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Aodh's RP Profile Interviews & Other Text Goodies
part of Aodh of SabbathNight
by [moira hawthorne]


Aodh's RP Profile


Username: [moira hawthorne]

Character name: Aodh Eigneachan the Ruis Luis Uath
Aodh - meaning fire
(pronounced OOO'(duh) or as the word ODE noun (ohd)
1. a lyric poem typically of elaborate or irregular metrical form and expressive of exalted or enthusiastic emotion.
2. (originally) a poem intended to be sung.
Eigneachan the Ruis / Luis Uath
(fire, violent fate / death, red / flame, fear)

Species/creature/race: Fae of Faery

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral - not evil Tho is is a Lord of the Unseelie Court.

Gender: male

Appearance: Musician. Singer. Lead singer of his own band SabbathNight. Sort of an alternative-metal-goth-folk.

Birthday: Beltane. he was born in the spring. unknown or forgotten, he's an immortal faery,... Long long ago... 17,000 years ago! in the 15000s BC... he was created in the region of deep wild woods near a mighty river and to a glacier that much later would be known as France -

Age: appears early 20s (can glamour his appearance between 14 to 30s easily)

Eyes: Copper or green or glowing white while on stage

Ears: Elf like but thiner and longer

Skin: Iridescent Pearl (true glow in the dark celtic)

Hair: Copper-Red Multi-layered spikey
long bangs over eyes barely touches his shoulders, shorter at back

Height: 6'2"

Body built: Very Slim / too thin - muscular but definitely not BUILT
tho comparatively he is stronger than a human of the same build
he has long hands and feet and other parts (he can lick his eyebrows)
as a faery he doesnt weigh very much - compared to a human he is about the weight of a child.

as a faery he isnt built like a human... he is 6'2" tall... too skinny to be human, his limbs are actually a little abnormally long and thin... and he is really light... mechanically he isnt made as a human is... he only weights about a much as a human child but is stronger than a man. Ive never weighted him... but since a 16 yr old boy can carry him across country you have to realize he isnt anything like a human man.

He weights same as a 9 yr old boy = 60lbs but is 6'2" and stronger than an adult human male.

doesnt have a bellybutton!* see below: ONE OTHER WEIRD FACT...

I assume that Aodh is uncircumcised... lol

you'd think so... but he likes body modification... cutting his hair weird and lottas piercings!!! he was 'created' uncircumcised but he's stuck plenty metal down there,... he's cut off some flesh as well... to show off his jewellery better...

Tattoos/Piercings: Much of his body is covered in what appears to be tattoos
similar to flames (but in truth they are living flames symbolic of his magic)
his flames dont burn... they are faery magic.. like light effects,... 
and he has nearly everything pierced at least once

imagine a people who called themselves the "painted people'
and Aodh comes wandering out of the woods... looking like a forest god.... his fire moving upon his body like living flames as he plays...

ok I was trying to explain a difference being intrinsic to his makeup... and a manipulated skill

Aodh was created not born... hense no belly button... out of star dust and fire

so fire is his nature! but he doesnt control fires out side of himself

tho fire has a lesser effect on him than a mortal

there are two major manifestation of his inner fire: his faeryfire and his ultimate attack/crispy critter

faeryfire is the manifestation of his magic and are harmless flames that dance on his skin... most people dont see them... matter of fact they dont appear all the time... they only appear when he uses his magic or is excited... if you know what I mean!

he does have a very limited control of his own internal temperature... in as much as to warm up a chilled lover/mortal in need...

but no major magic skills to do with fire

till his final send off... in what he'd consider to be a life and death battle he can have his inner fire consume him... he literally becomes fire... he burns.. but he also burns whatever else he is battling...

the after effects of this are not pleasant... crispy critter... its like a living coma... inside his burnt body... till he can heal... which depending on the strength and source of his healing could take a week or more to a century!

considering his appearance he has been bury while in this living coma.

Clothes: Red Skull Shirt &/ Black Leather, mesh, chains, straps, belts, buckles and stuff

Preferred weapons: Méadhbh Aoibh his guitar; his music his words and wit - he is a lover not a fighter
Méadhbh Aoibh:
Méadhbh is pronounced mæov & means 'intoxicating' or 'she who intoxicates'
Aoibh is pronounced eev & means 'beauty'
Aodh's guitar is a custom design by Guitar innovator Les Paul
and after Aodh requested her manufacture, he went on to make his famous Gibson Les Paul.
She is ofcourse a one of a kind!
she combines elements of the Acoustic, Steel and yet to be made Electric guitars,
but also some never to be duplicated faery magic designs
that enable Aodh to play her without an external electrical source or amplifier,
for she feeds off Aodh's own magic.
Aodh also refers to her as a living being, and she gets into almost as much trouble as him.
She is part of his soul.

Characteristics: He is a Glamour - Gaconner or Gancanagh. The Love Talker. Seducer. Romancer. Scoundrel of the worst kind. Searching the night for lonely young women, he takes the form of their ideal lover, seduces them, then exposes their weakness to all before abandoning the young maid/lads. Few of his victims live long afterwards dying of despair or a broken heart... A vain, beautiful, seductive, dangerous, conscienceless, Rake.

