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You know what? Do what you want when you rp. All the power to you. This page was egotistical crap.

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2011-10-25 [Mortified Penguin]: The only reason all of my characters are young, thin, toned, super intelligent, sexually appealing bachelors is because I model them after myself. And when I'm playing a roleplaying game, there's nobody I'd rather be than myself, because I'm the most fascinating character I know. You would rather I play a bald, 55-year-old, 600 pound, lesbian, black chick in a wheel chair missing an arm that smokes, has diabetes, has 12 kids, is on welfare, and is illiterate? It's original, sure, but roleplaying isn't about who can be the most original, it's about living your life as someone who you'd rather be (as opposed to the fat neckbeard living in your parents' basement that you currently are).

2011-10-25 [NOOOPE]: I'd rather not play with people being mary-sues. I would rather something fresh, original and imaginative. When I rp, it's not about fantasy fulfillment, it's about testing my abilities as a writer. When I make a new character I want to put them into a situation I don't have complete control over to see how well rounded they are. That being said, we probably shouldn't rp together.

2011-10-25 [Mortified Penguin]: No, no. We'd be perfect together in a RP. Original characters need an equal and opposite unoriginal character to balance things out. If every character is original, they start to become unoriginal. So you need unoriginality to be so original.

2011-10-25 [Mortified Penguin]: And they aren't Mary-Sues if they're based off someone in real life.

Fun fact: Did you know the story of Batman was taken directly from the life of [Mortified Penguin]? He has yet to receive any compensation for this.

2011-10-25 [kay-chan]: Did you know I took the story of Batman directly from the life of [Mortified Penguin]? I wasn't original and made billions. REGRET NOTHING.

2011-10-25 [Mortified Penguin]: *continues living in poverty*

2011-10-26 [kay-chan]: *has bitches and hoes FOR her bitches and hoes*

2013-05-10 [Kbird]: I'm sorry..I do use anime pictures...but that's just going to be intell I feel comfertable with my hand drawn stuff...sorry

2013-05-10 [NOOOPE]: I forgot this existed. I need to rewrite this shit.

2013-05-10 [wicked fae mage]: *encourages rewriting for more insults and snark*

Also, I forgot to ask for clarity, but I assume you wrote this with text-based role plays in mind? As in, you didn't write it with Dungeons and Dragons (or other table top role-playing games) in mind?

2013-05-10 [NOOOPE]: Oh no. Text -based all the way. Rather hypocritically, I just had a hot, female, half-elf bard as a dnd character. Then again, we were limited to the core races, so there's not much wiggle room. She was brain damaged and nutty as shit though, to combat dullness.

2013-05-10 [wicked fae mage]: Okay, good to know.

But, you are stuck with whatever classes and races your version and game will let you be. And humans get an extra feat, so...being human lets you be more useful with something.

2013-05-10 [Flisky]: My first GM made us all play humans. Of course, I played the virgin, hot ass sorcerer. (Because sorcerers need high charisma and I knew RPing diplomacy would be hard on me...)

2013-05-10 [NOOOPE]: d&d is highly structured and therefore requires certain traits which, in a less structured setting like original fiction and text-base rping, seem comparably cliche. That's really not something that can be combatted unless your gm is mega nutty and goes all out with world building.

When I play dnd, things usually devolve into being humorous so I start with a weird ass character off the bat. I've never really been in a super serious campaign, nor do I think I would like to be. I can't take elves seriously, man.

2013-05-10 [wicked fae mage]: At Tekko the one time I went, some friends and I (who have played D&D and Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder etc. together) went into the RPG room attempting to have fun. The DMs gave up trying to run a serious campaign because we wouldn't let them.

I had a character who was specialized in explosives and roughing people up. That's all I could do except fly our airship. And part of that is the fault of who designed the game to let me take only points in flying airships, intimidation, explosives and rope use. >.>

...but God was that a badass character. He was so awesome xD

I always do a weird character right off the bat. Even if it's a sorcerer, I do something odd about my character. One was an old woman who was helping defend a keep from an invasion. She channeled a Newton's Cradle fireball for 60 rounds of combat to kill the invading troops. Newton's fireball right in front of the mote. :D

2013-05-10 [wicked fae mage]: Can anybody take Elves seriously? I mean...maybe Drow, but do they truly count as an Elf type to anybody? I personally don't think of them as elves, but as piles of spiders that look like Elves.

2013-05-10 [NOOOPE]: Yeah, drow do inspire bad-assery. I think the problem with elves is that as a race, they are sorta mary sues. They are all beautiful, benevolent, intelligent, skillful, mystical beings whose only real fault is thinking they're better than everyone else, which is reasonable 'cause they are clearly better than everyone else. I know there have been more realistic depictions of elves (via dragon age and others), but their tolkien base is so damn lame. Then there are depictions of them being tiny, cheerful helpful sprites, which is hilarious in its own way.

2013-05-10 [Flisky]: I played an elf monk once. Actually, the build was flawless. Weapon Finesse-martial. It was awesome. But no one took my character for anything but a pretty face. Which was a bit annoying.

2013-05-10 [Veltzeh]: Ooh, a rewrite.

I can take elves seriously. It depends so much on setting. Most of the time all the fantasy races are just the same as humans, just with a different background, a restrictive outlook and some traits that are considered "non-human" by the "real" humans.

Hmm, it'd probably be refreshing to see a setting where humans aren't the Mario, so to speak.

2013-05-10 [wicked fae mage]: Well, there are games like that. There's a table top role-playing game where you're all rodents living in a human world and I'll be damned because I can't remember the name of it.

Dread is a survival game played with Jenga blocks, imagination and a DM. If you want to do something, you remove a Jenga block per difficulty level. I think you die trying if you accidentally knock over the tower... The more difficult the task, the more blocks you have to move. If you want to martyr yourself, you knock down the whole tower, succeed and die appropriately in an epic way. You can play that as any race, though.

There are others as well that focus on something more than default humans.

2013-05-13 [Flisky]: That test actually made me feel a little better about my characters. ^_^

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