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The Starfyre


Current Location:

Meteor Mining Field


A cyborg stood at the hub of Rui's ship, going over the speaker system and appearing on the monitor Rui was staring at, even as he stood right behind him. "Sir, the Cobalt battle cruiser's weapons are engaged. However, her shields are down. My scans have picked up that she is indeed carrying 2 Cruiser Destroyer Warheads. It's only a matter of time before she picks us up on her scans."

Rui glanced behind himself at RED briefly. "Let's just see what they do," he said, "and get your face off my screen, you're standing in the same damn room as me."

Yawning as she leaned against a wall in the engine room, Shani looked completely bored. She reached out and tapped a console to contact the bridge. "Any reason why my area is on standby?" she demanded.

RED removed himself from Rui's monitor, but continued to speak to him over the loud speaker. "Sir, I have placed all vital advantages on standby and have put 80 percent of our power into the defense shield. They appear to be under attack by some sort of small cargo ship that just warped out of the area. It could be a distraction."

Rui nodded somewhat to RED as he stood up from his chair, making his way over to a console near his chair, he hit a few buttons "..lets just hope the cruiser takes the merchant ships bait. Honestly I am not in the mood for a fight today." he spoke as he brought up his star charts.

Shani could feel a vessel in her forehead pulse slightly, having been able to hear what was being said but still had no idea what the situation was. With a annoyed twitch of her tail she yells at the screen. "RUI! What the hell is going on up there!"

Red1.3 goes over the loud speaker again. "uh sir, It seems the Cobalt cruiser has stopped, and is conducting a scan in our area. I anticipate our presence being known and met with a Cruiser Destroyer Warhead. I am rerouting power to our engines."

Sighing softly to himself "shush Shani" Rui spoke as he closed his star charts, turned and walked back to his chair, an did so while mumbling to himself "oh yea, lets go to meteor mine field captain... plenty of floating parts to salvage, not dangerous at all captain.." glaring back at RED a moment as he sat down "stupid useless cyborg" before activating defensive protocols.

"Shush??" Feeling herself becoming annoyed by the second, Shani glances past her twitching tail to another screen which was showing her where power was being moved to. "Oh bloody hell.." Turning off the comm call, she yells to her staff who knew better then to argue with her. "Keep yourselves on alert! Looks like the boys upstairs found a rough playmate.... again."

Red1.3 Breaks the silence on the bridge with the captain as he analyses the defence protocol, but quickly turns off. "Sir, the power needed to fight will take away from our ability to flee. We will not be able to reroute power fast enough if we have to escape, and I would just like to take this moment to inform you that I did warn the captain this was a safe haven for pirates, it seems only logical that....Sir intruder alert in the docking bay! I have lost all control of that sector, ive been hacked. Rebooting..."

Somewhat annoyed Rui had stood up from his chair after hearing about the intruder "..Hacked? Christ sakes... what kind of security officer are you?..useless" he scoffed having walked over to the instrument panel near him and set a course out of the area. Having checked the ammo in his revolver as Red finished his reboot, Rui was in the lift that left the bridge "Just keep the auto pilot running at least.. I'll go take care of this intruder" he had spoke just as the door had closed.

With her fingers gliding over the consoles, Shani shook her head slightly as she muttered to herself."Never a dull moment." As her eyes glanced at some of the readings, a delicate eyebrow perked at noting the strange energy change in the docking bay. "Fudge bunnies. Are you kidding me?"

Red1.3 Walked over to the captains console, and started to initiate protocol. As he re-inserted himself into the ships mainframe, reboot screens loaded onto all the monitors until 100% was reached. He then continued to contact the captain via loud speaker. "Sir, I have sealed all exits from the docking bay, and have orders a squad of mini defence drones to assist you, they will be waiting for you on the third floor. Also sir I am initiating internal battle procedures, standby.."

"they will just get in my way" Rui answered standing in front of the docking bay door. His hand rested lightly on the hilt of his revolver having the override code entered into the panel to open the doors "..please just let this be a space bug or something" he mumbled.

Humming as she tended to the engine room, Shani made sure that she had access to the energy she would need for anything that Rui was about to command.

The doors opened for Rui as a few defense mini guns popped down from the ceiling tiles behind him. as the doors slid completely open, a small ship could be seen docked in the center of the bay. Red1.3 appeared on the monitor in the docking bay "Sir the defense drones are on standby, I will wait on your word. Also sir, I am not picking up any life forms or the ships signature for that matter in our ship.."

