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A Master's Whip

Accelo Played by [Yami] Rex played by [Piercedskull]

Accello whimpered as the moving men wheeled his cage into Rex's mansion. He shivered and shook, terrified. His hands, and feet were shackled and his neck was anchored to the center of the cage. He sat in only bright pink leather shorts over his thin hips. He was built small, but sported a long, thick pink snow leapord coat. He looked around, scared, tired, and hungry from behind the steel bars.

Rex sat on a throne at the end of the room. He smirked when he saw his new prey. Getting up slowly, he made his way over and waved the men away. "Leave. I want to examine him.."

Accelo's eyes widen as he watched the two large men hand over the keys to his new master. He whined softly and backed as far away from the door of the cage as he could as the men walked away.

Rex opened the door to the cage and grabbed the chain, tugging him over. "Come now, my pet.."

The pink snowleapord yelped softly and tried to run, pulling on the leash and choking himself trying to keep away from the other male. He had just gotten back from a slave camp where they taught the slaves the things they would need to keep their masters and mistresses happy. They used scare tactics, telling the slaves how vicious their owners would be and how most of them would live short lives, mostly due to stress and abuse. Tears formed in the young male's eyes but he shut them quickly, trying to hide his crying as he gave up the fight and walked on all fours towards the larger male, his ears and head low.

The dark wold kept a firm grip on the leash and stared at the small snow leopard. He smirked when he gave in. "Good boy..." He petted his earswhen he was close enough.

Accelo flinched when he was touched. He shook slightly, his back and hips hurting painfully as he sat like a normal cat would, his long fluffy tail trying to cover his form, which was thin and mal nurioushed under his beautiful thick fur.

Rex grinned and leaned in close to his face. "Boo."

Accelo whimpered in fear as he jumped and fell backwards hurting his poor back even more as it smacked against the hard tiled floor of his master's mansion. His teal eyes squeezed shut tight, trying to prevent the tears from escaping. He tried to enviosion that he was home with his older sister Mahlira and they were in the feilds, playing through the tall stalks of flowers.

He looked at him and stared with a harsh expression. "Stop crying."

He bit his lip hard, forcing himself to stop his crying. He looked up at Rex after a few tears escaped and dried. He held his breath so not to take gasping shuttering breaths, after all, he was sobbing hard on the inside, though it was obvious this master was the type not to allow crying.

Rex reached his hand out. It seemed as he was going to smack him, but insted put a gentle hand on his cheek. "Hush now."

Accelo flinched when his master drew his hand back, his eyes closing tight once more. What have I done wrong? I knew they'd hit me for know reason, so I guess I should have expected this... He thought to himself. He squeeked in shock when he was touched, his whole body jumping with the short noise.

Rex brushed his cheek with his thumb. "Shh.. It's okay."

Accelo lay on his back, still shaking, his eyes still shut tight. any minute now he's going to back hand me... The pink furred male said to himself in his mind.

Rex smiled and leaned back. "Come. I will show you around."

Accelo whimpered as he tried to move, but couldn't, his chains and shackles holding his hands tgether and ankles together while still holding him to the center of the cage.

Rex looked back and chuckled softly. He took out a kew and unlocked the chains and cuffs. "Come."

Aceelo followed him on all fours, his frame shaking as he fought to keep himself this way. He whimpered softly, his head and ears low.

"Stand." He said. His voice was not harsh, but demanding.

Accelo stopped moving. He looked up at Rex, confsed, he was standing, he shook slightly afraid to speak.

Rex stared at him with his ice blue eyes. "Accelo..." He said softly and pulled him into his arms. "You can talk..." He smiled.

"I-I am standing...." He murmured softly, avoiding looking at him

"Yes, I can see that. "He chucklled softly.

His heart pounded on his furred chest

Rex petted his head and started walking again,. "Come along. I must show you around."

Accelo continued to walk on all fours, his head down

"Stand." He said without looking back.

Accelo whimpered, flinching slightly at his word. "I-I am standing master..." He replied softly, unsure what he wanted from him.

"Straight." He said.

The pink male blinked several times, then stretched his legs out and his arms out so that he stood on his tippy toes. "L-Like this Master?" He asked hopefully, this hurt him even worse but what master says, goes for a slave.

Rex chuckled and picked him up in his arms

Accelo yelped softly in surprise

Rex smiled. his smile seemed to have no emotion behind it, but it was a smile non the less.

