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Amelie Finished


Amélie Finished

Still loving that line of the wrist. And overall much happier with it now :)

One in a series of fifteen self-portraits, each with a focus on a body part, each representing virtue, and there will be a sort of an accompanying essay type thing too. The project is an exploration of art history as well as the fringes of the art world: the things that art schools scoff at ("academic art") as well as popular culture. And my personality, since this is all about me :P

Amélie is bowels, its virtue is temperance (opposite of gluttony) and the essay is going to be about the overlooked, being invisible in a crowd, and some of the themes of the movie Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (which is where she gets her name). Art history-wise there is obviously Renoir, and some other artists/designers in the stylistic choices... (such as Joshua Lawyer, Kelly McKernan...)
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2012-12-19 [SilverFire]: Aaaaah, dude, you possibly need to read Kristeva's The Powers of Horror/something about the concept of the abject. Kristeva herself is pretty hard going so mbbe read something about Kristeva instead. <_< I don't think the Oxford Press have done a 'very short intro' to her yet. The book I've got on Kristeva is called "unravelling the double bind."

2012-12-19 [iippo]: Like this (I've read first few paragraphs but gotsa go to work now so I'll link here)

2012-12-19 [SilverFire]: Eeeeeeh. That's okay, but not great. Maybe I will photocopy some stuff for you and send it along with the emergency rations.

2012-12-19 [SilverFire]:

PDF version of Kristeva's The Powers of Horror, which is her main work on the abject.

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