Ignoring the drone Rui walked into the docking bay, stopped just short of where the smaller ship had docked itself, he sighed some after glancing around a bit "Ok look, how about you just come out? I know your in here, and if you make me find you, I am just gonna kill you out of frustration, who ever you are..." had shouted out loud.

"Hey boss lady, how much yas wanna bet?"
"Not betting this time 'round" As her gaze landed on her staff, the others in engineering automatically bit their tongues and returned to their duties as they stayed alert so as not to suffer Shani's wrath.

a flap too an air vent suddenly came loose next to where Rui was standing. it swang back and forth screeching until it slowly stopped.

Rui let out another sigh of annoyance "..Ok I am not crawling in an air vent" he spoke, before commanding Shani to seal off parts of the air ducts, and having RED send one of the drones in to investigate.

"On it" Shani responded to the order as her fingers glided over the keys, locking down air ducks and service tunnels. "Happy hunting, sir."

As Shani sealed off sectors of the air vent, the ventilation shaft above her rumbled a few times before giving way and a young man with brown hair and an eye patch fell to the ground by her feet. looking up at her he smiled and rubbed his head. "Well your a sight for sore eyes gorgeous!"

Rui was now leaning against one of the cargo crates near the opened air vent, twirling the revolver on his finger a bit "Well Red, has that drone found anything yet?" he asked over the comm.

With a flick of her hand, Shani turns on her personal comm to Rui as she spoke to the intruder. "You know... you're making a mess of my station. Now give me one GOOD reason why I shouldn't have you tossed into the engines. Hmm?" Flicks her tail as she keeps her eyes on the stranger.

Yasai stood up and dusted himself off as he smirked at Shani, He looked behind her at the exit and then around them both. "Well for one that is one hell of a way to greet a stranger, and because im not a fast burning fuel, engines like the one in this ship are a lot like a woman, they need love to keep going sweet heart. well it was good meeting you, I got places to be, couldn't help but notice your captain left the bridge, if he isn't piloting the ship then....who is?"

Red1.3 still on the bridge glitched as he talks thru the loud speaker to Rui. "Sir, the drones were unable to scan the entire ventilation system due to sections being sealed off. id suggest unsealing the vents and allowing the drones to complete their scans."

Rui's face appearing on the monitor on shani's work panel "we have a...sophisticated auto pilot system.. " he was speaking through a miniature video system on his wrist as he made his way to engineering "so your the intruder. Look i wouldn't get any hot ideas, Shani has a pretty hot temper, plus i don't think shes into guys... sorry about your luck" he spoke with a tone of sarcasm as he had already entered the lift heading to engineering.

"It wouldn't be like I couldn't soften you up first before tossing you into the engines. Or I can just stuff you into the nearest air lock and fire you out into space then use your ship as spare parts." With a hand rested on her hip, her ear flicks slightly at hearing her captain but ignores his snarky comments.

Yasai looks her up and down as he smiled and slowly walks toward the doors to leave. "Well its a good thing for you I just happen to like my women rough, plus that wouldn't be a good idea any ways.."

As the door opens Yasai almost walks face first into Rui revolver barrel "well, hello there, I probably should of mentioned i wasn't very far away." Rui spoke "Now you wanna tell me what you want? or would you prefer i stick to my original threat and just kill you?...personally i like option number two, this has been very annoying" he asked as he backed Yasai back into Shani's area.

Once the pair was inside the engineering area, Shani puts the room into lock down. "Should I get the bots ready to scrub blood out of the carpet?"

Yasai put his hands up in the air and looked over at Shani with the revolver in his face. "I thought we had something special between us...ok well you see I think we got off too a wrong start, I think we can all just be winners here if you get us out of this meteor field before that cruiser starts blowing us all to the next galaxy, and then from there I can fly off your ship, de-activate the cruiser destroyer warhead in my ship before it goes off in the next 5 minutes and you have your ship back, i'm flying away in mine and we all live to be happily ever alive.."

letting out yet another annoyed little sigh Rui holsters his revolver " brought, an active, nuclear, warhead onto my ship? well how about this then, you go back to your ship. Deactivate this bomb, then get the hell off my ship... by now this ship should be out of the meteor field, and have slipped away from the fact i believe we are close to the nearest space station, if my course was right" rui informed him "...If you do not leave immediately after, I will kill you...If you even look like you're going anywhere other then back to your ship, I'll kill fact there a chance, that I'll just kill you anyway, so I'd go now, follow the drone" he spoke as he commanded it to take Yasai back to his ship

Leaning against her console as she unlocks the doors, Shani glances over at Rui. "Is it me or does it seem a little bit on the strange side that he would be carrying that kind of bomb on his ship in the first place?"