Personality: An egotistical bastard, but a fun charming sort, he is exaggeratedly confident, extremely vain, bad boy, goth/metal musician/rockstar, loves attention and seeks the newest thrill and latest conquest - once upon a time he likely played a lute beneath a castle window... now he screams his ass off on stage under strobes and black lights!

Likes: attention, sex, men, woman, late nights, the stage, his music, the chase and the catch, alcohol, coffee, very good food, favs Italian food and seafood, the subway.

Dislikes: mornings, routine, administration, traffic, cars , organized religions, especially the catholic/christian church
Aodh HATES Christianity... it didnt play nicely with his toys for years... and you know what they say about offending the faery folk

Abilities: He can sing and play nearly anything well to the point of no effort
He is charming attractive flamboyant and a natural actor

He's an awesome musician! he can and has played nearly every instrument every made IF not them all... tho for the sake of other artist/bandmates' pride and ego he restrain himself to his one and only instrument, Méadhbh Aoibh his guitar... that and she would have his balls in a vice if he messed about with any other instrument.

He composes all the music and lyrics for his band Sabbathnight,... to him creating music is effortless, and he would make everything up on the spot each night/concert but Stud forces him to write out everything at least a week before so the rest of the band can actual learn and practice the songs before concerts.

Magic: glamour / illusion ... he will automatically appear human to mortals
and appear as is most comfortable for that mortal's mind to accept as normal
but his faery nature makes him more appealing... seems unusual and special
when powerful he can appear as what you most wish / want / desire
he can heal and direct some healing
while he is in contact with someone or thing of strong energy and power.
can only heal new injuries, before they scar...
(he is of the nature world, so he can control plants and their growth.)
((used this once in the first RP... and never again))
in a Life or Death battle... he becomes Unseelie..
and all his tattoos become real flames... he literally bursts into flame...
ofcourse he burns aswell therefore the 'Crispy Critter'

Faerys are dangerous and self centred and they need power to survive.
they use to get their power / energy from the natural world
but now their magic and their existence is also depend on
other forms of energy and magic...
Aodh needs a "battery"
b/c his life energy and astral energy are one
and can be emptied b/c of all the magic he´s been doing.
so Aodh can use up all his magical energy
and without any he cant function
so he'd slip into an 'awake' coma
he'd still be aware but without the power to move or do anything
until his magical energy gets refilled...
and how? sex? XD yup sex / attention / any high energy human emotion focused on him..
but its better if is positive energy, b/c basically it flavours how he behaves...
his glamour can be defeated by anyone who uses 
logic, common sense and has a strong enough will to resist him
but it has to be a conscious effort or a completely innocent pure heart
or a being of lawful good and divine/heavenly in nature
He cares only about himself and what you mean to him and his enjoyment
he and his magic is weaken by the day... sunlight
anything divine/heavenly burns him as does anything demonic.
tho he is immortal he cant heal on his own other than by years.
and as a creature of Faery he thrives on attention
faes fade away if ignore or forgotten by humans
often lovers will feel temporarily abit weaker...
as Aodh gathering energy.

ooooh yeah he does have a heart... under layers and layers of ego and vanity and showmanship... he is all squishy and soft and fuzzy... and yeah IF you can get in there and you can really fuck him up

History: basically faes are of nature... they represent nature.
they arent demons of another plane of existence
or angel of heaven or fallen angels of hell
Long ago nature and Faery were one and the fae loved and guarded humans
basically Aodh has been around since humans were born...
faerys were made to watch them guide them
and see they grew up as a species...
and the faerys fell in love with the humans...
first as they would love children
but always waiting for the time humans would love them...

but the world has changed and Faery with it

well Ive written bits of it out... basically lets say...
in Aodh's world the Fey suffered alot ..

Aodh was a Lord in the Unseelie Court... he was a Glamour - Gaconner or Gancanagh. The Love Talker. Seducer. Romancer. Scoundrel of the worst kind. Searching the night for lonely young women, he takes the form of their ideal lover, seduces them, then exposes their weakness to all before abandoning the young maid/lads. Few of his victims live long afterwards dying of despair or a broken heart... A vain, beautiful, seductive, dangerous, conscienceless, Rake.... his love for humans was warped out of perspective of what the God who had created him had in mind for him...

Aodh mainly stayed in Europe where he was created... from his creation till the 1400s... till he moved to N.American after... he woke*... basically the late 1800s
*maybe (you) can get him drunk sometime and hear that song and dance

and things got worse... during the middle ages... and than during the Inquisition...
now... imagine what Aodh's experiences were like during that time... he cant die... he is a fire faery... yes he can be horridly injured... and can even burn up... crispy critter... I have a painting of that... it isnt pretty.... but he just cant die... not of an injury... he could fade.. he came very close... he lost his love.. he hated humans for the pain he suffered and for the death and fading of so many of the sidhe and fey... he was buried alive... he just pulled into himself and near gave in to the pain...

history is cruel and Christianity was very cruel to Faery...
most were destroyed...
Aodh survived but his soul was twisted and warped...
he went thru a really bad time... think the Inquisition...
and what that would be like for a being that cant die...