Accelo refused to look at his master, being afraid to even do so. He curled his tail around his frail body, the thick pink fur hiding him.

Rex showed him around the mansion and finally went to the dressing room. "Here is where you will pick out outfits to wear daily. As my pet, you must dress properly. And this is also where a few of my slaves entertain me with strip dances."

"Yes Master." Accelo replied in his sweet voice, looking down. why didn't I run when I had the chance? he thought to himself, causing his tears to fill his eyes once more. He stifled a sob.

Rex lifted his chin and stared into his eyes. "Why do you cry..?"

Remembering his master didn't like him crying he quickly wiped his tears on his tail. "I-I'm not, sire, I'm not crying at all, forgive me..." He looked away

Rex stared at him some more. "You were... Why? Are you frightened of me?"

Accelo nodded, his body shaking slightly. He closed his eyes and lowered his head, curling his body up.

He sighed softly. "They taught you wrong. Not all masters are cruel."

Accelo didn't reply, he didn't believe him

Rex sighed softly. "I have my moments, but for the most part, I am reasonable with my punishments."

Accelo didn't look at him, he meerly nodded.

Rex led him to the dining room. "You will eat here." he placed him on a chair and pressed a button. a bell went off and his pets came out to eat.

Accelo heard the bell and looked up, looking at the pets

Rex only had a few pets, and they all looked healthy and happy. a few had some scars, but barely.

"EVeryone, This is Accelo."

Accelo waved shyly, looking at each of them

He pointed to each slave and told them their names. "And thats Kanoe. He will help you around the most."

He waved a bit at each of them

"It is time for dinner. Come now, sit." He told everyone and petted Accelo's shoulder. He walked into the hallway for a momment before coming back with a robe. "here you are..." He handed it to the pink leopard.

Accelo sat on the chair like a cat would normally sit. He winced slightly and tried to squirm to make himself a bit more comfortable, but failing to miserably. Once presented with the robe, he looked up and blinked, confused.

"I can't have you wander around almost naked..." He smiled. "And sit regularly.."

Accelo took the robe and slid it on. "I-I am sitting normal..." He shook. He was told never to mention how hard it was for him to sit this way.

Rex chuckled. "I know sitting like that hurts you. Now sit like us." He sat down like a person would.

Accelo nodded and slowly sat down, he yelped softly his spine hurtting even worse now. He covered his mouth and looked fearfully at Rex, his pain from his back filling his eyes with tears.

Rex looked at him and sighed softly. He picked him up carefully. "What exactly did they teach you there..?"

"They taught us what masters and mistresses want and like, Master..." He replied, his thin frame quivering.

Rex growled softly. "I told them to treat the pets I buy differently..."

Accelo whimpered softly from his growling and closed his eyes, no matter how nice a master or mistress would be, it was still slavery.

Rex sighed softly. He looked at Accelo and took him to his own room. It was beautiful, most of the furniture black with red velvet lacing. He placed him on his kingsized bed. "I'll bring up your food... and I must explain sometihn to you.." He walked downt he stairs to get his food.

Accelo looked around and gasped softly. He quickly removed his clothing, thinking his master wanted sex. He held the robe to his body, and waited.

Rex came back upstairs with the plate. He walked over and placed it on the coffee table. He was about to say something when he realized Accelo was naked. "... What are you doing?"

Accelo's ears went down. "Is this not what you wanted, master?"

"No." he chuckled. "I want you to relax and eat."

Accelo felt dumb, he looked away, blushing under his pink fur.

Rex patted his head and smiled. "Eat please.."

Accelo's tiny stomach growled, he was starving, but he knew better than just to dig in, knwing it would make him ill to eat too much too quickly. He began to eat slowly and politely.

Rex petted his head gently. "Eat as much as you can... I know they probably starved you.."

Accelo raised his head to meet his master's hand. He continued to eat, unsure if his master was truely going to be this nice or if he was only playing for now.

Rex smiled sweetly. "The reason I became a master is to give innocent souls like you a better life.. Slavery it still is, I know, but it's better than what others would have given you."

Accelo looked at his plate, suddenly not hungry. "I was living a good life before they captured my sister and me and sold us...."

Rex looked at him, then at the floor. "I apologize.."

Accelo didn't eat anymore, he'd completely lost any interest in his food. He missed his sister and his home.