Yasai looked at Shani one last time before he followed the drone out too his ship and quickly de-activated the warhead as he flew out of the battleship and warped to the space station. " Its not you my dear lady, its me...try not to cry too much over what could have been, farewell!"

As he turned back to the lift, he shook his head a little "Shani, do me a favor and watch the video, make sure he leaves like he says. Then keep the ship hidden near the station. We should probably resupply while we are in the area, but i am gonna go sleep this annoyance off.." he spoke to her as he entered the lift, hitting button for it to take him to his personal champers for the night

Nodding her head she gives him a pitiful look. "Why do I seem to attract the strange, kinky ones?" Giving a sigh, she goes about monitoring their uninvited guest.

Red1.3 suddenly burst on the loud speaker again with a high pitch screech at first, followed by a small bit of white noise that slowly settles to a mere pop and snap while he speaks. "Sir I am detecting some items that are unaccounted seems we have misplaced most of our welding gear.."

Having taken the lift back up to the bridge Rui sighed "Well i was going to try to sleep, but apparently missing welding gear warrents flooding the ship with an annoying alarm" he had spoke as he sat down in the captains seat on the bridge, a voice coming over the comm female in nature "I will take over ships alarm systems now RED, my period of rest is now over. Captain Rui, we are currently 30 kilometers from Rebublic Space Station Omega, should I reroute auto pilot to a different location?" the womans voice had asked Rui, who had smiled somewhat hearing the voice "Ah Carla, Its good to hear your voice. You are not aloud to go offline anymore....just one day, and the ship goes to hell" Rui replied.

"... Why the hell am I being notified of missing welding equipment? And don't you dare say this is my fault!" Muttering under her breath, Shani shuts the alarm off. "I need a strong drink after this shift. Don't care if it's going to be 5 in the morning. I need a drink after this."

Rui could only laugh a little himself hearing Shani's rant, Carla speaking up over the comm "Miss Shani, please remember your stress relief exercises!", which only had made rui laugh even more, having told Carla that Shani has anger management issues.

Ears down, Shani leaned over her console while she rubbed the bridge of her nose. In as calm of a voice she could muster, she responded. "Carla dear, why do you believe anything that Rui tells you about me?"

"Please calm down Miss Shani, I am truely sorry, I will do my best not to take the captain at face value anymore. Just please, don't yell!" Carla had replied

Raising an eyebrow she glanced over at her staff who were amused over the situation, making a gesture towards the comm making a motion of 'Isn't she the one yelling'. Her men chuckle and nod in response before letting her handle things. "Don't worry Carla, I'm not yelling." Turns off the comm.

A few hours had passed since the incident aboard the ship, and Carla voice is heard once again over the comm "Captain, we are now, 10 kilometers from the space station, that is radar range for most ships sir, I suggest we hold here until you figure out what it is we will do next" Calar advised, Rui sitting in his chair "Agreed, all stop Carla, Red, keep up a parameter scan, for the love of god, do not let anyone aboard this time." hitting a button "Shani, please prep a resupply shuttle to head to the station. I'd like us to be resupplied and on our way with in a few hours"

Red1.3 appeared on Rui's monitor as he was issuing commands. "Sir, I'm detecting a fighter shuttle in close proximity too out starboard side, shall I arm the ship?"

"Alright" Paused at hearing Red's comment, Shani couldn't help but rub her forehead a little with the hope that maybe he was just seeing things. "Shall I pack some weapons as well?"

Rui his elbow resting on the arm rest of his chair,side of his head gently against a closed fist as he watched the radar screen, his other hand, gently resting on the arm rest opposite the one he was leaning against, tapping his finger. The fighter dot on the radar, having vanished almost as quickly as it appeared "..No, I'm not sure it spotted us, either way it seems to be leaving the area, keep with original orders. Just post extra drone security in the docking bay." he commanded

Red1.3 immediately activated the defense drones, Gun slowly slide out of the ceiling panels sweeping back and forth in the hallways of the ship. he nodded at Rui's command, and then made his way over to the main console. "Sir, I have also implemented infra red scanning, there should be no other way for intrusions to happen without notice."

