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And there he lay, on what was sure to be his deathbed. It was a comfortable hospital style cot that he could recline in as well as lay in. The bedding was pristine and bleached to a flawless white. The rails of the bed were down and he stared at the television. The room began to smell too clean for his liking so he began breathing through his mouth instead of his nose. His tiny wrinkled arm was dangling off the side of the bed freely while the arm with the IV in it was resting on his chest.

Tiredness and his age caught up to him in the nursing home. He could feel the weight of sleep yanking his eyelids down as an audible snore escaped from his throat.

He woke later that day in a new place. He was in a movie theatre with a cloaked figure seated to his left. The seat to his right was occupied by his favorite treats to eat in a movie theater. “Who are you?” he asked.

The figure cloaked in white turned toward him. Nothing appeared to be in the cloak or the robes, but a voice replied to him, “I am the One,” it said tersely.

“The One?” he questioned. “God?” his voice displayed his obvious surprise.
The One nodded briefly. “Harrison David Jenkins, are you ready to be judged?” it asked.

“Judged? How does it work?” Harrison asked. He had read the Bible and heard of many life-after-death accounts from many religions, but he could never be sure that any of them were right or even close so he felt it was more prudent to ask. There are no stupid questions, right?

“We watch your life from beginning to end together. You may help yourself to your favorite snacks to your right, there,” The One responded calmly, “but once we begin we cannot stop. And being judged is entirely your choice.”

“We watch it like a movie in the theater?” Harrison raised an eyebrow. The One nodded. “What if I choose not to be judged?” he questioned.

“Then you will remain here, not judged. But you cannot move on to either heaven or hell until you have been judged. You will float in the nothingness of the beginning of the universe.”

Harrison considered everything, trying to absorb all of the new information. “If I choose not to be judged now can I elect to be judged later?”
The One nodded twice. “I will always let my children choose their fate.”
“What of the other religions? The ones who believe in reincarnation? What happens to them?” Harrison asked.

“There is more than one deity. We divvy up the work based on who believes what,” The One explained.

“What of atheists?” Harrison wondered aloud.

“I have never met a true atheist to tell you,” The One answered. “So what do you say? Do you wish to postpone your judgment?”

“Will I ever get a chance to see the beginning of the universe again?” Harrison asked.

The One shook its head. “I am afraid not.”

“Then I wish to be judged after I see the beginning of the universe,” Harrison said with a grin.

The One chuckled. “Watch the screen,” it said. The large movie theater screen began to light up with images of brilliant violet orbs. Suddenly there were more orbs of every color imaginable floating around, occasionally bumping into one another. The orbs began increasing the speed that they were accelerating gradually, the bumps here and there became more violent and the force sent to orbs involved in the collision further away from the nucleus of the orbs. As more orbs crashed into other orbs, some of the orbs smashed apart and became smaller orbs which followed the same pattern. It didn’t take long for the orbs to all collide at once to cause the explosion which became known as the big bang.

Harrison stared at the screen in amazement. It was the most beautiful and amazing thing he had ever seen. Gradually as his eyes took in the aftermath of the explosion the screen darkened. And several years of his life from birth until he was in kindergarten played before him on fast-forward.

The day the screen paused on was the day he got into his first fight. He remembered the day clearly. He felt the pressure of a deity ready to judge him weighing on his shoulders. He was incredibly nervous before The One had even addressed him. After several minutes of silence and the paused screen flickering, Harrison realized that God was letting him stew. It was the worst possible thing he could imagine. The One’s eyes bored holes through him during the painful silence. Despite his throat being dry, Harrison managed to mutter, “Yes?” as he slowly turned to The One.

The One shrugged. “It’s your life. Who am I to judge?”

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2011-07-04 [Nioniel]: Interesting story. :) I like it. ^^

2011-07-04 [wicked fae mage]: Thank you :)

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