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Robyn And Rachel

A Midnight Dream

Name: Damion Glory
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Hair: Emerald Green just past ears typically a little messy
Eyes: Vibrant orange
Personality: Usually over possessive of what he feels he needs to protect whether he needs to or not.
Special Features: An unusual scar that runs down the left side of his face starting from right under his eye.
Race: Vampire
Weapons: He only carries a small blade that he has in his pocket.
Clothes: A dark green colored button down shirt and tight black jeans
Image: <img:>

Name: Tonani Glory
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Hair: Orgasmic reddish orange
Eyes: Vibrant lime green
Personality: A hard ass that doesn’t typical like people other than his own brother
Special Features: A tattoo that runs from the top of his ass to his hair line on his neck and down his arm to his wrist. It resembles a tribal tattoo but is actually a birth mark, having to do with his race.
Race: Fire Demon (Part death demon)
Weapons: Tonani does not carry weapons with him. He relies solely on his abilities of fire and pure anger to rip apart his enemy. He rarely will use the chains from his pants as a weapon when they become red hot. He has only used them once.
Clothes: He wears only a black beater but usually ends up taking it off so it doesn’t burn up. He wears tight black leather pants that have chains attached to it. He also has a pendant that is deep red that hangs from his neck. The entire necklace is complete flame proof and he has no idea of its meaning but he had it from birth.

Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Hair: Very long Mosey green
Eyes: Dark yellow and seemingly uncaring
Personality: Unknown
Special Features: None in specific, other than she looks uncanny like the twins.
Race: Unknown
Weapons: A gun attached to her hip hidden under her skirt like outfit and a dagger in her right boot.
Clothes: See image (Hard to explain outfit)(The outfit has a special design which means a lot to her but she will not specify it's meaning)

Name: Dyrim Masa
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Hair: short bright red
Eyes: leafy green
Personality: sweet, and kind, except when working.
Special Features: Has rune marks around her neck and down her back.
Race: Necromancer
Weapons: A sword and a bell she keeps attached to her wrist, uses both for her job.
Clothes: A white dress-like shirt, tight grey pants. She also has a pendant that is deep red hanging from her neck; she had it from birth, which is for those who deal with death.

Name: Chishio Masa
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hair: Long shiney black hair, goes to her lower back.
Eyes: Bright red
Personality: Has a wicked temper when you get her mad
Special Features:
Race: Witch
Weapons: Scythe, which is also her staff
Clothes: Black Kimono, that is decorated with red flowers, and she has a choker necklace with a sliver star. She also has a long black cloak, which she wears when its cold.

Chapter One

Tonani couldn’t take it any longer. He was going to die of thirst. He was always so dehydrated from the flame inside his blood. He pulled the vial out of his pouch. “He said to drink this in only the most needed time. Well I need it right now or I’ll die.” He popped off the cork of the white liquid filled vial and pressed it to his lips and slowly drank it down. “Ahhh,” He said in pleasure. “That’ll at least last me a little longer till I pass a stream.” He continued walking to greet his brother at the next motel nearly 10 miles away still. After another two minutes of walking, his legs began to grow heavy and his steps became shorter. He began to feel weary and stop for a short break. He sat on the damp grass of the night. His vision grew dark and then all was gone.

Dyrim quickly moved through the forest, if she didn’t she knew Chishio would get pissed off at her for being late, ‘She really shouldn’t lose her damn temper to her older sister,’ she sighed to herself. While in her thoughts she tripped over something, and fell flat on her face. “Damn it,” she wined, “What did I trip on?” she asked herself. She looked down to see a man with bright orange-ish red hair. Her eyes widened slightly at the man, then scrambled to help him. She did a quick check of him, placing her hand upon his forehead she felt an immense heat, “Whoa, he’s burning up!” She quickly rummaged through her bag and brought out a piece of cloth and her water jug. She poured a little on the cloth and folding it neatly she placed it on his forehead to cool him down.