he was being examined... by the time the Inquisition came about he had a STRONG HATRED of Christianity... and humans... he'd let his soul be blackened by his hatred... he had been quite evil for a long time... he blamed Christianity for the fading of Faery... Magic... his 'People' and so he had sought to destroy what he saw as his enemy... those who had betrayed his love and care and guardianship

torture... and finally tried to burn at the stake an immortal fire fae...
Aodh isnt immune to fire... but b/c fire is HIS element... he is highly fire resistance... so it wasnt pretty... it took along time... the humans trying to burn him by than were traumatized by what they had done to him and he had survived... b/c yes they could hurt him... but he withstood punishment far greater than a human could ... which just re-enforced their belief that they had a 'devil'

when he managed to pull himself out he hates Christianity...
hates it completely...
being touched by a divine creature burns him...
even a demon of Christianity would have the same effect...
its like having a food aversion...
it wouldnt kill him... since he is also a fire element..
but it is painful.


10 Weird Things
1 no belly button
2 his guitar has a soul
3 can lick his own eyebrow
4 despite his low mass thinks the universe revolve around him
5 doesnt sleep
6 even tho he is perverse as AF he doesnt actually like to swear
7 pierced you bet
8 wears too many chains and belts and has a phobia of being restrained
9 its worth getting him into a kitchen
10 he is an egg - hard shell soft flowy inside

Red is his favourite colour.


he can be possessive.... or attentive, devoted, protective and loyal... he has this HUGE need to claim 'this or that lover' as his own! but its possession without a shred of jealousy... he will happily share what is his with anyone... just like he would equal share himself... and just to make this all the more complicated... everything for Aodh is in the moment... he dwells in the eternal NOW b/c otherwise his immense past bogs him down into depression... he tries not to think of all the lovers he has lost/out lived
...the one exception to this is Méadhbh Aoibh his guitar. He is extremely possessive and possessed by her! she is part of his soul, his muse, mistress and only eternal lover.

there ofcourse is a story to Méadhbh Aoibh
she was originally a real woman... one of the celts

imagine a people who called themselves the "painted people'
and Aodh comes wandering out of the woods... looking like a forest god.... his fire moving upon his body like living flames as he plays...

imagine he had his flute when he first meet them
but upgraded to the harp... he also fell in love with Méadhbh Aoibh
I have ideas about that story
who she was,... someone powerful in of herself magic wise... and among her people...
not tooo lovedovey
more conflict and alot of problems... but thru all the tempestuous emotion crap they threw at each other... they DID love... and she forged her destiny with his...
ofcourse its a tragedy... she dies... horriby...
I had a dream that she was sacrificed by her people for loving a god...
(no Aodh isnt a god... but if people want to call you one... its all fun and games until you squew up)
and that when/why Aodh forces... or mends her soul into his instrument...

Aodh is a goofball on stage or at parties... therefore its likely you find him with someone undergarment apon his head at one time or other... he does it b/c he is a musician... and a goofball... so when he is on stage... and someone tosses their panties up on stage... he puts them on his head... and with his ears he can pile quite a few up there...

He is a real scatter brain, a real goofball, mostly acts like an eternal child,... this is partly caused by living in an eternal now,... partial its just his own fire nature, fickle flirting, ever moving and changeable, but basically even tho he has lived for time out of count, and must have amassed a great deal of knowledge and wisdom, he never seem to be be able bring it to bare on his current situation! instead he stumbles by on his charm wits good looks and endless pluck.

Aodh likes wearing lots of chains and such and yet he has such a phobia of being restrained...

Aodh doesn't sleep... tho he is fascinated that humans do.
And dreaming! He thinks that's totally awesome!
Very useful aswell. Like when he appear inside them.

Aodh doesnt have a bellybutton!*
he WASNT born.. he was created... when the earth was new from star stuff.. dust..
none of my faerys are born... THO Aodh can create fae... its not by being born

Beltane. he was 'born' came into existance in the spring.

*IF I ever said he does have one I should change it before his storys go to print
maybe he just got a piercing where he should have one...

Aodh does have cum/jit/spunk/and we may assume there is his seed/sperm in it!
BUT faery jit is useless for baby making! - at least Aodh has never produced children
and yet it does have other wonderful propertys - for one its magic...!!!
also he is immune to social/sexual transmitted diseases,... and doesnt spread them... but he like to spread himself around... little magical signatures... make the world a little bit more special... even having protected sex will him will effect a mortal... but not as strongly as if they would of been if they been really filled...

there are two facts that Im pretty damn firm on about Aodh...
both are tied to the fact he is 17000 years old...

1... Aodh wont find his StarGod... and you wont either... basically he's had 17000 years to search for him.... if he was at all known on Earth Aodh would of found him.

there are two possiblitys... Aodh's StarGod is just an immature prick who rocked and rolled... popped down to earth created a faery and than buggered off back to his own life...
ofcourse he either created other faerys... or other gods created other faerys and did the same thing...

or he is just sitting back waiting till he he makes an appearance again... waiting till the faerys have done their job/task... watch over humans...
till when? they become space faring... so far we just made it off earth... to the moon and sent unmanned stuff up to other planets... maybe he is waiting till humans travel the Stars!!!

we see 17000 as a long long time... even Aodh does... but to a God... an STAR GOD>... one who right out there... not planetary bound... this may just be kindergarden to grade 9...
he maybe waiting till humans get to atleast university before intervening in our education

2... Aodh's sperm dont make no babies... otherwise with as randy as he is... we'd all be related to Aodh.

it was one of the major reasons why I stopped RPing...
EVERYONE seems to want to make babies!!! even when its two guys! everyone wants their OC to be that special ONE in a Billion who can hump Aodh and get a baby bump!!!

anything else Ill think about...




