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Player – [PredatorX]
Name - Adalwolf (or just Wolf) van Zeppherin
Race – Human / Planetarii
Sub-race - Ravillan / Terran
Class - Doomsday Knight
Allegiance – None in particular. However signed the last contract.

Appearance Wolf is a man of contrast and, to some extent, paradox as is clearly shown by his appearance. Though mainly Ravillan in legacy, from both sides of his family, he is blond like his Lochmorian grandmother, and in spite of repeated insistences from his siblings (who are all brunettes), he chooses to keep it that way, as he is very proud of all his features. He also likes to keep it in a certain fashion: shoulder-long, the left half falling elegantly down the side of his face, while the other half covers the right side of his face. This is not in accordance with any fashion trends, but for practical use, to hide a large burn that mars the right-hand side of his face. The scar does not seem to hinder his charm though, as he is otherwise quite handsome and his sly smile would catch any young lady’s attention. He likes to wear a short moustache and a goatee (or rather short beard) split into two locks, inspired by Lochmorian fashion.
Of course, he does retain certain Ravillan features, mainly the tanned skin colour. As for his Terran legacy he only retained the eye colour, which are more blue than green actually, and upon close inspection one might find that the skin on his shoulders is somewhat tougher and scaly in aspect.
Six foot tall, strong and elegantly muscular in accordance to his military upbringing, Wolf would be the object of envy for many a knight.
Age - 18
Personality - Calm, cold and calculated. Those are the three words that “triangulate” his personality. Born into a house of military tradition, Wolf learned how to salute before he could stand. He will obey an order if it meant the end of him and will always give 110% in anything he does. Perfectionist by nature and disciplined by upbringing everything has to stay “sharp n’ shiny” with him. When he has nothing else to do, he might be found rearranging objects on his desk, weapons in the armoury or books in the library. He is by no means your average grunt, though. Elegant, polite and, generally, a man of good taste and mannerism, he was raised by his father in accordance to knightly values and etiquette. But that stops when combat is involved. In that sense, he is a man of loose morals, that is to say he will employ any and all methods to get the job done. “If your opponent is unarmed, you give him your weapon. Just make sure to clean the blood afterwards.” were his father’s words. This does not, however, make him a hypocrite... merely efficient. “Manners are for banquets, in combat the end justifies the means” – some more of his father’s wisdom.

History Though the name might be misleading, Wolf was born in a Ravillan Noble House. The house was founded by his grandfather, who goes by the name of Ferdinand I van Zeppherin, born Philippo Sever. Historically, Philippo’s family were merchants that settled in the Southern part of Ravilla and made profit from trading goods from Lochmore. Philippo, on the other hand was not inclined to mercantile affairs, he chose a military career, which proved to be quite a successful one. Ranked captain, he received his knighthood and changed his name to Ferdinand and petitioned the Emperor for permission to establish the Noble House “van Zeppherin” along with his brother Mathaeus, who also changed his name, to Matthiás. He received the Emperor’s blessing, as well as the right to bear a Coat of Arms. The House was a kind of military/mercantile family affair, culturally oriented more towards Lochmore than Ravilla.

The family grew quickly, Ferdinand alone had no less than seven sons and Wolf is the eighth of nine brothers, he also has two sisters. While Matthiás’ side of the family focused on merchant affairs primarily, Ferdinand’s legacy was a military one, carried out by his eldest son, Maximillian II (though he was actually the first to bear this name in the family, he adorned the II numeral as homage to his mother’s side of the family, having been named by her father). Maximillian established the mercenary branch of the Noble House, originally as an Aegis for the family but which soon turned into a good source of profit. Aged 17, Wolf was recruited in this paramilitary organisation, which, by contract and in accordance to Maximillian’s own principles, now serves the “blue guard” of Nerva.
Adalwolf’s father also contributed to the shaping of the still-young Noble House by increasing its cultural diversity, when he married a Terran. By hiring a Dah'Kin as personal trainer for his sons, he further broadened the cultural horizons of the House. A veteran of the Civil War, Maximillian fought alongside the Empress' Dah'Kin allies and found their combat tactics suitable to his own. Though this particular trainer was somewhat of a close friend to him, Maximillian's affiliations with the Dah'Kin generally did not exceed the sphere of combat.
Thus, under the watchful eye of their father and with the best combat training that money could buy, the young boys excelled in their careers. Young Adalwolf now had no less than nine military leaders in the family famed in numerous regions of the Realms. It was his turn to prove himself.

