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A Timeless Curse

disclaimer:This entire roleplay and all spin off role plays created from this one are based from the popular Role Playing game "Vampire: The Requiem".

Most Vampires believe that their kind didn't just pop into existence one night to scare a cowering mortal populace. Most of the Kindred, as Vampires call themselves, believe, at least metaphorically if not literally, that Vampires have existed for as long as they have had men upon whom to prey, and that they have followed mortal civilizations since human kind first formed them. Others believe in a Vampiric genesis not unlike that of Adam in the Bible, and that the Kindred have been chosen by whatever power makes the decision to let them stalk the night. Still others believe that Vampires are part of the natural but hiddenorder of the world, attaching Vampiric origins to Pagan beliefs and ancient mythologies. Many Vampires don't care at all. Believing the mystery to be as demonstrably unknown as the question of mortal life's origin. Whatever the case, whatever the truth, it is known that Vampires have preyed upon the world since ancient times. Kindred society's admittedly fallible memory marks the undead as active during the height of Rome, if not before. Even those unreliable storiessuggest that Kindred activity might have existed further back in time.

Vampire: The Introduction

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