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2008-06-11 14:24:05
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Annie's Portfolio

Week 1


It's all about perspective, baby. ;P

Week 2


The sun rises - it's a promising day.

Week 3


Classical music, classical piano, a classic way to spend your time, and one of the most important parts of my life.

Week 4

('Sunrise on a bridge')

Sunrise on a squirrel's bridge (telephone poles). It was the best I could do. ;)

Week 5


Beauty is a happy cat.

Week 6

('Alea iacta est')

No point crying over spilt skittles. Er....milk.

Week 7


"Captain, come in Captain. We've reached the top of Mount Tortuga."
"Good work soldier. Now begins the REAL journey - the Valley of Sleep!"

Week 8


Santa, baby, so hurry on your horsey to me. ;)

Week 9


Week 10


Blue skies and light oases. That's how the room was painted. :)

Personal Theme 1



Personal Theme 2


Even 13 can be symmetrical. :)

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2008-01-25 [Chrysilla]: Very nice "classic" picture! *applauds*

2008-01-25 [Annie T.]: Aw, thanks. :)

2008-03-01 [Iuna]: haha I like the last one! It's funny ^^
I also like the rest of your photo's :)

2008-03-02 [Annie T.]: Thanks Iuna. :)

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