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Ah, Chipmunks. The recordings you find here are - most probably - ones that I did not like when they were normal. Being the fruit that I am I tend to speed up the ones I don't really like. They sound amusing and normally better than the original recording.

Each recording will have a mini blurb explaining it. I say explaining it though it will probably be meaningless ramble - much like this. All the voices you hear are me, unless I state otherwise. Even if there is more than one voice on a track. I am clever like that.

If you need cheering up this is the place to be. Well, I think so anyway. You may not be as easily amused as me.



With Arms Wide Open - Creed
This is a small section of 'With Arms Wide Open' by Creed. I was experimenting with harmonies. It definitely sounds better in chipmunk.

Whisper - Evanescence
This was dire out-of-chipmunk. Seriously. I sang this in the style that [Duke Devlin], [Beautiful Lie] and I came up with when we performed it for our GCSE's and various other things. All three voices are me, sadly. Maybe one day I can convince them to record it with me.

The Phantom of the Opera
I go so wrong in parts of this... but I think it's hilarious. Probably just me. Anyway, yes, I do both parts.

Memory - Cats
I can't do the last verse in normal voice so I tried speeding it up... to me it sounds alright as well as amusing. I am so lame.

I Know Him So Well - Chess
Well, for one I did something to the mic as it started and for another I had a cold when recording the normal version. What does this equal? A bad recording. Oh yes. Again, I sing both parts.

Circle of Life - Elton John/The Lion King
This sounds fine in normal... but I did harmonies and I wanted to see how it sounded chipmunked; and let me tell you... it sounded fabulous. So now you get to hear it. All four voices in the chorus' are me. :] Enjoy, I know I do.

Hallelujah - Rufus Wainright
I had to... I just had to. :P


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[Duke Devlin]: No. =[

[Duke Devlin]: And cause I am Genius.

[Chimes]: I put Pip's username up :]
Oh yes.

[Chimes]: I forgot how funny Phantom was XD

[Duke Devlin]: =O I should have known. ;)
*pretends to listen, but forgets*

[Chimes]: Lmao XD

[Duke Devlin]: :D *watches CSI*

[Chimes]: *pokes painful shoulder*

[Duke Devlin]: *can't turn left wrist LEFT*

[Chimes]: Why?

[Duke Devlin]: *doesn't know - suspects sympathy pains*

[Chimes]: Oo;; Spookaaay.

[Duke Devlin]: YES. D:

[Chimes]: *gets out detective garb*

[Duke Devlin]: Ask John. HE is the one with spazzed wrists.. Therefore, I blame him. >>
*passes you a Sherlock Holmes hat*

[Chimes]: *puts it on and gets out bubble pipe - I want one* Btw... what did he do to his wrist?

[Duke Devlin]: Wrists, plural. :) It's just where he has spent so long landing on them while skating. =[
*gets you bubble pipe*

[Chimes]: Ah... that can't be good...

You know what else can't be good? Being in the middle of texting Alex to see if he's coming ... then getting a text from vodafone ... so now I can't recieve the answer until I fix it >.<;;;


[Duke Devlin]: EVILLL

[Chimes]: Oh yes.

[Duke Devlin]: Mighty.

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