"So he says." Shaking her head, she makes her way to the shuttle to be sure that it was ready. Of course she included a hidden weapon or two just in case he needed it. Her tail swooshed ever so slightly as Shani tended to things.

Rui sighed "I said extra security...not lock down..recall the ceiling guns" he spoke before he paused a moment, look of confusion had appeared on his face "wait...when did we get automated ceiling guns?...Shani are you modifying my ship again with out permission?" he asked over the comm's

"Why am I the first person you decide to accuse for this? I would at least give you the heads up if I did so." Shani couldn't help but allow her lips curl into a smirk at her captain's question.

"..Gee I wonder" Rui mumbled a little as he had made his way to the shuttle bay "Shani I am taking you to the space station with, please meet me aboard the shuttle" Rui commanded before adding "Carla please keep the ship out of radar range, and please...Don't let red do anything stupid while we are out" Rui spoke as Carla replied "yes Captain"

About to say something in protest but decides against it which resulted in Shani mouth opening and closing slightly. Shrugging slightly, she nods to his voice. "Aye, captain. On my way."

Sitting in the pilot seat of the shuttle "Get a move on Shani" he had spoke as he fired the ship up. As Shani and a few other crew members boarded the ship, its doors closed and the ship lifted off flying out of the shuttle bay, heading towards Station Omega

Now in the transporter room of his ship, even the couple men where gathering supplies where there, a bit confused, but there..,Rui walked over to the control panel of the transport room hitting a button "Carla get us out of here" he spoke before he sighed a little looking at shani "I hate that transporter... never feel right after" he spoke before heading to the elevator taking it up to the bridge.

"I'll see what I can do with it but not right now" It didn't help that Shani hadn't had much sleep as of late. Pausing at a thought, she contacts Rui* "didn't we leave our shuttle back there with our supplies??"

Rui shrugged "...lets not sweat the small things" he spoke to shani as they came onto the bridge, Carla's voice immediately spoke up "Welcome back Captain" Carla spoke, Rui walking towards his chair "Status?" he asked as he took a seat "I am bringing the ship about now sir, we should be departing any minute now. However, I feel i should inform you that i have detected a ship prepareing for launch from the station sir. Its signature is unmistakeable to me, as the Spirit of Fire.". Rubbing his nose a little in annoyance "perfect, Divinia...just who we need right now... hopefully its just a coincidence, just the same, id prefer not to go blow to blow with her right now.. keep us out of radar Carla, but lets pick up the pace shall we"

RED walked in interruptedly, carrying all sorts of gear and weapons. He stopped and looked at Rui, and then let out a sigh of dissappointment, as he dropped what appeared to be a laser projecting mini-gun on the floor. "oh right, The transporter...damn. Ill just go put all this back. Carla re-open the arms room please."

Rui shook his head a little at RED, as carla moved the ship out of the orbit of the space station, staying out of radar range "Sir, the closest exit area is the meteor field, We have no time to scan the area sir with out being detected by the spirit of fire, We will essentially be flying in blind" carla reported to rui as red heard a beep at the armory door indicated they had unlocked. with a sigh rui replied "We have no choice, just take us there"

Ears down as she gives a sigh and slouches a bit, Shani looks over at Carla. "Carla you wouldn't happen to know how long I've been up, would you?"

Red walked back into the room and shakes his head as he laughed at the question. "Long enough to put us mechoids to shame."

The starfyre was well into the meteor field now, "a little over 36 hours" carla answered, as Rui eyes where focus'ed on the radar screen, making sure they where not being followed. A few moments pass before he notices somthing on the screen "...whats that?" rui mummbled "RED, send a drone out to those coordinates." Rui commanded as he pointed to a suspicious cluster on the radar screen.

Having been able to get some much needed rest, Shani was at her post in engineering checking on things and making sure everything was in tip-top shape.

RED turned and closed his eyes for a second as a sound beeped on the control board. He pulled up the radar to reveal a dot moving towards the cluster. "Drone out sir, shall I set ship shields to full?"

Rui nods to RED "ya" he spoke as he inspects the camera feed from the drone " many ships.." he mummbled, on the overhead screen was debre of destroyed ships...everywhere "what happened here, these debre clusters are to close together to be separate incidents"


Stage 1: Rui&Carla,Shani,RED: Shani

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