The cell phone in the pocket of the demon began going off. It was an odd ringtone of screaming in a painful way. The innocent would cry for the victims of this man. The pain continued in the front pocket of this demon’s tight leather pants. Why the hell isn’t he answering? The being at the other end of the phone questioned themselves.

Dyrim looked confusingly at the man’s pants, ‘What in god’s name is that noise?’ She quickly looked around trying to find the source of the noise; she found it was coming from his pants. She stopped to think for a bit about what it could be, she carefully reached to the pocket, and extracted a cell phone from the very tight pocket, she flipped it open, “Hello?” she said softly.

“Damnit Tonani. Uhg.” The man on the other end said. “Alright listen lady, I know you’re busy fucking Tonani but I really need to talk to him right now so whatever he is paying you I’ll double, just give him the phone.” He was quite impatient.
“WHAT?!?” Dyrim said startled, blushing deeply, “Fucking? Um… I’m sorry I just found, did you say his name is Tonani? Anyway I found him passed out, I’m just trying to help,” The necromancer quickly tried to explain, all while blushing deeply. “I’m not sure what happened to him, he’s burning up and I can’t find his heart beat, which is weird because if he was dead he would be cold, and I know for sure he’s not dead.” Dyrim rambled on, trying to get the comment of fucking out of her head.

“Oh shit. I’m sorry. It’s just….well, that doesn’t matter. You said you can’t find his heart beat but he’s still burning?” The man on the other end questioned. “Well his burning up is normal. Pay that no mind. Don’t wake him or else you’ll more than likely be dead.” He warned. “Focus on the heart. Try giving him something to drink. Like water.” He instructed.
“Alright,” Dyrim grabbed her water jug and carefully lifted Tonani’s head onto her lap so she could pour water in his mouth. She then gently massaged his throat to help him swallow it. “What do you mean him burning up is normal?” she asked curiously, as she gave the orange haired man some more water.

“That is nothing to be concerned of. Is he responding to the water?” The man asked. Over the phone you could hear the sound of walking through a home and blinds opening. “Ah, fuck it. Where are you currently located?”

“He seems to be coming though, but I don’t understand, why his heartbeat is barely there,” Dyrim told him, “Let me try something quickly, hold on.” She gently placed Tonani back to the ground and placed the cell phone down too. She stood up, rolling up her right sleeve, revealing the runes there. She placed her pointer and middle fingers of her left hand to one of the runes and the same two fingers of her right hand to the dark red pendant, “Refresh,” she whispered. A soft blue glow surrounded Tonani’s body, refreshing his body’s water. “Hmm… you seem to have poison within you,” she said to herself. She moved her fingers to another rune and whispered, “Heal.” The blue faded away and was replaced with a bright orange and red.

    "What are you doing?!" The man asked furiously.

    Tonani stirred on the ground and suddenly a fire bursted out around him. His body clenched and he growled with his eyes still shut.

    With a scream Dyrim quickly tumbled backwards away from the flames. She sat there mystified my them, "Wow," she whispered. Without looking away she scrambled for the phone, "He had poison in him." she told the man on the phone, in barely a whisper.

    "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BROTHER?!" The man screamed. "Tell me where you are right this instant. I need to help him!"

     The flames blazed on but have shrunk in size so it was more of a dull human campfire almost.

    "I was healing him," She hissed, "and how the hell am i suppose to know where we are, it's in the middle of the damn woods!" she snapped at the man. Carefully, she moved closer to Tonani's buring body, "he's a demon," she whispered to herself.

     The man growled hearing her whisper. "Is he using his power?"

    "If you're asking if he's on fire, then yes," she said, "Amazing," she watched the flames, "i can't do anything else, i'm afraid if i do try anything else, i there is chance he won't survive my power." she told the man.

    "I'll be there in a moment..." The man said and hung up the phone.