Character Name: Aodh Eigneachan (tho everyone just calls him Aodh)
Gender: male
Physical Description: Species/creature/race: Fae of Faery. A Ginger Faery. (not the Tinkerbell sort...he has no wings... think The Sidhe) seems human enough unless you have magic and can break his glamour. 6'2" tall.
Without his glamour/his natural appearance is strange, other than really long ears there are several odd things about his natural appearance, he is super skinny, extremely light, tho strongly and more durable than a human, his eyes are copper and reflective, he has longer than normal hands, feet, tongue and he is packing a notable tool in his pants.
Backstory: he is Immortal and has been hanging about Earth since Humans lived in caves. he is a musician/bard. (he is alot like Loki MCU mix with MythLoki in personality)
He is a Pansexual.
Abilities: His Music is his Magic, He is a Glamour - Gaconner or Gancanagh. The Love Talker. Seducer. Romancer. Scoundrel of the worst kind. An egotistical bastard, but a fun charming sort, he is exaggeratedly confident, extremely vain, bad boy, goth/metal musician/rockstar, loves attention and seeks the newest thrill and latest conquest...
He is immortal. 
He is 17 000 yrs old.
He wasnt born - he was created of fire and stardust, by a God /Celestial... and therefore he has no DNA... therefore his sperm isnt biological in nature... and is incapable of normal procreation.
He has a natural healing... that can be enhanced with his magic/music or with energy he draws off humans... or he will slowly heal from even the most mortal of wounds but it may take years.
Weaknesses/vulnerabilities: Faerys are dangerous, self centred and they need *energy* to survive.
Aodh can get power/energy from the natural world or he has adapted to receive from Humans... *his fans* their love attention adoration... this is his power, which is his life energy and magical energy are one and can be emptied if he over extends himself until his magical energy gets refilled. and as a creature of Faery he thrives on attention - fae fade away if ignore or forgotten by humans
His glamour can be defeated with Magic equal to his own. or by someone who uses logic and has a strong enough will to resist him.

second short version

my randy faery volunteers to satisfy everyone!
Name: Aodh Eigneachan
Age: appox 17,000 years old...
Gender: all male
Species/creature/race: Fae of Faery
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral - not evil tho he is a Lord of the Unseelie Court.
Preference: living bipedal humanoid
Sex : YES!
3 Likes: sex, attention, sex, men, woman, late nights, the stage, his own music, the chase and the catch, alcohol, coffee, very good food, favs Italian food and seafood, almond cookiees and the subway.
3 Dislikes: mornings, routine, administration, traffic, cars , organized religions, especially the catholic/christian church
Aodh HATES Christianity... it didnt play nicely with his toys for years... and you know what they say about offending the faery folk
Favourite Colour: Red
Ideal Partner: A randy bugger with no intention to settle down and produce offspring
Ideal Date: a wild night on the town, concert, late night dinner, tripping the light fantastic, watching the stars disappear... shower and rinse and repeat.
Scenario Time! There is only one baked good left on the pan, and both you and your date want it. Do you show ambition and snatch that sucka up, offer to split the treat, or let your date have it (the treat, that is, not your fists)?: Aodh would likely snatch the treat up in his mouth and taunt his date to eat it from his lips ending in a soul searing kiss that curls toes!


Other Text Goodies


'Aodh's Moonlight Song'

my faery musician and his guitar Méadhbh Aoibh
lovers separated by form but always together...
she was mortal as a woman till she became the soul of his instrument
so she could remain with her immortal love.


WOW Ravan got it right on the head!

From: [LynnAnneBrown]
Very Nice, I like this painting a lot. It's like you have caught Aodh in a moment when he is not "On" just doing.
It has that quiet moment type of intimacy that you only get to see once you know someone for a while. As I said, I like it, very much.

yes yes thats what I wanted... ...he isnt being a smart ass for once... or the show man... or flirting or anything...
he's just sitting in a tree playing his guitar for the love of music!

entered in the Forbidden Valentine Art Competition
you got to know tho that his guitar Méadhbh Aoibh is a real woman
just in guitar form/her soul is the spirit of Aodh's guitar.

well its part of the story I havent written yet... the book isnt being written in time sequence from the day Aodh is created to the present... that be like 15 million years... most of the story is in the present... like now... so anything that is from Aodh's past you just gets glimpse of from his reactions to stuff... like why he hates the 'church' he barely survived the Inquisition

so we know his guitar Méadhbh Aoibh is a real woman... just in guitar form/her soul is the spirit of Aodh's guitar.... b/c he talks to her...
so yes... to Aodh Méadhbh Aoibh IS a woman! her spirit/soul is a real woman he was in love with... and now her form IS the guitar.
so he has her... they are one and the same always together... but unlike having a flesh and blood woman to make love to...
he makes love to her by making music with her...