Rex petted his head. "It's alright. Would you like me to buy her aswell? It would give you both a better life than the other masters."

Accelo looked at him, his eyes full of hope, and newly forming tears. "Please don't tease me...I would give anything to have my sister at my side once more..."

Rex smiled. 'I'm not teasing you.." He petted his head. "Now, what is your sister's name?"

"Alicia...but she's very expensive..." He frowned deeply.

He was right, the last time Alicia was boght she was bought for millions of dollars, the rarity of the pink snowmew made her expensive, but her demenor made it even greater the price. She sat on her knees in a small 3 foot by three foot room made of solid concrete with a steel door. Her wrists pinned together with multiple straps, chains and cuffs, her ankles shackled to the floor so she wasn't even allowed to stand. The door swung open, her current master, a large stallion stood in the door way. She looked up at him, using her large tail to cover herself some. "In heat yet, bitch?" She said nothing, just looked up at him. The snow mew female and male were capable of having children but only the female could come into heat when she wanted and only did when she wanted. The child of a snowmew and any other mammal would be a great pride to a family name. When she wouldn't answer the stallion electrocuted the rings pierced through her nipples, but still no sound. After a bit of electricity and shoving his large shaft down her throat he left her covered in his seed, though each time he returned she was always cleaned off.

"And I have all the money in the world..." Rex kissed him sweetly. "I will make a few calls and your sister shall become part of this family in a few days. Please, get some rest. I will be in my office if you need me." He turned to walk away.

Accelo settled in a bit, a worried look still on his face, he wasn't in the slightest hopeful that his master would follow through with geting his sister. He sighed softly and laid back, burrying his face in his tail the way his sister was doing now to hide her tears. She'd never let the stallion see her cry, but she cried alot, every day for hours at a time sometimes.

Rex went to his desk and picked up the phone, dialing the stallion's number. He waited for him to pick up.

Malicah aswered the phone. "This is master Malicah speaking, who is calling?" His deep voice rang over the phone, he could be heard whipping a slave while on the phone.

"Hey, Mali. It's Rex. I need to talk to you." he said.

"Helll Rex, how are you doing? What can I do you for?" The sounds of whipping increased

"First, you can stop whipping whoever you're whipping. Second, you could give me a price on Alicia."

"Well first of friend, it's my slave and I will whip whom so ever has earned it, second, Alicia is not for sale...she's too rare..." He replied, yelping now mixing with the whipping, indicating that he'd started whipping harder.

"Well, if you continue whipping, you're going to get distracted like usual. And She has to be for sale..... Look, I'll give you whatever your price is, plus.." he sighed. "I'll give you a night with me, just like you've always wanted."

"You need to either give me a large amount of new slaves, a good amount of uncommon ones, a few rare ones or two very rare ones to get her, I won't settle for hear me..." He continued to whip anyways.

"There needs to be something materialistic you want." he groaned.

"If it were anyone else, money would be fine, but Alicia is as rare as they come...I heard you got yourself a snowmew too, so you know...I heard it's a male though, not as expensive as the female...I'll tell you what, I'll lend her to you, get her to have a female kitten with your snowme and give it to me and you can keep her...adding that night with you of course." he Stallion smirked.

"I noticed, Mali. Listen, you know I have morals.I won't give a life to save one."

"Then there's no business we can do..." He replied. "Anything else I can interest you in?"

Rex growled. "Mali... Don't make me go down there. Remember what happened last time? I really don't want to start a fight with you."

"Bring it, Rex. I have more body guards than I did when you can here last, not to mention, I'm bigger now...Well I think I'm going to go have some fun with that pink furred gold mine...I'll talk to you later Rex." He laughed and hung up. The girl he'd been whipping lay on the floor, large gashes on her body, a bridle in her mouth. He looked down at her and grinned.

Rex growled loudly. "Mali! Wait-..." he glared at nothing and redialed the number, waiting for him to pick up.

Malicah picked up. "Master Malicah speaking, who is calling?" He said, pulling the girl up by the bridle on her and gripping her breasts causing her to cry out a bit.

"Mali.." Rex sighed. "I'll give you the twin human crossbreeds...." The two were indeed very rare, and Malicah has tried to get them before.

"You mean the ones I tried to get before? You're going to have to do better than that, Alicia alone is worth three times more than those two...My offer still stands, breed the two snowmews and give me a female from the litter..."