    "Wait what!?" Dyrim quickly yelled, but the line was dead. Groaning she closed the phone. "Damn what am i going to do if the guy on the phone is a demon too." she groaned again, "Shit, Chishio is going to be pissed off, she's probably searching for me." The redhead sighed, there was nothing she could do to stop her sister from coming, nor the man on the phone. She sat and waited watching the man before her, watching the flames dance.

    The man ran up seeing the flames and appeared before Dyrim. He was now crouched beside Tonani. He had beautiful tousled green hair and a green shirt that had a nice collar on it and he had tight black jeans on. He had his back to Dyrim so his face was entirely unseen. He was resting his hands on Tonani not minding the fire. 

    "Well, that was quick," She muttered, not really to anyone. "So you're the guy from the phone," she said, "Then i guess he's in good hands." Dyrim stood up and stretched her arms above her head.

    "Damnit Dyrim!" A voice yelled, A girl came out of the woods her long black hair trailing after her, as her ruby eyes flashed with anger. "You were suppose to meet me ages ago," she continued, not noticing the two men. "And you know I don't like wasting magic trying to find you." Dyrim groaned, only then did she notice the others, "Who are they?" she asked.

    The man stood quick and turned in a flash. "Magic?!" His eyes snapped from the girl with black hair to Dyrim. "What kind of magic did you use on my brother?!" His orange eyes identical to his brother's hair were filled with anger and his lips were slightly parted showing his sharp piercing fangs. He had an unusual scar under his left eyes traveling entirely down his face.

    Chishio glared back at the man as Dyrim spoke, "I use a certain type of rune magic that is for necromancers," she explained, "You said he needed water, to refresh his body's water, so i refreshed him," she pulled her sleve up to show him the runes on her upper arm, "he was fine with that, but when i tried to use the healing rune, he reacted strangely, and is how you see him. The poison is gone, and if i'm correct he should wake up." Chishio was looking at her sister in slight shock.

   The man growled. "A god damn necromancer." His hands clenched shoving his nails into his own flesh. He clenched his eyes and then turned back to his brother lying helplessly on the ground. "It's his bodies natural self defense." The man was working hurriedly around his brother's body doing odd tasks like moving his arms to different positions or scratching his arm. "I need to pretty much completely aggravate him now for him to wake. So if I were you I would back up." He held his hand up as a suggesting to move further away.

"How was i suppose to know he was a demon," Dyrim whispered, as she and Chishio jumped into a nearby tree, to watch, curious. Chishio noticed a deep red on the mans chest, flickering in the fire, "Dyrim," she whispered to her elder sister, "that pendant," she motion to the man on fire. Dyrim looked at her sister confusingly, then to the man, her eyes widened at the pendant, the she shook her head, "it can't be."

    A fire bursted out from the ground where Tonani lay. He rose himself off the ground eyes blaring and hands outstretched palms up and flames brewing. He threw a ball of fire and what seemed to be his brother. The man meerly covered his face with his arm blocking most of the flames but still stood as if he was never even harmed. Tonani growled in fury but then the fire slowly diminished. "Damion? What are you doing here?" He looked around. "What happened?"

   Dyrim jumped gracefully from the tree, ignoring Chishio's shouts. The red-head came up to the fire demon, and gave a small bow, "I apologize, i didn't know you were a demon," she told him, no looking straight into his lime green eyes. "I was only trying to help." Chishio gaped at her sister, she's apologizing?!?! she thought confused. She jumped out of the tree and quickly joined her sister, just in case.

   "Who the hell are you?" Tonani asked violently to Dyrim. He looked and his brother. "And when the fuck is she going on about?" He cursed in an uproar causing flames to come from his skin.

  "I can put him out easily, sis." Chishio smirked, reaching for her scythe on her back. "No, Chi." Dyrim quickly said, then turned to Tonani, "My name is Dyrim Masa and this is my sister Chishio Masa." She told him, "I found you passed out." she then started to mutter about his phone ringing, and everything else, all the while her face was flushed, and she avoided his eyes.

