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The Nebula Five


Current Location: Planet Athens


A small alarm blared loudly to the right of Elena's sleeping cell. Her blue eyes opened slowly, and she blinked away her sleep before reaching up and touching the "dismiss alarm" button on the touch screen by her head. She yawned, stretched, and sat up from her sleep cell, looking around slowly. It was just after eight in the morning, according to her clock, though out here in space that didn't really matter. She showered and dressed, pulling on her Federation uniform and making sure it was crisp and proper before combing her hair back into a ponytail and heading out onto the main bridge. She paused at the helm, peering down at the many screens and flight personnel, before looking for her commander. "Where is commander Harrow?" she asked. One of the flight crew pointed her towards the galley, and she sighed. She headed in there, looking around for her commander. "Commander Harrow? Are you in here?"

Jonah looked up from where he was peering over a news letter, sipping at his steaming cup of sweet black coffee, "Hm?" he asked, looking to Elena and smiling softly, "Ah, Elena, how are you? There is fresh coffee in the pot if you would like some. I cant function without the stuff" he said sitting up straighter and cracking his knuckles.

Elena moved to the head of his table and saluted him properly with a greeting of, "Major General," before she relaxed again and gave him a small pout. "Sir, you know I don't drink coffee. And you changed the time on my alarm again, didn't you? It woke me up ten after." she mumbled, sliding into a seat across from him and taking an apple from the bowl at the center of the table. "Why do you do that? It's not proper."

"Are you questioning me?" Jonah asked as he raised his eyebrow at her, sitting back in his seat and folding his arms with a smirk, "You are young, and you do good work, Sergeant. I simply feel you deserve a lay in every now and then, that is all. You shouldnt complain, some day when you move higher up in ranks you will realize how kind I am being to you. There is no such thing as enough sleep when you start climbing that ladder, Elena"

Elena frowned at him, but she mumbled a compliant, "Yes, sir," as she fingered the red apple in both hands. "You also call me by my first name, sir... That's also improper." Though she couldn't complain about that too much. She liked hearing her name roll off his lips. That and he only did it when they were alone, never in front of other enlisted or officers. She gave him a small, shy smile. "I'm beginning to think you just like giving protocol the middle finger every chance you get."

"Ah we need to have some fun when we can get it, other wise we would all go stir crazy on this thing. I may be major general, Sergeant Harlock, but I am also a man. I like to at least act like one sometimes, to a select few when I know I can get away with it" Jonah smirked at her, shrugging, "Besides, there are not many here who are allowed to scold me for it, and those who can will never know" he said tapping the end of his nose gently with a wink before he grabbed up his mug and took a long sip, moaning a little, "I do not know how you can not drink coffee, it is a wonder more exquisite than any star in any galaxy"

Elena tilted her head at him with a crooked smirk, before finally taking a bite of her apple. "I don't like the effect that caffeine has on me. I'll get my energy from the healthy stuff." she said, waving the apple at him and taking another bite. "So where are we heading today, Major General?"

Jonah moved to fold his paper, setting it down on he desk and sipping at his coffee again, "We are heading to the station Omega firstly. We need to stock up on supplies and dock so we can do some repairs before we head off again, so you will have some recreation time for a few hours" he said, raising his brow, "Me too, there are some things I need to do there" he said, setting his mug down and pinching the ceramic ring with a small frown.

"Things?" Elena echoed skeptically, cocking an eyebrow at her commander. But she didn't press further. She didn't enjoy recreational time off of the ship. She preferred to stay in the world that she knew, the one she enjoyed--work. She sighed, but nodded and finished her apple, standing up. "Very well, sir, I'll inform the flight crew."

"No need, Sergeant. I need to go to the control room anyway, you just attend to your duties and get yourself ready for docking." Jonah said, standing and lifting his cap from where it was hanging on his chair. He put it on and grabbed his blazer, slipping it over his arms and on, buttoning it up and smoothing it down, "After you"

Elena gave him a subtle frown, but nodded. "Yes, sir." she said, then headed out of the galley and down the corridor to the bridge, moving to slide into her seat at the mapping console. She pulled up a screen and mapped their course through some stars to get to the Omega Station. Out of curiosity, she scanned the rest of the area around their flight course for obstructions or interesting stars, and paused. "Major General, there is a minor debris storm heading our way."

"Well that is just excellent" Jonah said, folding his arms as he walked up behind her and leaned over to look at the screen, "Keep an eye on it, inform me of any changes." he said, turning and opening the door to the control room, "Okay, guys, looks like we have a little minor rainstorm on the way to the station Omega so be on the lookout and adjust accordingly" he said taking his seat and looking to the screens in front of his chair, narrowing his eyes at them in thought.

With a nod, Elena placed a target alarm on the image of the debris storm on her screen, then went back to scanning the area. "Destination Station Omega approximately four hours away at mach five speed. Shall I increase our speed, Major General?"

Jonah looked to her as he leaned on the arm of his chair, rubbing his temple with his fingers, "Increase speed until we are in the danger zone, then decrease until we are in the clear, then we can increase and blast our way there. I want to get to the Station Omega with minor bumps and scrapes, we already have shit to repair as it is" he nodded.

