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Player Username: [Adnama]
Game Version: Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, XBox Game of the Year Edition
Been playing for: 2 years


Game Name and title: Adnama Lavode Countess of Castle Black
Gender: Female
Race: High Elf
Profession: Death Mage (Though I don't use magic much. XP)
Specialization: Stealth
Level: 86
Health: 475
Magikca: 630
Fatigue: 1290
Sign: The Steed
Reputation: 126
Bounty: 0
Current Gold: 210,306
Days passed: 633


STR: 778
INT: 240
WIL: 203
AGI: 130
SPD: 121 (not altered by spell)
END: 160
PER: 284
LCK: 5979

Note: All stats were made this way by a spell I made in the game. It was made completely legitimately within the game, so I'm not saying I "cheated".. I don't think so anyway. ;3


Major Skills:

Heavy Armor: 105
Blunt Weapon: 100
Athletics: 110
Acrobatics: 100
Speechcraft: 60

Minor Skills:

Long Blade: 100
Alteration: 48
Security: 55
Sneak: 100
Enchant: 63

Misc Skills:

Block: 20
Armorer: 100
Medium Armor: 100
Axe: 16
Spear: 16
Destruction: 93
Illusion: 18
Conjuration: 19
Mysticism: 34
Restoration: 19
Alchemy: 47
Unarmored: 13
Light Armor: 100
Short Blade: 100
Marksman: 20
Mercantile: 62
Hand-to-hand: 61

Note: None of these were altered by spells. Some of my Misc. Skills are kinda pathetic because I never
focused on them. X3 I'll get them all up in time. ;3 Some may be altered by equipped items with
constant effect fortify skill enchantments.


Almalexia's Light - Restore all attributes 25 pts on self.
Grace of Almsivi - Restore Health 30 to 80 pts, Fatigue 60 to 100 pts, and cure common disease on self.
Luck of the Emperor - Forify luck 20 pts for 120 seconds on self.

Currently Equipped

Weapon: Gravedigger
Sheild: Custom - Daedric Shield of Invisiblity. 100pts Invisibility constant effect.
Curiass: Dragonbone Curiass
Greaves: Enchanted Daedric Greaves with Feather 50pts constant effect.
Pauldrons: Custom - Left and Right Her Hand's Pauldrons. Both are enchanted with a 2pts light spell. Helps in those dark caves and whatnot.
Boots/Shoes: Paws of the Wolf-Runner
Helmet: Televanni Watchman's Helm. Makes me look all cool n' jank. X3
Gauntlets/Bracers/Gloves: Two Wraithguards. No cheating to get that. ;3
Shirt: Custom - "Shirt of Altantis" Water breathing and swift swim 3pts constant effect.
Skirt: Extravigant Shirt. The only skirt in the game that has a typo saying that it's a shirt. >3
Pants: Custom - "Hoptoad Pants" Jump 4pts constant effect.
Belt: Custom - "Water Walkie Belt of Woe" Water walking and Night eye 10pts constant effect.
Robe: None
Ring1: Royal Signet Ring
Ring2: Custom - "Cat's Eye Ring of Woe" Night eye 20pts and Jump 5pts constant effect.
Amulet: Necromancer's Amulet
Always in inventory: Barilzar's Mazed Band, five or more Grand Soul Gems, Armoror's hammers, and a Master's Lock Pick.


Morag Tong: Grandmaster
Thieves Guild: Master Thief
Mages Guild: Arch-Mage
Fighters Guild: Master
Temple: Patriarch
Imperial Cult: Primate
Imperial Legion: Knight of the Imperial Dragon
Ashlanders: Hearthfriend
Blades: Operative
East Empire Company: Factor
Great House Telvanni: Archmagister
Great House Hlaalu: Grandmaster

<img:stuff/star_peura.gif> The character description below
    contains game spoilers!