   "You imbecile!" Damion shouted at Tonani when he noticed the bottle laying on the ground. "You actually took it! You shouldn't have even touched it, let alone drank it!"

  The two girls watch the boys fighting, not sure what to do, then Chishio spoke, "You know its rude, when someone introduces themselves and tells you their part of a story and you don't respond in kind." she stated blankly. "Chi, don't be rude." Dyrim quickly chastised her sister.

  The boys turned to look at each other. Tonani squinted his eyes. "Shut your mouth you lousy b-" He growled before Damion interrupted. "I apologize. I am Damion. Damion Glory. And this here is my brother, Tonani." As he spoke his fangs shined prominently against his luxurious skin. "As you have guessed, Tonani is a fire demon, and I am a vampire."

  Chishio glared at Tonani, "Damn demon," she mumbled under her breath, which earned her a snap on the head from Dyrim. "Um... not to be rude, but where did you get that pendant?" Dyrim turned her gaze to the pendant around Tonani's neck, as her hand went to the pendant around her's.

   "What the hell is it to you?!" Tonani snapped.
"Shut up, Tonani." Damion grumbled. He turned to Dyrim. "He's had it for as long as we can remember. Since birth." Damion explained.
"It's just a silly god damn pendant!" Tonani said rolling his eyes, but his hand was wrapped around the necklace.

"Doesn't seem that silly to you," Dyrim said softly, "May I see it?" she asked Tonani, "I'll give it right back, I promise."

   Tonani's hand dropped from the pendant trying to prove it wasn't worth so much to him. As soon as his hand dropped, Damion moved in a flash removing the necklace. It had appeared that he hadn't even moved but now the necklace was in his hand completely unharmed. "Would you know something about it?" Damion slowly and carefully held out his hand for Dyrim to see it. "WHAT THE HELL?!" Hollared Tonani but it was of no use. Tonani knew his brother could over power him in a time like this. He knew his brother all too well and he knew he was honostly pissed and being way too protective of Tonani and himself.

"Dyrim, be careful," Chishio held a hand out at Dyrim, who brushed it away as she carefully took the pendant from Damion.
"I'm not sure," she muttered in answer. She gasped at the cold pendant in her hand suddenly heated up. Her free hand went to the pendant around her own neck, each now, it seemed, as if they had runes etched inside of them and glowed brightly. Dyrim's glowed black, while Tonani's glowed bright orange. They shined brightly for awhile then dimmed back down, as they did Dyrim softly went to her knees, as if drained.

    Tonani stopped his asshole attitude and stared amazed towards the necklaces. "What the fuck?" He finally said.
    Damion jumped to Dyrim's side to help her. "Are you alright?"

  Chishio quickly went to her sister, who just stayed there for a moment. Dyrim carefully shook her head, "Sorry about that, I'm fine." she said softly to Damion. Her leaf green eyes looked up at Tonani, watching him curiously. With a little help she stood, not taking her eyes off the demon. "Do you have death demon in you?" she asked calmly.

    Tonani was in shock from the sight of his necklace. "Death demon? How the fuck should I know?" Damion then went to Tonani. He stood in front of his brother. "We've always known that necklace meant something. Now it's very possible that she has the answer. Please stay calm." Tonani glared at his brother then looked at Dyrim. "How would I possibly know something like that?"

"Pendants, like these," she said, holding up Tonani's, "are normally handed down from parent to child at birth." Dyrim began to pace as she explained. "Mine was given to me by my mother, she was a necromancer too. But it's not just necromancer's who use these pendants, also Shinigami's use them too, and also pass them down to their child, that is if they ever have one, that is. So either one of your parents was a Death Dealer, or one of your relative, because i have heard of Death Dealers, handing off their pendants to a relative when they are on the brink of death, if they have no children."

"So your saying I could be a death dealer?" Tonani asked. An interesting smile began to play on his lips. Damion sighed and placed his forehead in his palm while shaking his head gently. "Of all things we thought the necklace could have been it had to be that?" He spoke very quietly.