Aodh freeks if she is endangered... like he was in a car accident... yet managed to cradle the guitar is save her... at the expense of his own injuries... or when they are separated... like when he got drunk and a barmen took her to pay the tab... and threw Aodh out in the street... and Méadhbh Aoibh has her own magic and a life of her own in his storys... she get him in to or out of trouble... and has a way of getting herself into trouble of her own... as well as getting herself out of it... and she has a way of moving to Faery if separated from Aodh for too long... there are several references to her being jealous of his wandering attention... and than Aodh having to quest to win back her favour...

there are several if not more references to persons, woman being made into instruments, harps both in myth and modern fantasy and originally Méadhbh Aoibh was originally a harp, but her spirit moves to Aodh present instrument

so even tho some people may wish to 'see' Méadhbh Aoibh she is already embodied in the guitar... having her outside of the instrument would make her less significant... as if she didnt exist as the guitar... Aodh is already cradling her in his arms...

oooh and since it was bothering me
I decided to make an adjustment to Aodh's Moonlight Song
I desaturated the colours as they would be seen at night
red goes almost black... and yellow turn white


Interview with Aodh.



1) What's your character's name?
Me: Aodh Eigneachan the Ruis / Luis Uath
Aodh: But everyone always just calls me Aodh
Me: Damn right! Im not typing that mouthful out all the time!
What the hell it all mean anyways?
Aodh: You should know .. You named me Wench!
(fire, violent fate / death, red / flame, fear) Pretty eh?
Me: How could I possible have named you...!?! O.O
Aodh: *grrrrr*

2) How old is he?
Me: He is immortal. But he likes to appear younthful.
Aodh: By the Stars yah! So I can pick up hot ass!

3) Is your OC a boy or girl?
Me: All man!
Aodh: Faery.
Me: Gay? *giggling*
Aodh: Hey you write me...

4) What's his race?
Me: Faery.
Aodh: Faery Lord of the Unseelie Court.
Me: whatever...


1) If this character were to suddenly become part of the 3D world, and ended up in a heavily-populated area, how many stares would he/she get?
Me: No one.
Aodh: What you mean?
Me: You do that thing where you appear normal to anyone looking at you.
Aodh: Its a glamour. Im a Glamour.
Me: Yah that.
Aodh: Still think there be people watching me! *rolls his hips*

2) Is your character considered normal in his own world?
Me: Hummmmm... 'appears' normal *nodnod*
Aodh: As a hot body, goth, metal musician!
Me: Lucky they cant see those ears of yours!

3) What would be his most recognizable feature(s)?
Me: *lol* His fire tattoos. His copper hair. All that metal in you!
Aodh: *smiles*

4) Would you consider your OC as attractive?
Me: oooooooh yeah! *droooll*
Aodh: *grins lecherously*


1) Temper?
Me: As long as he is getting what he wants very happy and quite a kind thoughtful guy. Has a huge ego. A quick temper, and fights dirty! Also holds grudges.
Aodh: I do what I like because I can. Anyone messing with someone I want, deserves the trouble they get.
Me: You see?

2) Does your character ever get depressed?
Me: hummmmmm,... dont think so.
Aodh: *shrugs* Shit happenes but I go on.
Me: But you sure are moody!

3) Leader or Follower?
Aodh: Leader. Lead Singer of my band SabbathNight.
Leader of getting what I want. Im the hunter, not the prey!
Me: *grins* You chase ass!

4) What is the main aspect of his personality?
Me: Charmer! Performer! Attention Seeker.
Aodh: You know we can continue this later... *grins lecherously*


1) Does your OC have a family of any sort? If so, are they still alive?
Me: Do faerys have family?
Aodh: What? like a Mom and Dad and Weird Uncle Charlie? No.
Me: So SabbathNight is the closest to family you have?
Aodh: *shrugs*

2) Is your character out on his own? If so, why?
Me: Yeah, Id say.

3) Has he encountered any traumatizing events?
Me: Can we say the 'Medieval Ages'? Yes, I knew we could class.
Aodh: *grrrrr*

4) What was probably the best time in his life so far?
Me: hummmmmmmmm... I don't know enough about his life to answer that.
What do you say Aodh?
Aodh: The past is a good story but the adventure is happening in the future.
Me: Always interested in the next conquest!
Aodh: Yeeesssssssssssssss...


1) Single?
Me: Nope.
Aodh: *grins*
Me: You never alone for long are you?
Aodh: *grins* There's always someone that needs some hot faery lovin.

2) Has your OC developed any romantic relationships?
Me: He is working hard at it.
Aodh: *grins* Real hard.
Me: You are having fun now, aren't you?
Aodh: *grins* Well Id rather be fuckin'...

