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Language, Script and Functions of the First Words:
the Hidden Language of ALEPH

Progenitor of the Seven Ancient Languages, the First Tongues

This information has a Forum attached to it which is also usable by members to post and network information regarding the language Aleph and its methodologies among the Fantasy Languages.


The language Aleph is a mystery to even the most knowledgeable minds of the cosmos, and it is the stuff of legends. Its power is thought to be vast and unending, and its lore is ancient beyond time, and vastly infinite. A great tome was written by the ancient gods which tells the tales of those heroes who sought the Truth within its pages of gold and spirits, known as the Grammaticum Primeaval, the Grattica of Legends and Lore. Many translated texts are thought to be reminiscent of the truths held within the tome, and all ancient languages are thought to be originally inspired by the Great Word, the language of the spirits and divine powers of the cosmos.

Aleph is not a simple tongue, spoken with sound alone. Nor is it a simple text, written plainly for all to see. Aleph is a language of the soul, a divine truth held simply within the blossoming eternity of Creation's Truths.

Aleph Language, Script and Functions:
    - Shifting mirage-code

    - true Aleph

    - synergetic functions (secondary implement/component aside from spoken or written word)


Other Grammaticum Primeaval Languages Include:

-Ancient Arcanthium - Arcanthium Language and Sigils:
    - Modern Common Arcana
    - High Arcana
    - Deep Arcana
    - Sigils & Seals
    - Words of Creation
    - True Word
    - Incarnum Sigils
    - Dark Speech
    - Magic Seeds (Epic Spells)

-Common (the language of humans and the most spoken language in the material realms) - Common Language and Script

-Elven (Common Elven, Dysphasian, Wyld) - Elven Language and Script

-Avariel (Tuilvilanuue, Raptorian) - Avariel Language and Script

-Gnome (Chimu, Criman, Spriggan) - Gnome Language and Script

-Minoan (Minotaur Modern) - Minotaur Language and Script

-Ancient Minotaur (Minos) - (On above page)

-Dwarven (Dwarven Modern, Ruundan, Romulan, Qorian) - Dwarven Language and Script

-Halfling (Halfling, Hobbit, Brownie) - Halfling Language and Script

-Draconic (Dragons and dragonkin, many intelligent reptilian races) Manuscript and Stonescript - Draconic Language and Script

-Anakim (the languages of serpents, language of the Ancients) (Yuan-Ti, Naga, Annunaki, Lizardfolk, Kobold) - Anakim Language and Script

-Githy (Githyanki and Githzerai) - Githy Language and Script

-Chaon (Dead Language, the progenitor of the dialects of chaotic outsiders) - Chaon Language

-Laudin (A similar Dead Language, progenitor of lawful dialects in outsider communities) - Laudin Language and Script

-Auran (and Djinni'haalid) (Air elementals and Djinni) - Auran Language and Script

-Aquan (and Aquaean, Marid'mahaalid) (Water elementals and Marids) - Aquan Language and Script

-Ignan (and Efreeti'haaj) (Fire elementals and Efreeti) - Ignan Language and Script

-Terran (and Dao'mahaaj) (Earth elementals and Dao) - Terran Language and Script

-Celestial (Common Celestial, secret language = Seraphim) (Outsiders from Celestia and other heavenly realms, Upper Planes) - Celestial Language and Script
    - Seraphim: a secret language of angels; ancient and known only to certain Devas, Angels, Archons, and some Sylvans; the progenitor of common Celestial, along with Laudin, which remains unspoken because of ancient lore)

-Infernal (Infernal, Hellwyrm, Cabal) (Baatezu Devils and other Lawful Evil infernal creatures, Lower Planes) - Infernal Language and Script

-Abyssal (Tanar'ri Demons and other infernal and abyssal creatures) - Abyssal Language and Script

-Giant (Clan Rephaim, High Rephaim, Ogre) - featured on Titanic Language and Script
    - Titanic: The ancient language of Titans, titankin, and the progenitor of the modern Giant/Rephaim dialects) - Titanic Language and Script