"Yes you could be," Dyrim told him, Chishio just rolled her eyes as she sat down, "But it depends on how dominate that part is, and you would need the right training. Mostly in the spells and on how to harness that power, Correctly." She looked down at his pendant in her hands, then tossed it back to Tonani.

Tonani caught his necklace. "And where can I find that kind of training?" He was now very interested.
Damion watched his brother carefully waiting for him to snap.

"You have to find a Death Dealer willing to give up some time to train you," Dyrim told, like it was obvious. "I wish you luck with that, it's hard to find someone who will, but the good this is you already have the tattoos, so you won't have to deal with getting them. Our mother taught me before she died, while our father taught Chishio witchcraft." Chishio stood up from the ground and brushed herself off, with a smile.

Damion flipped open his phone looking at the time. He looked back at his brother then over to the sisters before him. "I'm sorry to cut this short ladies, but I have somewhere I have to be." He looked to his brother and nodded who rolled his eyes in return.

Chishio let out a gasp, then quickly grabbed for her own phone. "Damn it!" she said under her breath. Dyrim looked to her sister, confused. "Dyrim we were suppose to meet up with Uncle half an hour ago."
"That's why you wanted me to met up with you at that town," Dyrim groaned, "I don't want to see that old perv."
"I don't care, we have to," Chishio told her, "Hope you feel better Tonani after your poisoning. It was nice meeting the both of you."
"I hope you can find someone to teach you," Dyrim told Tonani, then turned to Damion, "Nice to meet you two."

Damion nodded to the girls and disappeared in what seemed to be a blur as he ran off to his 'meeting'.

Tonani frowned. What'll I do now? He thought to himself.

"Come on," Chishio grabbed Dyrim's arm, and began to pull her in the direction of the closest town. Dyrim resisted a bit, mumbling how she didn't want to see the old perv.

Tonani sighed. "Fuck it..." He muttered. "Um....WAIT!" He shouted to the girls.

Both girls turned, Chishio sighing, Dyrim ignored her, "Yes?"

"Can me?" Tonani asked with and angry expression but a shy voice.

"Help you?" Dyrim was confused for a bit then realized what he was asking. She looked to her sister, who sliently told her, don't you dare, Dyrim. Dyrim walked up to Tonani, "I'll help you, but so help me if you are rude, at any point I will leave."
Chishio's mouth dropped open, "Dyrim!" she yelled, Dyrim just smiled.
"Tell uncle I'll see him another day." Dyrim told her.
"Fine, but you owe me," Chishio groaned, "Do be careful, Dyirm." She told her sister, she quickly gave her sister a hug then ran off. Dyrim watched her sister run off, shaking her head, I thought I was the older sister, she laughed to herself.
"Alright lets get started!" she turned once again to Tonani, with and smirk upon her face.

Tonani turned his head slightly and snarled. He hated getting help, especially from women. "I will try." His voice was now tense and obviously trying not to let the wrong words slip out.

Dyrim just smile at him, "Now come sit down," she told him as she herself sat cross legged on the ground, "We first need to get you to relax, this will help you strengthen your connection with your pendant."

Tonani chuckled. His mind was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I no a way to relax. He thought to himself looking at Dyrim. He shook his head and sat down and sighed.

Dyrim scooted herself so they were sitting right in front of each other and their knees were touching. Now lets hope i can relax enough to do this, she muttered in her head. "Now, take your right hand and place your pointer and middle finger on your pendant, and concentrate." She instructed him, all while doing it herself. "I suggest for the first time closing your eyes to concentrate more, and visualize the power of your pendant."

"Visualize it's power?" Tonani asked with his hand on his pendant.

"Uh-huh," Dyrim hummed, "It can feel like anything, mine for example mine is dark, but has a hum of magic around it, but is cold to the touch. The power inside you normally reflects yourself, mine is dark from death, the magic is of my father, and the coldness is..." she trailed off slightly. "Anyway, so look deep within, past your fire." she instructed.