Weapon of Choice – Billhook


Decorated Doublet:

Family Tree:

Paternal Grandfather:
Ferdinand I van Zeppherin
(born Philippus Sever) (Ravillan)

Paternal Grandmother:
Cymburgis (Lochmorian
Maximillian II (Ravillan/Lochmorian)

Alienora Branca (Ravillan/Terran)

Maternal Grandfather:
Don Carlos V Branca (Ravillan)
Maternal Grandmother:
Avishah Akiva (Terran Planetarii)

Wolf is most comfortable in one particular type of clothing: a heavily decorated doublet with a shirt pulled through to form puffs of different-colored fabric, as per the so-called “slash and puff” fashion, parti-colored hoses, an elegant jerkin; and, la piece de resistance, a broad, flattened, beret-type hat adorned with a tall feather

Element - Green


Level - 3

Experience/To next level - 825/1300

Billhook (6 Atk, 2 Def, 2 Rng, 10 wgt)
Decorated Doublet (1 Def, 6 Wgt)
Comb Morion (4 Def, -1 Mag, 1 Car, -1 Dex, Wgt 6)
Makeup x 5 (Perform (Theatrical) + 2, Wgt 5)
Sciendo's Grand Play
Lesser healing potion x3 (Wgt 1.5)
200 Gp

HP - 18
MP - 12
STR - 7
DEX - 3
CON - 6
INT - 5
MAG - 6
CHA - 5

CC - 22.5/39

Skills – Handle Swords, Handle Spears, Cause Fear, Magical Resistance, Zealotry
SP – 0

Special Abilities
Smite Good - Once a day for every 3 levels, you can attempt to deal d6 + charisma damage to any white element characters in the area.

Status - Slave
Battles Fought - 0
Battles Won - 0
Battles Lost - 0

Kills - 0
Deaths - 0

Score - 3

Titles - Slave


Assassination quests: 0
Retrieval or monster killing quests: 0
Aid or rescue quests: 0
Persuade or investigate quests: 0

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2008-01-29 [Veltzeh]: Hybrid Race Features:
- + 1 to CON and MAG, -2 DEX;
- + 5 Bonus to any Charisma based skills.;
- +1 SP at start.;
- +1 SP every 5 levels;

Let's see if I can remember this in the comments...

2008-01-29 [PredatorX]: Have it all on my harddrive, in any case, chief.

2008-03-13 [Blood Raven]: alright, these are the stat upgrades you can have:
Lvl 2 - +1 STR, MAG, CON or CHA
Lvl 3 - +1 Str or CON

2008-03-13 [PredatorX]: Both go on STR.
I can't believe it, this little bugger upped in level so fast he already passed my first character :p

2008-03-13 [Blood Raven]: there you go. Anything you wish to spend that 1 Skill Point on?

And yeah, levelling goes fast when you take on hard challenges :P

2008-03-13 [PredatorX]: Aye, I be learnin' dee level 1 Black Magicks, mon.

2008-03-13 [Blood Raven]: yu need 2 skill points for that

2008-03-13 [PredatorX]: Sorry, I mixed my skills list. I'll take Magical Resistance.

2008-03-13 [Blood Raven]: you already have magical resistance

2008-03-13 [PredatorX]: Oh, slap me sideways, I need my coffee.

2008-12-24 [Lite]: Is this character still active?

2009-02-05 [PredatorX]: The character might still be alive, metinks. But probably far, far away from the Arena... or something of the sort. Shame, twas my favourite.
Why do you ask?

2009-02-05 [Lite]: Heh, Wolf's on a quest with my characters at the moment, and I was wondering whether I should wait for him, or if you weren't returning so I could move on on my own...

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