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Adams: Life, the Universe and Everything review

In the third part of the world's only five-part trilogy by Douglas Adams, the heroes face the biggest threat the universe has had to face: the people of the planet Krikit.
These generally happy people tried once to destroy the whole universe because they just didn't like it being there. So their whole planet were locked inside of a timezone so they wouldn't harm the rest of the people.
Now white killer robots are trying to free the planet and somehow Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect realise they have been dragged in this mess to save the universe.

It sounds alright, but well, it isn't. Most of the time I kept on reading just to finish the book. The language Adams uses is vivid and at times brilliant (I bet it's even better in English), but the plot just didn't convince me and the humour is still not the same than in the first book. Sorry.

Still, it's for all the people who enjoy science fiction parodies.
/ [Caterin S.]

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