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Welcome to Anime Girls Together!


This wiki is not for the Homophobic!!

Welcome to my wiki! ^_^ This wiki is for people who like anime girls together (relationship wise). Some of the pictures on this wiki are pornographic! Mostly the girls are holding, hugging, kissing or laying on each other. If you would like to see two certain girls together please message me [~Crimson Angel~], or [Yami], who is the co-owner. Please join this wiki, contribute pictures and/or enjoy the pictures, Thank You! ^_^

A.G.T.Members <--- This is where you go to join!

A.G.T. Banners <--- This is where you can find the banners!

Yuri Fan Art <--- This is where you can draw yourself (as a girl if you're a guy.) and your favorite female anime character together.

Anime Guys Together <--- This is the brother wiki to this wiki, this is where you go if you like yaoi(GuyXGuy).


Click one of the Links below to see girls from that category together

Now in Alphabetical order!

Please keep it that way...

Ah! My Goddess Girls

Azumanga Daioh Girls

Bible Black Girls

Bleach Girls

Blood Plus Girls

Burst Angel Girls

Code Geass Girls

Death Note Girls

Digimon Girls

Eiken Girls

Eureka 7 Girls

Evangelion Girls

Final Fantasy Girls

Fma Girls

Furuba Girls

Ghost in the shell Girls

Girls Bravo Girls

Gurren Lagann Girls

Harry Potter Girls

Hellsing Girls

InuYasha girls

Kannazuki no Miko Girls

Kingdom Hearts Girls

Loveless Girls

Maria-sama ga Miteru Girls

Marimite Girls

Naruto girls

One Peice Girls

Pokemon Girls

Queen's Blade Girls

Random girls

Ranma Girls

Rozen Maiden Girls

Sailor Moon Girls

Strawberry Panic Girls

Tenchi Muyo Girls

Witchblade Girls

Yu-Gi-Oh Girls

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2013-09-01 [Hiro Kitaki]: ...the internet is for


2013-09-01 [Hiro Kitaki]: nuff said...

2013-09-01 [KnightAngel]: That is true, that song rings the hymns of truth very well and in an amusing way, sure there is plenty of other stuff there too but no doubt that has become one of the main points somewhere along the way

2013-09-01 [Kbird]: .....good to know.....

2013-09-01 [Hiro Kitaki]: and to be honest that kinda sucks...i wish it was mainly for other stuff.

2013-09-02 [KnightAngel]: True, personally like it for entertainment of the normal version, comedy, action, that stuff or perhaps for information, preferably reliable information which can sometimes be hard to find or distinguish XD

2013-09-02 [Kbird]: I like it for rpgs and meeting new people

2013-09-02 [KnightAngel]: New people is fun and well rpgs I would put in under entertainment so that's covered there for me XD

2013-09-02 [Kbird]: XD

2013-09-03 [Hiro Kitaki]: but sadly...*deep breath*


*crashclatterrumble* o.o' think i caused a cavein somewhere.

2013-09-03 [Kbird]: only in my heart TT~TT..........I don't want it to be for that

2013-09-03 [Hiro Kitaki]: <img:>

2013-09-03 [Kbird]: O.o

2013-09-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: Um... Face palm gone awry?

2013-09-03 [Hiro Kitaki]: indeed lol.

"Super facepalm."

2013-09-03 [Hiro Kitaki]: <img:>

2013-09-03 [KnightAngel]: Wouldn't call the other one extreme, just a normal head desk XD Also, even if that is what the internet is for that does not mean it is the only possible choice to use it for, that's the good thing about free will, you choose for yourself, sure... The most common thing it is used for is the aforementioned but it does not have to be :P

2013-09-03 [Hiro Kitaki]: point...but i once searched for local window dealers. got 7 top results of some chick getting done in the back door. my assertation stands.


2013-09-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2013-09-03 [KnightAngel]: Oh I totally agree, more meant that even the option exist of that kind of items then you're free to choose the ones that aren't of that topic and that is a good thing :P Of course if you want to look for that then you're also free to do so, that freedom is a good thing, that was my main point really XD

2013-09-03 [Kbird]: lol I've gotten pretty good at realizing whats probably porn and what's actually educational

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