3) Virgin?
Me: *LOL* Not on your life!
Aodh: *grins lecherously*

4) Does your character like flirting?
Me: Yeah! I'd say! *smiles*
Aodh: Im a Glamour.
Me: That means eternally horney right?
Aodh: *laughes*


1) What animal would you associate your OC with?
(Sorry, no creatures of myth and legend allowed!)
Me: Cat? or Rabbit?
Aodh: Rabbit?
Me: Boinkin' like bunnies. But rabbits dont want attention and aren't into thrill seeking as you are. You are sexy like a panther, my hunter.
Aodh: *smiles*
Me: Maybe a snake...
Aodh: *tilting his head curiously* Ok why I snake?
Me: You slither into every hole you find.
Aodh: You think the only thing I do is have sex?
Me: No you sing and play music too!
Aodh: So what animal am I?
Me: A horse. A Stallion! Loved for his beauty and performance and wildness... untameable. Every young girls dream.
Aodh: And a long cock! *laughing*

2) Musical Instument?
Me: All of them... O.o
Aodh: The question is not how many I can play.
Me: well I think of you with your guitar mostly.

3) Element?
Me: This is easy... FIRE!!!

4) Planet?
Me: Mercury or Venus
Aodh: You sure you dont want to say Uranus? *laughing*

Showing the Love

1) Do you draw your character?
Me: OH YEAH! I love to draw him!
Aodh: By the Stars are you right there!
Me: I got to draw you and your new loves... IN YAOI!
Aodh: *smirking happily* I completely agree!

2) Do you write about him?
Me: Just RPing... but planning a story.

3) Do you use him in any RPs?
Me: Hey just answered that!
Aodh: *laughes*

4) What other ways have you appreciated your OC?
Me: I dream about him...
and allow him to run wild and uncensored thru my mind...
Aodh: *looks away as if he didnt hear that last comment*


1) Is your character wanted for anything?
Me: Not that I know of... *glancing at Aodh* Are you?
Aodh: Awesome sex!
Me: >.< Anything else?
Aodh: Oh... a guy like me is always getting in trouble with a statis quo
Me: *laughs* YOU BAD BOY!
Aodh: Isnt it expected of musicians?
Me: Anything else?
Aodh: Anything else I've out lived.
Me: Just what did you do during the Medieval Ages?
Aodh: *deafening stare*

2) What are three weaknesses in him?
Me: The Church! Either the Good or the Bad of Christianity.
Aodh: *grrrrr*
Me: Your constant need for attention
Aodh: So? its my nature... plus its not that different that any other musician or performer.
Me: You think too often with the head in your pants!
Aodh: DO NOT!
Me: Oh yeah? *knowing smile*
Aodh: *pouts*

3) Strengths?
Me: Your are charming! *smileing*
Aodh: Glad there still something you like about me.
Me: Oh come on there are lots of things I love about you. *petting ego*
Aodh: *grins* What else?
Me: Oh your music and magic and the fact you are immortal.
Aodh: *grins* Anything else?
Me: Damn cute hiney in leather pants!
Aodh: *showing off said asset with a huge grin on his face.*
Me: You're very kind when you want to be, your concern for others feelings, How you want your lover's happiness.
Aodh: *smiles*

4) Does your OC drink or smoke (ect.)?
Me: Smoke, never. And he hates drugs! But he drinks!
Aodh: Faerys invented alcohol and gave it to humans.
Me: Oh, is that it?

5) What's one quirk about your him?
Me: He doesn't sleep.
Aodh: Im fascinated that humans do. And the dreaming! That's totally awesome! Very useful aswell.
Me: *sweatdrop* Eh, like when you appear inside them.
Aodh: *grins*

6) Does your character have any phobias?
Me: *tilting head* Do you?
Aodh: *deafening stare*
Me: Ok... *whispers* I know one... restaints!*

7) What could you do to get him into a blind rage?
Me: Hurting his lover.
Aodh: Yeah, they better be flame resistant in that case.
Me: *whistles* Crispy Critter.
Aodh: *shrugs* I'll get over it.

8) Does your OC like chickens?
Aodh: Sure, with a nice alfredo sauce and linguini.
Me: *smiling*

The Final Question

What would you consider your relationship with your character to be like?
Me: *smiles*
Aodh: You know you want me. *winks*
Me: *laughing* Oh yeah! Too bad you are only in my head!
Aodh: Im right here. You can feel me! *grins lecherously*
Me: *sweating!* Yeah, yeah, sure *grins* Even if you could, I'm your writer... it would get weird! Better I just give you RPs to practice your oh so seductive charms in! I'll make sure you don't get bored! I'm very protective of you aswell! *grinning*
Aodh: And your hubby enjoys the fringe benefits. *still grinning lecherously*
Me: *laughing* Oh yeah! you said it! *looks down* Hey! no more questions!
Aodh: Can I get laid now? *grins lecherously*
Me: As soon as my RP partner gets online love!
Aodh: Oh yeah... *grins lecherously*


1. What is your character's name?
Aodh (pronounced OOO'(duh) Eigneachan the Ruis / Luis Uath
(fire, violent fate / death, red / flame, fear)
tho he rarely ever uses his last names
only if he wants a sign something boring like a cheque or bank account
than he uses anyone of of them or combination

2. What is your character's name in another language?
I think Id pee myself laughin listenin to a Japanese person tryin to pronoun Aodh
he likely would as well ;D

3. How old is he/she?
eternal... appears between about 20ish (14 to 30 but is ageless)
he was created back when the world was young and people still lived in caves