<img:stuff/TheA>dnama does not like to speak of her past; the time before she came to Morrowind, but here are her accounts since...

When she came to Morrowind she often stayed to herself. She hardly ever talked to anyone unless there was an express need. She joined the Morag Tong since she's quite accustomed to killing without being caught. The only people she ever regretted killing were the Khajiit and the Argonians, because she pitied how they were held in such low esteem by the other races of Morrowind. She worked her way up into the Morag Tong and became Grandmaster, while also pleasing the goddess Mephala by collecting all of the Threads of the Webspinner. Once she had that title under her belt, she began to work in other guilds and factions. She also joined the Great House Telvanni. She worked her way up in each of the organizations she had joined and unlimately became leader of them all.

Not bad for the Nerevarine in training, huh? ;3

After learning the ways and plans of the Sixth house and Dagoth Ur, she took on the quest to become the Nerevarine. She fought fearlessly against anything Dagoth Ur could throw at her, including the infamous Corprus disease. After being named Nerevarine by all the Ashlander camps and Horator by all the great houses, she ventured to find the lost artifacts of Kagrenac, Kagrenac's tools, Keening and Sunder. On her journey, the false god Vivec, summoned her to bestow her with Wraithguard, an ancient Dwemer artifact that would provide the only protection against Keening and Sunder. With this, Adnama found Kagrenac's tools and killed Dagoth Ur, ending the blight upon Morrowind, thusly becoming the true Nerevarine.

Her story did not end there. Since becoming the Nerevarine she has traveled to distant lands such as Solstheim and Mournhold. In Solstheim she has helped build the town of Raven Rock, which she is currently the Factor, or leader, of. She was honored by the Skaal after fullfilling the Bloodmoon Prophecy, but could not become leader because she was not Skall-born. While fullfilling the prophecy she battled Hircine. After the encounter with him and his minions, Adnama gained his ring which allows her to transform into a Werewolf at her discression. She went on to become the leader of Thirsk after slaying the Udyrfrykte. Her venture into the chilling cold of Solsthiem left her wanting the comforts of warmer climates. She decided to make her way back through Morrowind to Ebonheart where she teleported to Mournhold, the capital of Morrowind.

In Mournhold she joined the temple and ran simple errands, even though she was so revered in Morrowind. After a few errands, Adnama was summoned to the High Chapel by the false goddess, Almalexia. Almalexia revealed her knowlege of the Nerevarine and informed Adnama of her plans but there was unrest in Mournhold after the attack of the mechanical beasts that came from the hidden Dwemer ruin beneath the city. Almalexia teleported Adnama to Clockwork City to confront the creator of the mechanical beasts, the third and final false god, Sotha Sil.

Adnama reached the end of her journey in Clockwork city only to find Almalexia in Sotha Sil's chambers. Amalexia had used Adnama. Almalexia then lunged to kill her. Adnama prooved a worthy adversary to the goddess and stuck her down. She took the Ring of Barlizar from her body as well as Hopesfire. Adnama from then on kept the ring and the sword on her person. She used the ring to teleport back to Mournhold so she could have a talk with King Helseth. After doing a few errands for him she killed him because she learned that he had sent a member of the Dark Brotherhood to assasinate her. After being subject to the corruption in Mournhold for so long she was ready to venture back to Morrowind.

Now Adnama Lavode is a collector of artifacts, unique weapons, and oddities of Morrowind. She also collects rare books and is looking for the perfect home in Morrowind to transform into her own library. She is also a collector of souls. She has captured all of the many Dagoths including the seven Ash Vampires. She has also imprisoned the soul of the great god Vivec in the legendary Azura's Star. She has captured souls of nearly all of the different types of creatures of Morrowind as well as a few oddities.

