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2005-03-21 20:12:40
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All the Sheeot I Don't Like


Well, as with the likes, there are the dislikes. This wiki will obviously be more negative and downright angry sometimes. ^_^ This is just a list of stuff that pushes my buttons, annoys me to no end, and flips my kill swtich. Heh. I'm thinking of this as more of a.. diary sort of thing. *totally disregards the diary provided by Elftown* >_>.. Yeah. Something like that. Watch out for sarcasm. ;3

Number one pet peeve: People that assume that I will draw them things when I've already stated that I'm too damn busy...

I'll just make a HUGE list here. X3 Um.. Here goes:

• Art thieves.
• Stereotypes.
• Anal College Professors.
• The token moron.
• People that are too apologetic.
• Loud things in general, but moreso, loud people.
• Crying babies, good gawd. o_o
• Children, for the most part. >_>
• Adults with the mentality and behavior of children. *coughcough[Paine]cough* >_>..
• [Paine] in general, as a person. She's horribly psychotic and not in the good way. She even thinks so herself. :o *shrug*
• Internet stalkers. (See directly above.)
• Badly Dubbed/Subtitled anime.
• "I'm better than you" attitudes.
• People who don't listen to reason.
• Overly religious people who's sole purpose in life is to convert you. Saints preserve us. O_o..
• People who believe that wearing black is a sin and if you're not wearing pastels, you're automatically a worshiper of satan. >_>...
• People that believe George Dubya is the savior of the country.
• Good 'ol George himself.
• Hardcore left or right wingers.
• People who think abortion is murder. (Don't even think about messaging me about this. I'm not changing my mind. ;3)
• People who try to change my mind on topics I'm firmly set into. You respect me n' I'll respect you, but I still won't like your opinion. ;D
• Being touched (not in a perverted way! *whaps all you dirty minds*) by strange people. >_> I know.. I'm nuts.. just deal with me. XP
• People who are constantly wired for sex. o_o.. I mean.. c'mon.. Even bunnies take a rest after a while. >_>..
• Guys that don't take the hint. (Note: If you ever see me in person, and cling to me, I'll prolly growl at you. That'd be the afore mentioned hint. ^_^)
• Guys that ignore the fact that I have a boyfriend/fiancee. (Also note: That sheeot'll get you killed. O_o.. Protective hubby-to-be.)
• The Dentist/Doctor. O_O.. They scare the sh*t outta me...
• Needles.
• Dental drills
• Hospitals, when I'm not sick or injured. X3
• Computer problems, aka, my entire computer. It's a piece of junk and the root of much of my frustration. -_-;;
• Loosing an hour's worth of typing due to pop-ups.
• Having your computer crash due to pop-ups. *twitch*
• People that make those DAMNED pop-ups. >/
• Having to repeat myself over and over for eternity to come.
• People who assume that I will draw them things. >_> (Not to be rude at all, but I am busy.)
• People who don't read my bio and ask questions about the art programs I use and if, by the graces of their being of worship, I'll do an art request, not commission, for them, even though I have the answers to these questions in a blatantly obvious place where anyone can clearly see it. O_O....

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