"You said that I'd have to give you a bunch of new slaves, a good amount of uncommon ones, or some rare ones. I'll give you the rarest I have, Malicah. Just give me the snowmew." He sighed. He only used Mali's full name when he was upset.

"Not rare enough Rex...I'm just trying to get my money's worth and they're not worth it...why don't you just trade me the twins and your snowmew?" He smirked and sat down, pulling the slave to him and prodding her, caousing her to whimper.

"I need. The snowmews." Growled Rex. "The twins, and anything else you want. Just... Let me have... The snow mew."

"Fine. Give me the twins, a unicorn, a night with you and give me.... Mercury..." He replied.

"You've got a d-......" He paused when he said Mercury. He bit his lip and sighed. "Fine.." He mumbled.

Malicah laughed. "Alright then, bring me the lot and the papers for the trade and we'll have ourselves a deal, and Rex, be sure the unicorn is a female with a silver horn, I don't like other male horses and I don't like gold..." He hung up after laughing. He kicked the girl off him and hitched her to the table. "I'll be back for you." He said to her before heading down to Alicia, grabbing a blind fold, ear plugs, bridle and a few other things before opening her door. "It looks like your lucky day." He grabbed her, plugging her ears, blind folding her and strapping the bridle on her as well as shackles on her ankles and wrists. "Come on." He pulled her to the main hall and sat in his chair, puiing her onto his lap, his shaft between her legs.

Rex hung up after and threw the phone across the room. He snarled angrily at himself. "I can't believe I'm doing this..." He mumbled and sighed. He walked down to the slave chambers and looked at the Twins, who were brushing eachother's hair. He looked at his unicorn, Silax and sighed. He finally looked at the sleeping white tiger, Mercury and a tear came to his eye. He shook it away and whistled for them. They all came obiediantly. He explained the situation, and they all nodded understandably. "Thank you for being my Master.." Mercury hugged him. Rex frozed, but hugged back. The others soon joined in on the hug. He put their collars and leashes on and led them away to Malicah's house, but not before telling his other slaves to watch over Accelo.

Malicah sat on his chair with Alicia in his lap, he reached around her, playing with her clit, causing her to whine softly and squirm. His free hand slid around her and pshed two fingers into her, fingering her as he rubbed. She whimpered and blushed, trying not to show the pleasure.

Rec got to Malicah's house soon enough and kicked the door open. He sighed. "Malicah. I'm here." he called.

"In the main room." Malicah called, continueing what he was doing to Alicia.

Rex walked out and glared at him. "Alright... We're here."

"Lovely..." He murred, stopping his actions on the snow mew.

Rex looked at Alicia, then back at Malicah. "I'll have Kanoe bring her home." He motioned to the cat with him. "In the meantime..." he sighed. "Do as you wish with my body.."

He pushed Alicia to her feet and slapped her ass hard. "Walk foreward." He ordered her. "You." He looked at Rex. "Come to me."

Kanoe waited for her to get close enough, then wrapped her in a blanket. "Come, lets get you home.."

Rex glared and walked over to him. Though he knew his fate, he still walked tall and proud.

A large elephant male came and grabbed the three girls and took them to Malicah's quarters and chained them up.

Malicah grinned as he waited

Rex snarled at the elephant. "Treat them with respect!" He growled and walked over to MAlicah.

"Why don't you get me aroused." Malicah smirked.

Rex glared at him and got down on his knees, blushing lightly through his fur.

Malicah grinned at him. "That's right..."

Rex blushed brighter and started to rub him slowly.

"Use your tongue." He murred

Rex bit his lip and licked the tip slowly.

He moaned softly

Rex sucked on the tip gently and gently swirled his tongue around the tip.


Rex growled in his head and took more of him into his mouth.

"that's it bitch."

Rex dug his claws into Malicah's leg, growling.

Malicah yelped and kicked the wolf away from him and growled.

Rex yelped and fell back. "Don't call me bitch... You know I hate that.."

Malicah glared at him. "Jack! Bring me Mercury!" He called to the elephant, who nodded and marched off to get Mercury.

"No! Leave her alone!" Snarled Rex.

Jack went into Malicah's room and grabbed Mercury, hualing her downstairs.

Mercury put up no resistance. She knew that this day would come, and was perfectly okay with it.

Rex growled. "Leave her out of this, Malicah!"

Malicah smiled. "Come to me Mercury...Jack, restrain Rex." The elephant let go of Mercury and grabbed Rex, holding his arms bahind his back.