Tonani took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He put his two fingers to his pendant and focused. He felt warmth and anger, and suddenly it was cold and lonely. Suddenly he felt something he had never felt, an emotion that did not exist. "What now?" He asked without breaking his focus.

"Good," Dyrim said, she broke her connection and leaned towards Tonani, "Keep your connection, i'm going to have you try a simple rune," she told him, while she examined he tattoos, "Here it is," she said softly, "Now," she took his left hand and guided it to one of the symbols on his arm, " Place your pointer and middle fingers on this rune and give the command, Wind."

Tonani placed his fingers as told onto his markings and spoke the word "Wind." softly.

Dyrim smiled as a gust of wind blew around them, lifting up her hair. "Great!" she said smiling, "Wind is one of the easier runes. For you Fire is going to be even easier, and Water will be difficult for you, seeing you're part fire demon." Dyrim explained, she was too excited to not notice how close they were, as she pointed out the different runes on his shoulder.

Tonani glared at Dyrim. His skin began to get hot to the touch. he hated his space being invaded.

Dyrim noticed him heating up and back away discreetly, "Each one of our kind has a certain element they are connected to, whether they are necromancer or shinigami." she explained closing her eyes and laying down on her back in the grass. "Mine is the wind." as she said this the wind in the area picked up slightly gently caressing the two of them.

Tonani cooled down at the flow of the wind around him. "What's the difference between necromancer and shinigami? And how do I know which one I am?"

"Well necromancers mostly go after demons, ones that shouldn't be in our world, and those who die." Dyrim explained to him, "While shinigami are the the death of Humans, they sometimes help us necromancer's with harder demons. It depends, necromancer's have human blood, while shinigami have demon's blood. So it depends on the parent you got your blood from."

Tonani looked at Dyrim now with interest. "So that would make me.....a shinigami? I am responsible for the death of humans?"

"Not necessarily there are certain Shinigami who have that job. Trust me you'd know if you did." Dyrim told him, "It's a tough job too, you have to stay on the path, and not divulge, you can't have any remorse for the humans life you are taking. If it's their time, you must act." Dyrim said sighing. "But you don't have to worry about that."

"Well that doesn't answer my question....what am I?" Tonani asked getting slightly irritated now.

" I can't truly say," Dyrim told him, "Only the person who gave you that pendant knows, and should have been around to train and tell you." she sighed softly, and stood up to stretch.

Tonani sighed. "But that doesn't help me now, now does it? So how am I to find out what to do with a power I have if I have no idea what it is? Whoever gave me this pendant isn't here now and I have no idea who it was so what am I to do?!" His voice raised slightly as he continued talking.

"Keep training," Dyrim said, "learn to control your power, cause if you don't it might come back to bite you in the butt." she pointed out to him.

Tonani sighed.

"I'm sorry, i can't tell you more then that," Dyrim said softly, she felt bad. He seemed lost with this new power.

Tonani stood. "I must go find my brother. Would you like to join me?"

"Sure, I also need to find my sister," Dyrim replied then stood, then brushed off some dust. "Ready."

Tonani walked side by side with Dyrim for a while. Tonani's eyes scanned the streets as they came in to town. He hoped they would find their siblings soon.