"Aye, sir," Elena said formally, increasing their speed enough to get them to the outskirts of the debris storm. The storm only lasted five minutes, but the debris was large enough to cause some damage to their hull and one engine. Once they were clear of it, Elena leaned back in her chair and sighed heavily. "Commander, the right engine has taken some damage. We won't be able to warp as is." she explained.

"God damn it!" Jonah frowned, standing from his chair and walking to Elena's screen, watching it and rubbing the bridge of his nose, "Alright. Take us there as fast as we can that wont cause anymore damage. How long?" he asked, opening his eyes and and folding his arms. He had things to do on the Station Omega, this wasnt helping.

Elena shook her head again. "Sixteen hours... and we don't have enough fuel for that. There is, however, good news: the planet Athens is nearby, and they will have tools, parts and fuel." she explained. "I can set us a course and have us there within three hours. Shall I map it out for the flight crew?"

"God Damn it!" Jonah shouted again, slamming his fist down on her desk as he grit his teeth before he took his cap off and ran his hand through his blonde hair, "I needed to get to the Station Omega" he frowned, putting his cap back on and calming himself, "Just...Just take us to Athens, we have no other choice. I am going back to the common room" he sighed, walking out of the control room and heading back to the common room, sitting down and pulling his glass tablet from his pocket, typing with a set frown.

Elena stayed silent as she watched Jonah leave the bridge, then looked at the rest of the flight crew, who were all staring at her. She raised a brow, then sighed and stood up from her seat. "Fine. I'll go talk to him. Stay on course for Athens, be alert for anymore debris storms." she said, then moved out of the bridge and into the common room. She knocked lightly and stepped inside, giving him a proper salute before seating herself in a chair across from him and watching him. "Sir, are you alright?"

Jonah looked up at her from where he was rubbing his temple, sighing and shrugging, "I am fine, sergeant. Just pissed off" he said as he tilted his head back, "I really needed to get to the Station Omega. I needed that recreation time, I had things to do there" he said, looking back at her, "But it doesnt matter. I am on duty and I shouldnt have shouted at you like that, I apologize."

Elena watched him closely, then reached up and boldly removed his rank patch from the front of his jacket, before removing her own as well and setting them on the table. "No ranks," she said softly as she looked at him again, "just people. Tell me what's wrong, Jonah." She tilted her head, her short blonde ponytail falling over one shoulder. "What's so important at station Omega?"

Jonah sighed and shook his head, folding his arms and biting his lip, looking like he was debating with himself about what he should say. "I needed to meet a guy there. I was paying him for information, but he only deals in person. I have already postponed him though, so it doesnt matter." he sighed, "My daughter is missing. Well, she is an adult now so I guess its not really missing and more she just ran away, but I am trying to locate her. We havnt had contact with her in a year, I just want to know if she is alive and where she is, I want to talk to her" he frowned, rubbing his chin, "But if you tell anyone that, I will get fired for doing personal business on duty, and then I will have to kill you"

Elena tilted her head, watching him with a gentle, sympathetic smile. "I'm sorry your daughter is missing, Jonah. I'm sure you'll find her. Don't worry, we'll get to Omega soon enough." she said, then grabbed their rank pins and offered his back to him. "But it wasn't your sergeant you told that to." she winked.

"Well, regardless. I cancelled the meeting so we dont need to go" Jonah said as he rubbed his head, raising his brow and looking to her for a moment, "You are young, but do you have any children?" he asked with a tilted head, resting his chin in his palm as he leaned on the table.

Elena blinked at his question, a blush instantly flooding her cheeks. When she realized he wasn't taking his pin back, she put them both back down on the table slowly. "Um... no, I don't." she said softly. "I have never been married... actually... I've never even been on a date." She frowned to herself at this admission, her cheeks warm. "I've put my career first."

"Hmm. That is exactly what I thought I was going to do, but alas. It wasnt the proper way of doing things in my day" Jonah shrugged, "Dating and marriage are one thing, Elena, but children drive you up the fucking wall. Have you tied in knots and running after them halfway around the galaxy. Wonderful little pain in the asses, but its not always worth it, especially when they get old enough to talk back" he grumbled, shaking his head and looking back at her, "You will find your path, Elena, i know it" he winked.

Elena looked at him with a frown, her cheeks still very pink, but she nodded. She then grabbed her rank pin, putting it back in its proper place on her uniform jacket, then stood up and offered his to him respectfully. "Thank you for that piece of advice, sir." she said formally.

Jonah tilted his head at her, letting her had wait before he slowly moved out to take it, nodding, "I have upset you" he commented, moving to pin the badge back on his uniform, "I apologize. I shouldnt be so personal" he said as he watched her, "You are dismissed. I am going to stay here, call me when we are almost at Athens and ready to dock"

"Yes, sir," Elena said, saluting him again before leaving the common room, heading back to the bridge. She stared blankly at her screen, contemplating what Jonah had told her, up until the alarm sounded that they were preparing to enter the atmosphere of Planet Athens. She commed the Major General as he requested, then prepared for the turbulence.


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