you think you're good enough for me?
Vinny: Because I have a 16 in erotic arts.
Aodh: Wait . . . what does that even mean?
Vinny: A lot of things involving rolling dice, but for you?
It means two tongue rings and a book of advanced lovemaking positions.
Besides, I know you'll take me home. I brought the booze.
Aodh: Aahhh, yeah . . . Yeah, you're right.

In other news, I don't have any idea why they're chillin' in what appears to be a little Italian restaurant on another planet, but so be it.

Aodh belongs to hawthorne-cat, and Vinny is mine. :D So, no touchy!
Unless it's in a good way.
Sharing Secrets Lineart by ~keltryanson
© 2010 ~keltryanson
Not for your coloring purposes!
If it were just Vinny in the pic, I'd probably let ya'll have at it for funzies, but since it also has hawthorne-cat's Aodh, keep yer mitts off! :P

and Aodh loves italian food! (no matter what planet its on) so thats the why for that... and he is SO taken Vinny home!


Aodh by ©2010 ~inuyoukaiMei -
This is a big thank you for ~hawthorne-cat!!!
Her vote for me in the :boys-in-heels: contest
was the catalyst that made me place third!! :D
((inuyoukaimei offered to draw me a prezie))
She had asked for her character, Aodh,
in the 3rd place winning boots
While they are the same shape,
I modified the colors and ivy design to better match her character
who is all fiery and stuff. XD
Thank you so much ~hawthorne-cat!!!!!
^_^ I hope you'll enjoy this!


From: [Yami]

Aodh shows off and is being all sexy ^_^


From: Kayarie

GiftArtAodh byKayarie -


From: CrazyGreenRobot

Aodh lineart by ~CrazyGreenRobot
©2010 ~CrazyGreenRobot
THAR WE GO, as promised, Aodh lineart for hawthorne
for winning second place on my mask contest :D


Aodh and Shikoun
The Store

my wonderful friend [inte här] made me this!
Characters: Aodh (hawthorne's feary) and Shikoun (twitchi's cat humanoid; the owner of the store)
by twitchi for hawthorne
see the store

from twitchi


"Welcome, costumers! Welcome to The Store.
I have what you need, no doubt, but if I will be willing to sell it to you?
That, my friends, is the question.
I might consider a whisper being the right price for a handful rusted screws,
or maybe a faery's wing for a copper rune.
A cone of ice-cream for a English penny,
or a white dragon egg for your right eye-brow.
Moonlight isn't as expensive as a happy thought,
but on the other hand we always have free gingerbread cookies.
But, please, do step in for a drink or a chat!
We will discuss your need over the counter,
and see if we can reach a deal we both would be happy with."
- Shikoun
*** *** ***
Yay... I finally claims this done!
Birthday present for Hawthorne, took a while but finally!
Aodh, the fire faery on the left, isn't mine, but Hawthorne's.
Shikoun, on the other hand, with his blue hair, is mine.
Too many things in this drawing is the property of other's.
The cover for Sabbatnight's album is Hawthorne's.
There are some references to other creator's creations,
which I leave to you to find.
(Can you find everything copyrighted by others than me? :tongue:)
And there are some other stuff has no meaning at all,
but was put there after some help from you watchers.
I do thank everyone that helped with this, and gave me ideas!


Aodh Shirt by *EaterOfWorlds

I commissioned this from the wonderful Gina on DA
but the shirt is large on Bill! Im gonna need a smaller one for me!
<img0*300:stuff/Bill%20in%20GRN%20Aodh%20shirt%201.jpg> * <img0*300:stuff/Bill%20in%20GRN%20Aodh%20shirt%203.jpg> * <img0*300:stuff/Bill%20in%20GRN%20Aodh%20shirt%202.jpg>
<img0*300:stuff/repaint%20step1.jpg> * <img0*300:stuff/repaint%20step2.jpg>
<img0*300:stuff/me%20in%20GRN%20Aodh%20shirt%201.jpg> * <img0*300:stuff/me%20in%20GRN%20Aodh%20shirt%202.jpg> * <img0*300:stuff/me%20in%20GRN%20Aodh%20shirt%203.jpg>

2nd Aodh Shirt by *EaterOfWorlds

I commissioned another from the wonderful Gina on DA
<img0*400:stuff/lite%20grey%20EoWAodh%20shirt%20F1.jpg> * <img0*400:stuff/lite%20grey%20EoWAodh%20shirt%20B1.jpg>

Aodh Purse by *EaterOfWorlds

I commissioned another from the wonderful Gina on DA
<img0*350:stuff/red%20purse%20EoWAodh%201.jpg> * <img0*350:stuff/red%20purse%20EoWAodh%202.jpg>


From: KyoEatBaby

Custom Aodh keychain! Woot!


won in [dew_farie]'s contest A Story In A Look


Ezra dressed up for Aodh

by [deadpage]
from Neverland
This is a combination of my entry
for the Fashion Police's Winter Wonderland contest on Y!
and my Xmas YULE *Aodh edits* gift for [moira hawthorne]
who has been a lot of fun to RP with.
So the drooling redhead in the window is Aodh, who boffs Ezra like whoa.
So, now I have abused my two best RP boys with crossdressing.