The Meeting

Damion flitted to a building, looked at the address and entered. After walking up quite a few steps he entered a room almost entirely dark except for a dim light shining down onto a long metal table with two chairs. One on each end. 
"You're late." A female voice said softly.
"I'm so sorry milady. My...acquaintance needed assistance."
"Forget it. Don't let it happen again. Please, sit." The voice said before stepping into the light.
Damion took a seat at the table and flinched at how cold the metal felt against his own very cold skin. The woman sat across from him. She was very beautiful. She was tall with long moss green hair. It seemed dark against her own very pale skin. She wore a unique one piece outfit that went to a skirt of a sort with shorts underneath. Her eyes were a very bland color of yellow. Her eyes seemed very uninterested. Her face emotionless as she looked Damion over. "I called you here for a reason."
"As I presumed, milady." Damion responded.
"Don't be a smart-ass, Damion." She said in a hostile tone. "I have sensed a new presence in the area. They are something I've had much experience with and none of it well. I've felt magic powers. That of a witch or a wizard, and what seems to be a necromancer. I fear their presence is not good."
Damion's thoughts reverted to the girls in the woods.
"You know very well that I hate stepping in to the dirty work unless entirely necessary, and I am sure you and your 'acquaintance' the fire demon can handle this one."
Damion sighed. He hated when she knew more than what she wanted him to know. Especially that outside of business.
"I will pay you fairly. You know I am good for that. All I want is of these beings disposed of."
Damion nodded in response. "Of course milady. Anything you ask I will try to do as best I can."
"Best you can is not good enough in this matter. They are powerful and you must try more than your best. Hunt them down and kill them quietly so the rest of them will not know. I don't need the rest of their kind coming for you or I."
Damion nodded. "Is that all?"
"Yes. Now go before my illusion dissipates. I am very tired and require rest. Be careful, Damion. I do not need your blood on my conscience as well."
Damion rose from his seat without and word and walked to the stairs. "Kittie..." He said.
"Don't call me by that name." She spat at him.
"When are you going to show yourself to him?"
She sighed. "Leave. Go hunt them now."
He took a deep breath and walked down the stairs without another word. He exited the building and let his breath out. "When will she realize that he needs her now more than anything?" He asked himself and was on his way again to find Tonani.

Damion was now wandering through a town. He thought that maybe his brother had come into town after leaving the girls. He found a bench to sit on on a busy street.

Chishio walked down the main street of the town, muttering under her breath, "Damn Dyrim, stupid demon." She stopped and groaned, rubbing her temples to clear the headache, What am I suppose to tell uncle? Maybe I should wait to visit, at least until I have Dyrim with me.

Damion heard her voice and looked up. He stood up from the bench and walked against the crowd slipping past Chishio and standing in a small space between two buildings. He stood watching Chishio and waited till she started walking again.

Chishio just shook her head of the thoughts, then looked around her surroundings. She gave a squee of delight, as she noticed a nice tea shop. "Hmm... i hope i have enough for some dango!" she sighed happily as she moved easily through the crowed to the shop.

Damion sighed and followed her to the shop. He slipped inside and sat at an empty table. Heading towards the table he saw a newspaper rack and picked one up in order to hide his face.

Chishio ordered some green tea, and dango. As she waited she looked around the small shop. Her happy facade gave nothing away, 'I feel like I'm being watched, better keep my senses open. "I should show Dyrim this place, she'd like it." she told herself out loud. When her order came she happily picked up one of the dango sticks, she let out a happy moan as she ate it.

Damion kept the paper over his face and glanced over every few minutes to be sure she was still there. He watched her motions carefully, observing to make sure she did not know he was there.

Music started to suddenly play, Chishio looked confused for a second then started to rifle through her bag. 'Damn noisy thing, she cursed in her head. Pulling out a sleek black phone she flipped it open and put it to her ear.
"Where the hell are you two!?!?!" the voice on the other end yelled, making Chishio flinch away from the phone.
"Gods, Dyrim decide to help someone with necromancy, he apparently has death demon in him," Chishio told the man, "I'm waiting for her, we can't make it today. Don't blame me on this!"
"Fine, but i expect you two in my office sometime this week, or so help me i'll hunt the two of you down!" the man's voice yelled, once again making Chishio flinch away from the phone.
"Fine," she muttered and snapped the phone shut. Her bright red eyes just glared at the phone for a few seconds, then she decide to turn the evil thing off, and hide it once again somewhere in her bag. With a sigh she finished her tea and tossed down the right about of money, "Damn old man made me loose my appetite," she mumbled and left the small shop.