Rex snarled at him and thrashed against him. "Don't listen to him Mercury!"

"I have no choice..." She mumbled and walked over to him.

His hands slid around Mercury, pulling her to him and pulling her onto his lap so that she straddled his shaft, it rubbing firmly against her clit. He murred and gripped her breasts, rocking his hips to rub his large shaft to her clit. "Rub the tip, Mercury."

Mercury placed her hands on his shoulders and rubbed against his member gently.

REx growled in fury.

Malicah moaned softly. "Good girl, grip it a bit tighter and make fuller strokes..." He murred, rocking his hips more to rub his shaft to her clit more.

MErcury nodded and did as she was told.

Rex thrashed more violently.

"Very good..." He rubbed firmer. He moaned and pinched her nipples firmly tugging them gently

Mercury whimpered lightly and closed her eyes as she rubbed onto her new master.

Malicah licked her neck, kissing and sucking gently on it as he rubbed against her and pinched her nipples. He smirked and looked at Rex before whispering into Mercury's ear. "Are you a virgin, my pet?"

Mercury blushed and nodded softly. "Yes master.."

Rex's eyes widened. "Leave her alone!!!"

Malicah smiled and nuzzled her neck. "My, my, what fun...." He lifted her and prodded her with his long shaft.

Mercury flinched and whimpered.

Tears came to his eyes. "MALICAH! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!!"

Malicah licked her shoulder and prods her more.

Mercury looked back at her former master and let a single tear fall from her eye.

Rex thrashed. "Do whatever you want to me! Just don't do this to her!"

Malicah moved her away from his shaft, placing her back on his lap, rubing her clit again with his shaft, his fingers now prodding her.

Mercury squeeked softly and mewled, shaking abit.

"Stop... it... please.." Begged Rex.

"Now why should I do that?" Malicah licked her neck and slowly began to push a finger into her. Slowly he pushed the full length of his finger in, moving it in and out of her afterwards.

Mercury shivered and sobbed softly. She buried her face in the crook of his neck.

"Because I'm begging you.." Rex said softly and trembled.

Malicah slowly added another finger, moving it in and out with a scissoring motion, stretching her out. "Give me a better reason..." He smirked, now adding a third finger, still working to stretch her out.

Mercury sniffled at the pain, whimpering and mewling softly.

"Because she doesn't deserve this!!" Rex sobbed. "Do what you wish to me 10 times worse, just don't do this to her!"

"Nah...I think I enjoy this more..." He slipped in a fourth finger. "What a tight kitty..." He murred.

Mercury cried out softly and sobbed in silence.

"Can't you see you're hurting her!?!?!?" Rex started to thrash again.

"The first time always hurts, at least I'm being slow about it, I could have just shoved it all in without the preparation..." He spread his fingers wide slowly.

Mercury flinched a bit.

"Don't do this! Please Malicah! Don't hurt my daugh-" He stoppped and mentally slapped himself.

Malicah looked up, his ears straight foreward, a wicked grin spread over his face. "Idiot...." He muttered. He picked her up, bridal style and headedd for the door. "Please show Rex the door..." The large male elephant dragged Rex to the door and tossed him out, locking the door behind him. Malicah took Mercury to a spare room and laid her down, climbing ontop of her, his shaft prodding her gently.

Rex fell out and glared, punching the door. "LET HER GO!"

Mercury shivered, her tail between her legs. "He's not really my daddy... he just wants to be... Please be nice to him, master.."

"I am being nice...He's free..." He smirked, grabbing her tail and moving it he prodded her, slowly starting to push into her. "Misa! Misu! In here now!" He called for them loudly. He whinnied softly as he began to push into her.

Mercury whimpered and closed her eyes tight, crying silently.

Misa and Misu walked in, hand in hand. They looked at Mercury sympatheticly.

He slowly sunk his large member into her, each inch sliding in slowly, it began to fill her, pressing her sweet spot hard. "Misa, I think Mercury could use my shaft to be slicker, why don't you lick it for her and give her clit a few licks." He smirked. "Misu, come play with Mercury's breasts, make sure you use your mouth good....both of you strip first..."

Mercury sniffled and brought her hands upto her mouth, whimpering.

Misu and Misa looked at eachother, then at Mercury. They slowly began to strip from their clothes and did as they were told. Both of them seemed so unemotional, out of fear.