4. What is your character's race/species?
faery - faecat (anthro)

5. Do they have a crush?
he is a slut and will do anyone anything that catches his eye

6. Do they have many friends?
many friends fans and lovers... not so many on here tho... he needs more!

7. What planet is your character from?

8. Does your character like to eat?
sure... Italian food.

9. What's his/her favourite food?
pizza, any pasta dishes.

10. What's his/her favourite drink?
tequila mead Guinness

11. Is your character annoying?
to me he is... when he is bored he pisses in the corners of my mind like an unhappy ferret

13. Is your character loved?
yes ofcourse he is!

14. Is your character hated?

15. Is he/she emo/goth?
not really...

16. Is he/she straight, bisexual, or gay?
Bisexual, but he seeks out boys more often than women

17. Is he/she a virgin?
HAhahahaha... no way!

18. Name 3 hobbies
Tree Climbin, cookiee bakin, Interferin with lover's dreams

19. Is your character normal?
not in the least!

20. Is your character attractive?
He KNOWS he is drop dead gorgeous! and other people seem to think so too... but he is an odd strange lookin guy to say the least
too skinny hand feet and other parts too long

21. How does your character handle emotions?
Erratically! he is excitable, high strung, flighty and moody

22. Does your character have other forms?
faecat (anthro)

23. Does your character overreact?
Most often!

24. Is your character a criminal?
Sometimes. He just doesnt play by the same rule most societys use to govern people.

25. Does your character go to school?
Only when he is playin about

26. What's his/her IQ?
no clue... he may act dumb but he is a genius at *some* things aswell

27. Does your character have a disease/curse?
allergic to iron lead and christianity

28. Is your character dead?
he only looks dead sometimes

29. Does your character have a family?
nah... he makes himself familys of lovers and foundlings now and than thru time... tho he'd consider his band his family

30. Has he/she encountered any tragic times in life?
unfortunately yes... you dont live thousands of years with out suffering

31. What's the best time in your character's life?
Onstage playin or while makin love

32. Who in your own life that you know do you think your character resembles or could relate to?
me alot when I was 18 to 30ish... and my brother

33. Is your character single?
At any given moment possibly

34. Has he/she developed any relationships?
Yes indeed... many many over time

35. Does she/he have an element?

36. Do you role-play your character?

37. Do you write about your character?

38. Does your character have a bad temper at times?
yup and you better be fire proof when he does

39. Does your character get depressed?
sadly yes

40. What's your characters favourite animal?
cats I suppose

41. Does your character have any fears?
Phobia of being restrained... tho weirdly enough he likes wearing lots of chains and such
Hates being ignored
Dislikes mornings, routine, administration, traffic, cars.

42. Does your character have any weaknesses?
a really cute guy... allergic to iron lead and christianity... being ignored or being bored

43. Does your character look up to anyone?
He is an egotistically selfish bastasd... he is the centre of the universe!

44. Does your character like music?
Fuck yeah, he loves it! Can't live without it!

45. What's your character's favorite type of music?
His own

46. Is he/she impatient?
arent all self centred people?

47. What's something funny about your character?
he has no belly button, he doesnt sleep, he can lick his own eyebrow
he is corney

48. Name 5 nicknames
Stringbean, Stretch, cant think of any others.. but im sure there were a few

49. Does your character curse?
In gealic... or he has his own like 'Dust!'

50. This test is over, what does your character have to say?
Aodh: Why didnt you let me answer this time!?! Im sure it would of be some much more interesting!


<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L2QdbMvx4.5> Aodh is an immortal faery. this means...
1... he is very old! He wasnt born... therefore no bellybutton... he was created by a God many years ago! like 17,000 years ago! in the 15000s BC... I didnt pick this time randomly... I actually did research!
2... this also means he eternal youthful... and wont die... yeah sounds abit OP... but he isnt ALL POWERFUL! not dying has its drawbacks... example imagine whats its like to be tortured for years during The Inquisition and to be 'burnt to death' at the stake as an immortal... his flesh will burn... he will suffer... eventually for all purposes he will 'appear dead' but inside he is soundlessly screamin in pain! and healing from that kindda pain takes a LONG time!

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L2QdbMvx4.5> Although an ancient creature most of time Aodh acts like an irresponsible kid... well it beats acting like a 'know it all'... which is hard to pull off when you look eternally youthful!

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L2QdbMvx4.5> He loves music singing dancing drinking and sex!! all of which he is very good at... well they say 'practice makes perfect!' and he has alot of time to practice!

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L2QdbMvx4.5> Aodh loves spicy rich creamy saucy foods rather than sweet foods... chocolate he doesnt seem to like at all... and he loves coffee. He is even not that bad a cook, but likes to both experiment and drink while cooking!

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L2QdbMvx4.5> At different times in his life he has smoked... and he's done drugs... many many... in variety and quantity! he aint no saint! but at the present he is rather bored with both... if you offer him some he will like decline... tho he will still drink like a fish!!! hasnt given up that bad habit!

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L2QdbMvx4.5> Aodh doesnt really have many scars... this could be b/c Im lazy... and dont want to make it harder on other artists who want to draw Aodh... or it could be b/c when he is BADLY BADLY damaged like ALL his skin is burnt away... and he has to regenerate/heal his entire body, it kindda eliminates scars!