Damion followed Chishio but stayed far enough behind. He followed her by her mere individual and very rare scent of her blood. Where are you going Witch? He thought very intent on the direction she was going.

Chishio ran quickly through the crowds. She rushed for two reasons, one she wanted to take her anger out on something and a crowded area wasn't the place she wanted to do it. Two, she was trying to shake the feeling of being watched. Once she made it to a small open area away from the town, she screamed, pulling out her Scythe. A massive amount of her power seeped through and whipped around her. She fell to her knees, sighing, she was quite annoyed with her sister and uncle.

Damion followed her scent without having to run after her. "Dammit, I can't let her escape." he muttered to himself. He followed her scent to the open area and hid behind a tree that was there. He watched her intently. He started feeling strange. He knew he should be destroying her right now. She had too much power and had to be destroyed but he couldn't fathom the thought of laying a single finger on her.

Chishio felt someone nearby, their power skimmed hers, "Who is there!?" she yelled out. She held her Scythe in the direction where Damion was hiding, "If you don't show yourself i'll force you out of your hiding spot."

Damion stepped out slowly from his hiding spot with his hands up now. "I didn't mean any harm. I just saw you running. You seemed upset about something."

"So you're the one who's been following me," Chishio sighed mostly to herself. "I'm fine," she growled, a few minutes later.

Damion raised an eyebrow. "You don't sound fine. You can talk to me.....I have a lot of experience with life....or the unnatural life as it is."

Chishiso smirked, "Just a whole lot of crap," she sat down heavily on a rock nearby, be causious of her kimono. "'Do this, do that! Why aren't you here?'" she mumbled in a fake guy voice, "Just a little crazy, but that's life for us unnatural people, huh?" she sighed

Damion raised the right corner of his mouth in a half smile. "I'm sorry to hear that. But that is life for even those who aren't unnatural." He chuckled softly.

Chishio looked over at Damion, then laughed. "I guess you're right," she said smiling, "So may i ask why you were following me?"

Damion laughed. "Well I heard your voice. I'm good at that. One of my specialties actually." He lied. "I heard your voice and you sounded upset. I saw you start running and I was kind of worried."

Chishio looked at him skeptically, not sure whether to believe him or not.
"Alright," she sighed, as she rubbed her temples.

Damion stepped towards her. "Listen...Chishio is it? I think it be best if you and your sister left this area as soon as you can. It is not a safe place to be."

Chishio stood and walked over to Damion, keeping her eyes on him. "Why do you say that," She asked curiously, "Not safe for anyone or just me and my sister?" she tried to get more information from the vampire.

Damion looked down towards his shoes and back up to meet Chishio's eyes. "I can't tell you the answer to that. I've said enough already. Just please...leave the area. Find somewhere safe and lay low for a while." The look on Damion's face made his scar look more menacing than its usual beautiful tattoo appearance.

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2010-08-23 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: ummmm bobyn? why is she drained? should tonani be too?

2010-08-23 [Chishio]: not really drained just shocked i guess.

2010-09-16 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: I'll go more into detail with Kittie as time goes on. I don't wanna give away everything just yet

2010-09-17 [Chishio]: i'm going to assume Tonani is too much a 'hard ass' to realize he could ask Dyrim to teach him?

2010-09-17 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: Yep exactly

2010-09-17 [Chishio]: oh well tough luck for him XD

2010-09-20 [Chishio]: O.O *hides*

do we have to go through the whole training session

2010-09-20 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: *nods* yes mam! It's part of the thing with Damion......i have a HUGEEEEEE plan....just go along Rper and ull c what im doing soon enough

2010-09-20 [Chishio]: meh, now i gots to figure out what to teach him XP *thinks*
oh i'm going to put Chishio near Damion

2010-10-16 [Chishio]: you didn't do anything for Tonani

2010-12-12 [Chishio]: hmmmm....

2014-02-01 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: HOLA!!!!!!!!!!!! IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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