She has a home in Raven Rock of Solstheim, one in Godsreach of Mournhold, two homes in Vivec, one in Balmora, one in Ald-ruhn, and a Telvanni stronghold west of Sadrith Mora, Tel Uvirith. She has also taken over the Redoran stonghold, Bal Isra, and the Hlaalu stronghold on the Odai Plateau. Her home in Vivec's Redoran Plaza is also home to the Mudcrab Merchant and the Creeper from Caldera. She also escorted M'Aiq the Liar to her home in Tel Uvirith so he can stay there and get out of the rain for once. He was quite content. ^_^

She is also thinking of freeing all the slaves in Morrowind. It is a daunting task but she is very compassionate toward the Khajiit and Argonians and would like nothing more than to see them freed.

Currently she's thinking about taking over Tel Fyr as her new stronghold. ;3

Character Screenshots! ◦

◦ Morrowind Artwork ◦


<img35*0:stuff/AdnamaLSketch> <img35*35:>


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2005-03-12 [Balthizar]: To do that,taunt the cat guy into fightuing you,you will get a key to the chest,make sure the other guy int he room cant see you and steal the stuf from the chest...or taunt both into fightuing you,there not that powerful

2005-03-12 [Erestor]: Okay thanks alot Balthizar!!

2005-03-12 [Balthizar]: no prob dude

2005-03-14 [Adnama]: Eee. X_x; Sorry I wasn't here to answer, but Balthizar got it. ;3

2005-03-14 [Erestor]: No problem AJay!

2006-11-23 [Calico Tiger]: M'Aiq makes a return in Oblivion XD He's got some funny things he says as he travels about the land (pretty much the only thing he really does).

2007-02-01 [Iron-Man-429]: awesome character, I just got this game recently. I cant wait till I get oblivion next week.

2007-02-01 [sky fox]: you'll enjoy oblivion. not as much content as morrowind, and they closed up most of the loopholes that allows you to make a ridiculously strong character, but it's got far more detail to it.

2007-02-02 [Iron-Man-429]: thats good, the armor also looks way better. 

2007-02-02 [sky fox]: indeed. piece of advice for oblivion... join the mages guild. all the spellmaking fun and enchanting is only available to members of the guild who have done enough jobs to gain access to the arcane university.

2007-02-04 [Iron-Man-429]: lol not much for the magic, im usually the natorius outlaw wreaking havoc. 

2007-02-05 [sky fox]: lol, fair enough. but even so, you can never argue with a magic sword.

2007-02-09 [Iron-Man-429]: thats true, I like how you can create character faces, I got my character to almost look just like me.

2007-02-09 [sky fox]: it is pretty cool. i did the same, save for the fact that i don't actually have golden altmer skin in real life.

2007-02-10 [Iron-Man-429]: What race did you chose? I picked the nord for strength.

2007-02-13 [sky fox]: i went for high elf. you can never argue with some extra magicka, but my new character is a wood elf, loads of fun too. there's no better feeling than dropping an enemy with a single arrow before he even knows you're there.

2007-02-15 [Iron-Man-429]: thats true but, I still like hitting people with battle hammers.

2007-02-15 [sky fox]: lol. yeah, i did plenty of dai-katana action in morrowind, so since the magic and stealth systems are a lot more detailed in oblivion, i thought i'd give them a try instead. combat's cool and all, what with blocking being alot more detailed now, but i just love stealth because it's like playing theif again, and magic, because they've actually balanced mages to make them as dangerous as fighters now. (hooray for magicka regeneration!!!)

2007-02-17 [Iron-Man-429]: yeah, stealth and magic are definite improvments, too bad there is no multiplayer. Thats probaly the biggest fall in oblivion.

2007-02-19 [sky fox]: oblivion's far too complicated for multiplayer to work. it's more of a laid back game to go head to head, and i reckon cooperative play would be far too easy. (you could make a pair of characters that could be able to do almost everything between the two of them).

2007-02-20 [Iron-Man-429]: I dont know there is a mod that allows multiplayer. Its not exactly the greatest mod since it makes the other human players appear as NPCs.

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