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2007-09-16 03:16:34
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≈All Me≈

♀This Is My World And It Is All Me♀

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The name has been Nakita for the past 17 years. I have been [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..] for 3 years and counting. Here are some tid-bits about me and what I like or dislike.
1.I have recently become more involved in Elftown, trying to rid it's community of perverts and idiots.
2.I have no need to display my sexual preferances or my weight or height.
3.I do not need your permission to be happy or sad and I will not seek it.
4.If I want your advice, I will seek it. Otherwise, please don't give any to me.
5.I am normally a nice person but once angry, beware.
6.I am a nerd, get over it.
7.I am also a drama queen, get over it.

1. 22-06-07: Rules For Talking To Nakita
2. 23-06-07: I just took a quiz and I rather like the results. I'm going to post them in my diary.
3. 13-07-07: Nakita's Photogrophy
4. 15-09-07: New photos in Nakita's Photogrophy

Wikis I Am Involved In:
Those Who Are Awesomer Than You
Seven Seas
Today's Minority
The Call Of Rohan
Huggers United
Say What...?
Show me your game face
The Motorcycle Story Petition
More To Come...

Thanks for visiting. I hope you've had fun here! :)

Nakita's Furries
Camera Happy Nakita
Nakita's Photogrophy

And So You Have Seen What It Is Like To Be Me

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2007-06-22 [Earoluim]: * looks around *

2007-06-22 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: lol

2007-06-22 [Earoluim]: I like Geo and Pixie.

2007-06-22 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: Thankies!

2007-06-22 [Earoluim]: Your welcome, I have a long haired calico bobcat mix

2007-06-22 [..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]: Bobcat! Must be big!

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