Aodh and Ezra dressed up for Yule

aodh needs more flames
ezra needs his straps/harness finished with bells and his scars
sorry I wasnt able to finish this on time
still needs much coloured and Ezra needs lots of straps laces and reins
and a B/G would of been nice
I will be finishing this as it is a Yule gift
to my good friend [deadpage]
Aodh, my faery, and Ezra, his 1/2 drow, are lovers
Aodh has a present for Ezra
and Ezra has a vage idea how to dress as a reindeer
this started with the question:
'what would Aodh wear to keep his ears warm in the winter?'
but than the boys just wanted to dress up and have fun
some 'Santa's cummin reindeer games' fun!
assume they both have BIG FLUFFY FURRY COATS to wear outside
photo reference use with permission:
Gato/Duncan (elftown) - KodoqKatie (DA) - Himmel's friend who dressed as decessus - my hubby
Aodh and art © [moira hawthorne] jan 2007
(I realize it says 2006 on the art... forgive me)
Ezra © [deadpage]


Eirikr Yule Art

Aodh dressed up so he could be Santa
but is surprized by the real Santa
and drops his toys


Aodh cosplaying as Bob Dylan.

by gunsandpocky from Y! gallery
from gunsandpocky
here's your kiriban!
i thought i'd try some colour, though i don't usually *grin*
you said he played guitar, so i drew him
in something i've got a picture of bob dylan wearing...
this is the very first kiriban i ever made -for 10,000 + hits-
and i'm glad i had such a pretty boy to draw for it.
i hope i haven't messed him up too bad...
I love him!


Aodh dressed up as a NURSE for me

by [inte här]
from twitchi
There you go, hawthorne-senpai! <3
I nicked your lil' brainchild,
dressed him up and ordered him to nurse you to good health... *fidgets*
Hope you don't mind! :blush:
So you better get well now! *flails*
dah twitchi is playing with colouring, it's fun ^^
The proportions disappeared somewhere on the way and it's... errr...
rough and undetailed XD But me feels pleased anyways ^^


'Birthday Fireworks'
C'serio and Aodh

getting it on with a kiss/lust so passionate they made firworks! <3 all done!
this is the painting I made for my (42th) and Lanisaz's (22nd) birthday, Sept 11th 2006.
C'serio © Lanisaz - Aodh & art © moira hawthorne.
here is the photo-reference im using


Aodh Was Feeling Neglected

so I gave him a chocolate treat


hahahaha see... <diary:871167>


oh just had too much fun with this... its not meant to be exact or correct anatomically... my RP chary Aodh being a faery... slighty weird and odd...

<img0*300:> * <img0*300:>
I changed his colours for the contest All things Purple
'Rainbow Faery /Aodh Crouching'
Come look at that stare you know he wants you
oh CG pieces are never ever done.
From: [Cia_mar] 4 u ... couldn't resist....
ah the middle is more fitting don't you think!?!?!


<img:> * <img:stuff/firery%20hair.jpg>
Cia_mar: for you fainting pleasure....
moira hawthorne: I like it! =D
Cia_mar: makes me think of the mischievousness of your fiery lil friend
moira hawthorne: What Aodh likely looks like with this hair style...


Awesome FanArt!

[dayah]'s Portrait of Aodh (for all the stages)... working with [moira hawthorne]

Santa Aodh!
my Secret Santa 2007 artgift from [dayah]

another new WIP wiki - [dayah]'s Ode to Aodh
painted by [dayah]
with a little help from [moira hawthorne]

...he so sexy!!!...
want to lick his tummy and strip those pants off!

daya is one of the few aodh fans
that makes wikis to him other than me!

FROM [dayah]

Made you a Prezzie... Hope you like it.
Could be a bit better, for example figuring out where his fifth finger went on his one hand. laughs.
But hope you like it never the less. :)


'The Night's on Fire!'
Isnt he just to drooooool over? I think so! He sure thinks he is! Come on ALL musicians are full of themselves! He is proud of his ability to get who ever he wants! and being an immortal and possessing the magical ability of glamour Aodh can make himself literally your dream's wish! I referenced the pose from Sonata Arctica and hubby Bill.
<img0*300:stuff/AOS%206%20rs.jpg> <img0*300:>
<img0*250:> <img0*250:>
my aodh desk top... very colourful and dark


'Phoenix Aodh' ...
on a bad day
my faery can (just like the phoenix) burst in flame
and yet live on to tell the tale
entered in Flight of the Phoenix 1


'Find the Worm'
With pants... tho I may very well remove them again!
Aodh my faery says he doesnt get 'drunk' - tho he sure likes to drink...
He says he get 'creative' when he drinks!
I argue that he just gets very naughty! and rude...
At a party he is definitely the guy with the girls' bras on his head...
tho we know where his true interest lies!
He also says that Faerys gifted Humans with alcohol!
And that he invented the streak!
and goes on to mention other 'bad boy behaviour!'
Like here... he is into the rude lewd behaviour involving tequila...
and a definite invitation for the boys to drink the worm!
[Lady of Lore] told me that I had to put Aodh's worm back in his pants!
So now I forced him to put some clothes back on... ok... I wrestled him back into his pants...
with the bra on his head tho.. he wouldnt relinquish that!