-Goblin (All Goblinoids - dialects include Orc and Gnoll, even though these languages are very different in grammar, they use the same alphabet, sounds and sentence structure) (Orc, Gnoll, Goblin, Troll) - Goblin Language and Script

-Sylvan (Sidhe, Unsidhe, Keraphian, Leshay) - Sylvan Language and Script

-Druidic (Common Drudic, keeper of the secret language = Elohim) (progenitor of the modern secret druidic language) - Druidic Language and Script
    - Elohim: A hidden and secret language of 'the Watchers' of the peaceful races of the cosmos, and progenitor of the modern Druidic

-Undercommon (drow, illithid, duergar, derro, aboleth, beholder) - Undercommon Language and Script

-Faunar (Common Felynne/Catfolk, Nymian, Tauric, Shaman Sigils) - Faunar Language and Script

-Si'iri (Zendelonian language only) - featured on Kanaalian Language and Script
    - Kanaalian - Kanaalian Language and Script

-Renshunese (Zendelonian language only) - Renshunese Language and Script

-Keraphian (Keraphian, Krellian, Ancient Minotaur alphabet) (the language of the extinct Keraphians, as well as Krellians, their clockwork creation) - Keraphian Language and Script

Language and Script Influences:

Aleph was the First Words of Creation. It was a resonating sound, and became concept and eventually form through divine will of a Creator Being(s).

Aleph begat:  (the 'ancient languages')

The Seven First Words (ancient languages) continued creating more speech:
Arcanthium includes:
  Common Arcana,
  High Arcana,
  Deep Arcana,
  Sigils & Seals,
  True Word,
  Words of Creation
  Dark Speech
  Incarnum Runes
  Magic Seeds (Epic Spells / Arcane Creation)

Chaon begat:
and Influenced Kanaalian,

Draconic alphabet begat:
  Modern Draconic (Manuscript and Stonescript),
and Influenced Common,

Laudin begat:
and Influenced Anakim,

Seraphim begat:
and Influenced Druidic

Sylvan begat:
  Faunar / Nymian
and Influenced Anakim,

Titanic begat:
  Modern Titanic,
  High Rephaim,
  Clan Rephaim,
  Diilosian / Mortis / Undead,
  Ancient Minotaur (Minos)
and Influenced Undercommon,

Elohim, Seraphim, Sylvan, Titanic Influenced Druidic

Chaon and Laudin Influenced Elohim

Chaon, Draconic, Laudin, Titanic Influenced Undercommon

Undercommon, Draconic, Abyssal Influenced Drow and Githy
Drow was also Influenced by, and uses the Alphabet of Elven

Githy, Draconic Influenced Githyanki
Githy, Abyssal Influenced Githzerai

Abyssal, Infernal, Draconic Influenced Kanaalian

Ancient Minotaur begat Common Minotaur (Minoan)

Ancient Minotaur/Minoan, Undercommon, Sylvan Influenced Dwarven

Draconic, Titanic, Elven, Dwarven, Undercommon Influenced Common

Draconic, Laudin, Sylvan, Titanic Influenced Anakim

Elven, Goblin, Draconic Influenced Gnome

Gnome, Common, Dwarven Influenced Halfling

Dao'mahaaj, Dwarven Influenced Terran

Marid'mahaalid, Elven Influenced Aquan/Aquaean

Efreeti'haaj, Draconic Influenced Ignan

Djinni'haalid, Draconic Influenced Auran

Auran, Elven Influenced Avariel/Raptorian/Tuilvilanuue

Laudin, Arcanthium, Chaon, Titanic Influenced Old Dysphasian Glyphs

Elven, Old Dysphasian, High Arcana, Deep Arcana Influenced Modern Dysphasian Elven

Gnome begat Criman, Chimu, Spriggan
and Influenced Ganye (along with Common and Dwarven)

Goblin begat Orc, Gnoll, Troll, Modern Goblin
and Influenced Faunar (along with Elven), and Influenced Kobold (along with Draconic)

Faunar begat Nymian
and Influenced Beastland Glyphs (along with Sigils & Seals)


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