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Image by [Sunny Silverunicorn]

Player – [Sunny Silverunicorn]
Name - Anemone Nephele
Race - Hauken
Sub-race – Rieev/Polom
Class – Spire Priestess
Allegiance – In Allegiance with the Hauken Crown
Appearance – Anemone is a very slim and rather fragile looking young woman. She is about 6’ with a healthy creamy colored skin. Her long black hair is a mainly left loose, braided along her temples, and long bangs seem to hide her bright blue eyes. Her nose is pointed and her lips full but not so small. Her wings are a bluish grey color, normal sized, and rather strong. She wears simple grey robes, with silver and black trimmings. Her sandals are of a very light black leather, and their laces swirl around her feet to her knees.
Age - 18
Personality – Anemone is rather shy, keeping to herself most of the time. She doesn’t talk until she has something to say or she’s been talked to. She is very obedient towards the right type of people. She is determined to do what she has to do, and what she has been told to.
Anemone is confident, although not showing it by her introverted actions, but when it comes to taking control over a situation and alike. She’s not cold inside, but keeps her feelings to herself, for sometimes she thinks the declaration of emotions is a weakness.
History – Anemone was a little 5 year old hauken living with her parents, when one day her parents decided to travel to Ki'afisal. they got there and stayed there for months, enjoying it all, and even considering staying there forever. But One day, deep in the night, a stranger broke into their house. She was stolen from the warm circle of home, and her parents disappeared. She never knew why it all happened to them, and why or how her parents were killed. Her kidnapper took her to a faraway jungle, to bury alive. But as killing a child was a horrid thing, he just left her there, to wander on her little feet, and stumble upon tree roots. It was then when her mistress, a powerful and great Spire Priestess found her and took her to her own abode. After that she became her apprentice, learning whatever she taught her. By 13 she was fully trained and ready to travel and learn more on her won. It was then that she chose her mistress’ name, Nephele, as her surname. She didn’t leave Nephele for another 5 years, but had to, when the old Priestess, chose a new abode for herself high in the heavens. After burying her mistress by the right rituals, she stepped onto the road and searched for adventure and a new master.
Although she has been separated from her people for a long time, but her allegiance stays with those of her parents and the hauken Crown, and she dreams of finding and serving the Princess one day.
Weapon of Choice - Spiked Chain
Others – N/A
Element -Yellow (Wind)


Level - 3

Experience/To next level - 778/1300

Equipment -
Spiked Chain +3 (8 Atk, 1 Def, 3 Rng, 7 Wgt)
Black Leather Armor (3 Def, 2 Mag, -1 Dex, 7 Wgt)
Spire Cloak (2 Cha, 1 Mag, bonus to Level 1 Black Magic, 3 Wgt)
Collectible Doll, Zurad'one (1 Cha, When the belly is pressed, it says "I'm in my blue period..." with Zurad'one's voice)
Silver Necklace (1 Cha, 1 Wgt)
Magic Potion x5 (5 Wgt)
Healing Potion x 3 (3 Wgt)
Moss Agate (9 GP)
Scroll of Deluge
Scroll of Dispel Good
Scroll of Fog x 2
Scroll of Water Spear
Scroll of Mirage
Wand of Sleep (10 charges left)
Recipe x1
Parchment x 5
Ink Vial (0.5 wgt)
693 GP
*Zurad'one's reward: 300 GP

HP - 12/12
MP - 13/13
Str - 6
Con - 5
Int - 5
Mag - 6
Dex - 6
Cha - 5

CC - 24.5/30

Skills – Handle Extoic Weapons, Lightning Speed, Stealth Attack, Air Strike (Racial), Minor Lightning Resistance (Racial), Lv 1 Black Magic.
SP - 1

Lv 1 - Disease, Smoke Cloud, Cause Fear, Shapeshift, Curse

Special Skills
Soul Steal - Spire Priestesses are harvesters of souls for the spire, if the spire mage kills an enemy, she can steal his/her soul to replenish her HP or MP.

Status - Slave
Battle Fought - 0
Battles Won - 0
Battles Lost - 0

Kills - 0
Deaths - 0

Score - 3


Assassination quests: 0
Retrieval or monster killing quests: 1
Aid or rescue quests: 0
Persuade or investigate quests: 0

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2008-02-05 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: Sturmi, when the shopping is over, could you please take care of the weight Anemone is carrying around too? She's encumbered for flying. The Lute had 4 wgt or something like that. Thanks! :D

2008-02-05 [PredatorX]: Oh, and...shouldn't Anemone, Patamon and Diarka have a "monster killing quest" in their score?

2008-02-05 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: I wouldn't really call imps, monsters! Monster killing is more like facing a huge boss like monster! :P

2008-02-05 [Sturmi]: lol... I'll give you the quest anyway ;) and I should give you also experience for completing the quest... I had forgotten that part. Sorry

2008-02-05 [Sturmi]: Sunny pick +1 to DEX or MAG

2008-02-05 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: MAG please! ^_^

2008-02-05 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: *bother bother* do we get SPs too?! :P

2008-02-05 [Sturmi]: nop, "Every two levels a character will earn a skill point"

2008-02-05 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: ah, I see, thanks! :)

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