By the Stars!

just happens to be Aodh favourite expression... and feet are my fetish...
so here are Aodh's feet as he star watches in Faery!



isnt he just to drooooool over! I think so! 
From: [nathie] - March 2006


From: [Talkris] b/g by me
From: [Angelic Alexandra]                  

just a little poem that came to me either too early or too late
between aodh and male me hawthorne
or you may assume otherwise
poem aodh & male me hawthorne © moira hawthorne


Aeodh goes WoW



***Cosplaying 4 Aodh & the Makin of Méadhbh Aoibh***

Halloween/Samhain 2008
Yule 2008 My Family


Aodh Groupies


Username (or number or email):


2007-12-24 [moira hawthorne]: hahaha you read the whole thing! you deserve a whole batch of fresh baked cookiees for that! sure you can make your own RP chary wiki... alot of people do... for some RP its manitory to do so... he is pretty awesome! you could always try!

2008-01-08 [Titanium Tiger]: nice! wow!! I like it lots !!and not Im speachless!!

2008-01-08 [moira hawthorne]: welcome to my insanity...

2008-03-09 [Trist]: i was drawin you a aohd picture a long time ago and never finished it. i should, or at least scan in my crappy sketch and send it to you. it looked kinda cool and completely out of proportion. was playin a flying V guitar tho, not your les paul w/ gaelic name.

2008-03-09 [moira hawthorne]: oooooh yes... even a sketch is welcome!

2009-01-29 [Talkris]: Aww, the one I gave you in all tiny. Well, its okay. That pic sucked anyway. I hate anime style. At some point I'll draw a new one.

2009-01-29 [moira hawthorne]: aaaaawwwwww I was shrinkin the older images down smaller... but like most things I do it was a random process at best without much sense applied to it...

but I wouldnt call it a sucky image! I love it! even if its anime ish... I dont hate that style...

ofcourse I love your more recent art... sooooo if you wish to make Aodh another image... =D

2009-01-29 [Talkris]: I will when I get some time to myself. I'm OD-ing on credits this semester so I can graduate and I have my senior show. (along with work full time and trying to get into grad school).

I haven't even RP-ed since last semester and I haven't spoken to my boyfriend in three weeks. Yay learning! *goes back to studying*

2009-01-29 [moira hawthorne]: I havent been RPin either... but I do get to see hubby... we dont get to go on dates or anthing fun... but we get to play Wow sometimes... and I get to curl up to him in bed while he farts! always fun

take care of yourself... school doesnt last forever.. for most people anyways

2009-04-11 [Elfie_Lauren]: *drools* I love with what you have done here...... @_@ I want to upload art too :P xD I wanna buy pics ...; - ;

2009-04-11 [moira hawthorne]: what happened to the wiki!??! half the stuff is missing!

hey hi [Elfie_Lauren] thx u very much! you can upload art thru you house either in the two top slots.. or by a folder... ill give you help...

what would you like to buy?

2009-04-11 [moira hawthorne]: see the wikis... how do I? ...and... How do I upload Art

2009-04-15 [moira hawthorne]: damn1 I still need to remove more!

2009-04-17 [Hedda]: [moira hawthorne]: No, you need to fix your browser. Nothing wrong with this wiki-page and all the images are showing just fine.

2009-04-18 [moira hawthorne]: fixed brower... it not broke

so the question I need answered is WHY they arent showing for me now when the wiki loaded fine for me before... and how I can fix it! I will still continue dividing the wiki b/c it is really BIG... and ill always want more in the future

2009-04-21 [moira hawthorne]: btw for anyone else having this problem... its a M FF update problem... there has been a bug report filed on it... so just switch to opera or something else till M FF gets the bugs out

2009-04-21 [moira hawthorne]: im still gonna continue dividing this wiki tho b/c it is HUGE!!!

2009-08-24 [Vou]: Damn. o_O' -wipes away drool- Achem. My Kitio is jealous of my fangirlingness at the moment. XD

Adoh is 'omfg'. x] I can see why his wiki is so huge! What brought on the inspiration for such a character?

2009-08-24 [moira hawthorne]: I started Aodh for a RP... star child
two major inspiration: C'serio © Lanisaz (she had way more art on her y!galley account) and Wish I had an Angel Artist: Nightwish
but he's grown and taken on much more his own life over the years... he totally pwns my brain... he is a selfish egotistical bastard!

2009-08-24 [Vou]: Nice! XD

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