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L2QdbMvx4.5> He is what you could call a friendly sociable egotistical bastard! He IS vain and beautiful. He is both attracted to and attractive to humans, all humans... women and men alike. And yet he isnt quite proportional correct... he has odd long limbs and appendages and features. He can lick his own eyebrow! well that could be the reason!

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L2QdbMvx4.5> He is a seme! a top! a dominate! and you have to have some BIG balls to get him to be uke, bottom, submissive! A certain God does! and than he does enjoy it truly! But all other must bend! at least for the first time! ok he has been known to switch for a lover... sometimes...

I hope I managed to tell you something new...


Faery Songs


Buain a Rainich
Spell of the Faery Lover
Song of the Hebrides
why should I sit and sigh
pool and bracken, pool and bracken
why should I sit and sigh
all alone and weary?
when I see the plover rising
or the curlew wheeling
then I trow my mortal lover
back to me is stealing
why shoud I sit and sigh
pool and bracken, pool and bracken
why should I sit and sigh
on the hillside dreary?
when the day wears away
sad I look a-down the valley
ilka sound wea a stound
sets my heart a thrillin
why should I sit and sigh
pool and bracken, pool and bracken
why should I sit and sigh
all alone and weary?
ah but there is something wanting
oh but I am weary
come my blithe and bonnie lass
come ov' the knome to cheer me
why should I sit and sigh
pool and bracken, pool and bracken
why should I sit and sigh
on the hillside dreary?

Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich, buain a rainich?
Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich daonnan?
Cul an tomain braigh an tomain
Cul an tomain bhoidhich,
Cul an tomain braigh an tomain
Huile latha m' onar.
'S tric a bha mi fhin 's mo leannan
Anns a' ghleannan cheothar
'G eisdeachd coisir bhinn an doire
Seinn 'sa' choille dhomhail;
Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich, buain a rainich?
Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich daonnan?
Why should I sit and sigh, broo-in bracken, broo-in bracken?
Why should I sit and sigh all alone and weary?
When I see the plover rising
Or the curlew wheeling,
It's then I'll court my mortal lover
Back to me is stealing.
When the moon begins her waning
I sit by the water
Where the one born of the sunlight
Loved a fairy's daughter
Why should I sit and sigh, broo-in bracken, broo-in bracken?
Why should I sit and sigh all alone and weary?
Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich, buain a rainich?
Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich daonnan?
O na 'm faicinn thu a' tighinn,
Ruithin 'dhol 'nad chodhail,
Ach mur tig thu 'n so g' am shireadh,
Ciamar thilleas dochas?
Anns an t-sithean O gur gsith me;
'S tric mo chridh' 'ga leanoadh
Nuair bhios cach a' seinn nan luinneag,
Cha dean is' ach cronan
Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich, buain a rainich?
Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich daonnan?
Why should I sit and sigh, broo-in bracken, broo-in bracken?
Why should I sit and sigh all alone and weary?
Ah! But there is something wanting.
Oh! But I am weary.
Coming blithe now, bonny treads she,
O'er the knolls to cheer me.
Who is this I see before me
Through the willows peering
A smile as sweet as hawthorn blooming
My love has come to cheer me!
Why should I sit and sigh, broo-in bracken, broo-in bracken?
Why should I sit and sigh all alone and weary?
Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich, buain a rainich?
Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich daonnan?
'S bochd nach robh mi leat a rithist
Sinn a bhitheadh ceolmhor,
Racheainn leat gu cul na cruinne,
Air bharr tuinne seoladh.
Ciod am feum dhomh bhi ri tuireadh,
De ni tuireadh dhomhsa
'S mi cho fada o gach duine
B' urrainn tighinn g' am chomhnadh.
Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich, buain a rainich?
Tha mi sgith ' s mi leam fhin buain a rainich daonnan?


Aodh's last call song... imagine him rip roaring drunk himself!

 Bugger Off
 Traditional (?)


   Well bugger off, you bastards bugger off! ("Fuck you!")
   Bugger off, you bastards bugger off! ("Fuck you!")
   Like a herd of bloody swine who refuse to leave the trough
   You'll get no more this evening so you bastards bugger off

 Well you've been a lovely audience, but oh the time does pass.
 Now don't you all be lettin' the door hit you in the ass.
 You've been a splendid audience, but enough is enough.
 We'd take it very kindly if you'd all just bugger off!

 Here's to all the barkeeps and waitresses who've been servin' you your beers,
 They put up with your noxious breath and your stupid drunken leers.
 So be leavin' all your money on the table when you go,
 Tomorrow you'll have a throbbin' head and nothin' left to show

 Here's to all the lovely ladies who might be waitin' for the band,
 And thinkin' one of them might make a charmin' one night stand.
 Please don't be offended girls this song is not meant for you.
 We'll be happy to oblige you when this nasty job is through.

 So now you been promisin' the ladies a night of lovin' bliss,
 But truth be told your far to drunk to stand up straight and piss.
 So give it up you bloody sods you'll not be gettin' laid.
 And the sooner that you're out the door the sooner we'll be paid.


 Chorus again and slow down to the end.

Notes: During the Chorus the audience response to "Bugger off" is to scream "Fuck You!" and give "the finger" to the band.


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