"Pick up the pace ladies." Malicah replied, making a short thrust with his hips, forcing a dry portion into Mercury. He pinched both her nipples and twisted gently.

Mercury hiccuped a bit as she cried and Misa walked over, licking Malicah's shaft with her slightly rough tongue. Misu looked at Mercury and walked over, licking and sucking on her nipple gently, rubbing her breasts slowly.

"Good girls..." Malicah moaned softly feeling Mercury slid slowly down his shaft.

Misu and Misa worked quickly on Malicah's shaft and Mercury's breasts.

Mercury sniffled and looked at her friends, shaking slightly.

Malicah moaned and began to rock his hips, thrusting in and out of Mercury.

Mercury squeaked softly as he thrusted. Misu looked at Mercury and kissed her tenderly. Misa used her small hands to fondle Malicah's sac.

Malicah moaned. "Ohhhh...I'm going to explode..." He groaned and thrusted deeper, driving more and more into her by the second.

Mercury sobbed softly at the pain and looked at him. "P-Please pull out.." Misu moaned softly against Mercury's breast as she began to rub and finger herself. Misa began to lick and suck on Malicah's sac hard.

Malicah almost had the entirety of his shaft in her. "Oh I'm so close...More girls, more." He moaned.

Mercury whimpered and arched her back in pain. "S-Stop... Please...!!" Misu sucked hard on MErcury's nipple, moaning loudly and she pushed her fingers deep into herself. Misa looked to Misu and blinked twice. Misu blinked twice back. Misu then pulled away and pushed Malicah back, forcinghim out of Mercury and straddling him. She pushed her hips down, forcing every inch of him into her.

Malicah moaned loudly, cumming into Misu deeply in mass amounts. He groaned. "You will be punished for your actions... remove yourself from me, now."

Misu shivered and blushed, pulling of him and nodded. "Yes sir."

Mercury shivered, sniffling at the pain and the smell of blood on her legs and on the bed.

Misa looked at the white tiger and nuzzled her.

"Misa. Lick your sister clean, Mercury, on all fours, now."

Misa nodded and crawled over to her sister, kissing her tenderly, then begining to lick her clean. Mercury whimpered and sat up, turning over and getting on all fours. She used her tail to cover herself, her ears pressed against her head.

Malicah pulled her back against him, his shaft prodding her after he gently moved her tail. "Behave like a good girl now..."

Misu and Misa kissed eachother and cuddled upto one another. Mercury whimpered softly. "Y-Yes sir.."

"Misa, lay under Mercury and lick her clit...Misu lick your sister's." He began to push into Mercury.

Mercury looked at Misa sadly. Misa looked at him and nodded, crawling over to do as she was ttold. Misu crawled over and wasted no time licking at her sister's clit.

"Good..." He pushed slowly back into her as far as he was before.

Mercury whined softly and shivered, sniffling softly. Misa sucked on her clit gently, while Misu licked at her sister's clit.

Malicah called to his elephant henchman. "Bring me the Unicorn!"

Silax walked into the room, proudly and unfearing. She glared at Malicah.

"Cry, unicorn..." Malicah paused.

"No." She glared and looked at the twins and Mercury.

"Cry." He glared back

"No." Silax crossed her arms.

Malicah growled. "Bind her."

"Touch me and I'll run my horn through your heart!" Silax growled.

Mercury sniffled and looked at Silax.

The elephant grabbled her by her horn and bound her arms behind her back.

silax screecjed and thrashed.

The elephant laughed and pinned her down, drawing a blade from his hip, looking to Malicah

Silax hissed and threw her head back, hitting him in the face.

Mercury whimpered and bit her lip.

Misu and Misa hid.

The elephant bellowed in pain and anger, he grabbed her and slammed her to the floor, pinning her fully down, his trunk around her mouth

Silax yelped and struggled violently. She growled and bit his trunk.

He yelped again and grabbed the bridle and shoved it into her mouth, fastening it tight. He picked her up, her arms bound behind her back and bent her over a bar, tying her feet apart to the square shaped pole set and tying the end of the bridal to a higher pole so she had to bend over the lower pole and couldn'tmove her head to either side.

Silax struggled against him until he made it so she couldn't move.

Mercury whimpered. "Please don't hurt her.."

"She hurt my minion..." Malicah growled softly. "She'll get what she asked for."

