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Aquaea, the Elemental realm of Water

Also called the Great Sea, it has three layers: the Deep, the Surface and the Shallow, and the River Oceanus.

The Deep and the Surface are not one ocean. There are portals in between. The deep exists at the heart of the Elemental Realm, where there is no surface, only vast expanses of endless undersea swim space.

The Shallow, as the Marid Lords call the Surface of Aquaea, is a place where a mountain of land rises up out of the vast oceans of the "middle layer" of Aquaea, occupies the midst of the Surface, a layer which has an 'up' and a horizon line. Seagoing and air-riding entities exist on the opens seas, where certain rises in the coral mounts actually extend up out of the great sea.

The River Oceanus is accessible to only the most powerful planar entities, and rides the outskirts of Aquaea into the outer realms, connecting many of the lawful and good realms, like Celestia, Arborea, and Elysium with its glistening holy waters.

The Marid Jann Lords (see Genie) occupy the majority of Aquaean rule, having established many long-standing pacts with races like the Aquaean Elves, water elementals, Sahuagin, Tritons, and Merfolk.

Aquaea's most powerful alliance in the material realm is the pact made with the Aquatic Oryar, the druidic family of aquatic landgoing elves that made an alliance long ago, during the War of the Titans on Tearra Réhm's rocky northern coastline. Their home is now the floating island of Vxa, which scowers the surface of the Blue Ocean of Jashnia, uniting the entirety under the Aquaean banner.

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