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 Chapter One: Where Sven Becomes Hunted 
   And so, I had no where else to turn. I had to go to him. He who ruined my life, my career, all because I refused to give him up when he left. Because I refused to kill my former partner. Yes, I had refused a direct order, and thus served the punishment that I had deserved. Four years of torture, every minute that the top two numbers of the Chronos clan could torture, they did. I had been whipped, cut, starved, fattened, over exercised, raped, and any other torture that even crossed the thought of your mind, was done to me. Luckily I kept my sanity, not like some of the former numbers. And luckily, I had kept my spirit.

   Now, I had my first job to do in five years, and at the tender age of twenty-two, I was ready to do it. That job, track down a man by the name Sven Vollfied, former I.B.I. agent, and current second hand of my ex-partner, and bring him to our sacred headquarters. I had every piece of information I would need, except how to convince him to visit the place his current partner in crime ran from. How that was going to happen, I had no clue, but I had his next bounty target, a petty thief who had a high price on his head. Hunting a petty diamond thief for cash, how far had The Black Cat fallen? I asked myself as I strode down the hallway of the hotel I would be staying in until they moved on, if they moved on.

   Sighing as I opened the doorway, the plain deep blue of the walls was the first thing I saw, and on the plain white bed, written on blood red paper, was a note from Belze, telling me not to screw up or else more torture for me, whopee. I jumped backwards onto the bed, next to my babies, my twin blades. Sure I was an expert at all weapons, that's what happens when you are bred for the job, but I was best with my two indestructible blades. I could feel the metals bound together, the cool feel of the leather beneath my palms as they created a soft whistle in the air they cut. The had two extremely long spells etched into the metal, spells created by my late grandmother of atlantean heritage, before it disappeared to never be seen again. Her family had been vacationing on a different island when the great land sunk into the seas. So yes, I had a little magic in me, but did I use it? Never.

   Looking over his file again, his picture to be exact, his eyes peered out at me. Though it was only black and white, those eyes were breathtaking. I wondered what they would look like in real life, in person. Well, no use waiting any longer, I grabbed my phone and dialed a certain number. A number that no one should have known, but Sephy kept eyes on all of us, even those that ran.

   The phone rang three times before a familiar voice decided to speak.
   "Hello Kitten" I said into the phone as he paused, he probably had forgotten that I even existed. "So, when you coming back to rescue me?"
   "Aisling, Aisling Aimi Valentine, how did you find my number my dear?" he said with a sigh. I could hear the traffic around him, and the wind from the must be rolled down car window muffled the sound of his voice.
   "You already know that Seph has you on her list, but its not you I am after kitten. It's your partner, so see you tonight" I said and hung up, letting him stew figuring out what he was going to do, would he run again, or try and show me up? Now that was the question.

    Well, I might as well get ready since the fight would happen in but a few hours, and I still had some convincing to do on the "self proclaimed ladies man".


   "Who was that?" Sven asked as Train snapped his phone shut. He sighed.

   "My old partner, the one I got after Creed went psycho, and the one I had before I left. I thought the elders had her killed since I had not heard anything even about her for the last five years." Train said as he looked out at the road ahead, the traffic seemed endless. "Think we will get there in time?"

   "We should, we are about twenty minutes away, without this traffic, so it shouldnt be much longer. Think we wont cause too much of a scene?" Sven said, eyes on the road as he grabbed his water from the cup holder to his right.

   "Unless we have an unexpected visitor, we should be fine, but for some reason, Chronos wants you" Train said as he pulled out his gun and ran his fingers down the barrel, showing nervousness. "And they sent out a person who has to be about as sane as Baldor after you"

"Great" Sven said as he set the bottle down and placed both hands on the wheel. Train acting nervous was not a good thing. He sighed as they were cut off by another driver. "So, what does she look like, and whats her name so we know what to look out for"

   "Her name is Aisling, but she also goes by Ice or Icey, and what she looks like I do not know. She used to dye her hair a deep red, but I never knew what color it was naturally. She has been bred for her position and is even more dangerous than the rest though she should only be in her early twenties. She is a weapons master, though her specialty is twin blade" Train said as he rubbed his hand over is gun, allowing the cool metal calm him down.

   "So we have no clue what she looks like, what she wants, or what she will be doing. But we know know she is after me, that sounds great Train. The second Creed is out of the picture she comes in? Its just insane." Sven said as he honked the horn furiously as traffic had stopped.

   "Well I doubt she would want you dead so we are just going to have to wait and find out."

 The Ultimate Bounty 2  

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