"please don't..." Mercury begged quietly. "She's just angry... She was like this with Rex too."

"Silence." Malicah moved away from Mercury and moved behind Silax.

Mercury flinched and sniffled.

Silax struggled and glared. ~I'll kill you...~

Malicah moved close behind her, silding his hand into her underear and pushing a finger into her.

Silax's eyes widened and she began to struggle violently.

Kanoe took her home. He opened the door and led her to Accelo's room.

She struggled a bit.

Kanoe had a firm but gentle grip on her. "It's okay..."

Accelo was sound asleep, curled up in bed, his tail over his nose.

"Accelo.. Wake up please." Called Kanoe.

"A-Accelo?" Alicia stopped. "Brother?"

Accelo woke up. "Alicia?"

Kanoe smiled softly and let her go.

She stubled blindly and chained to Accelo

"Stay still a second so I can unchain you.." Kanoe said and undid the blindfold, then the chains.

Alicia kissed her brother all over his face, purring deeply

Kanoe smiled softly

Accelo nuzzled his sister, holding her close to his thin, feminine frame, their tails curling around them as they hugged and nuzzled and kissed one another, the room filling with the sounds of purring.

"Master Rex will be very pleased to hear that you are content, once he returns, of course."

They fell, laughing onto the bed and curled up together

Kanoe smiled at them, but a look of worry still stayed on his face.

The twins cuddled close, holding each other tight.

"I will leave you two be." He bowed and walked out

They fell asleep together, curled up tightly together.

Kanoe spent the rest of the day worrying.

Accelo licked his sister's cheek

Rex finally came home after a few hours and slammed the door open and shut. He walked to his room and saw that Accelo and Alicia were sleeping and happy. He smiled half heartedly and walked back to his den.

Accelo woke up and chased him down, glomping him.

Rex fell over, not ready for the glomp and fell face first onto the floor. He looked back, confused, then smiled.

Accelo purred and nuzzled him. "Master." He purred deeply.

Rex tried not to break down. He kissed Accelo's forehead. "You sister needs you... Go cuddle with her.." he smiled.

Accelo kissed him deeply, lacing his fingers int his hair, his kiss deeply and passionately.

Rex meeped and blushed lightly, kissing back tenderly, before pulling back. He smiled softly.

Accelo rubbed gently against him.

Rex pulled away. "No, Accelo... Be with your sister... She needs you..." He smiled weakly.

"She's sleeping peacefully...." He kissed his neck

Rex shivered. "Then sleep next to her.. She needs your warmth.."

"She has blankets..." He whispered, licking his neck

Rex sat up and pulled Accelo away gently. "Not right now, love..." He smiled sadly.

Accelo fell back on his cat like sitting position. HIs ears drooped sadly. He turned to walk away on all fours, his back breaking old habit. He glance back at Rex. "Yes, Master..." He said softly, turning away a tear sliding down his cheek as he walked away.

Rex sighed and grabbed him, pulling him close. "I'm sorry Accelo.." he whispered.

Accelo sat in his arms silently. His eyes forcused on the floor, he sighed softly.

Rex kissed his neck softly.

Accelo blushed and moaned softly

Rex sucked on it gently.

Accelo moaned a bit louder.

Rex slid his hand down Accelo's chest and into his pants.

Accelo blushed and shuddered in pleasure.

Rex smiled softly and pulled away, picking him up and taking him to his room

Accelo looked up at him.

Rex placed him on the bed and climbed ontop of him, kissing his neck.

Accelo gasped softly and moaned. "Ahn."

Rex sucked on his neck adn rubbed up against him.

Accelo groped his master's ass gently

Rex growled sexily and bit his neck gently.

accelo whined softly and pushed his erection down

Rex panted softly against his neck and rubbed up against him. "It's okay... Let yourself give in.."

Accelo blushed and let his shaft spring up

Rex smiled adn crawled down, pulling off the shorts and licking his shaft gently.

Accelo gasped and moaned softly

Rex sucked on his tip gently.

Accelo blushed and moaned. "M-Master...why are you doing this? I-I don't deserve it...."

Rex looked up and smiled softly. "You deserve everything in the world.."

Accelo blushed hotly

Rex smiled and took him into his mouth, sucking on him gently.

Accelo yelped in pleasure

Rex deepthroated him suddenly

Accelo gasped and moaned loudly, almost cumming right there

Rex fondled Accelo's sac while sucking on him

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