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A Master's Whip

Jamie Springheels Played by [Yami] Doctor Jaxon Kells played by [Piercedskull]
AMW Page 1

Jaxon groaned, laying over the throne like chair. This was ridiculous. More ridiculous than his old house. Why? Why in the world would his grandfather leave all this to him? He didn't even know the man! All he knew was that the bastard died and now he owns what apparently is a damn castle. He sighed looking at the list of numbers he was suppose to call. Itingo, Manuel, Alex... one caught his eye. "Kuro. Call for Jamie..." Jaxon sighed and leaned over, grabbing the phone and dialing the number, waiting for Kuro to answer.

The demon picked up, pressing the phone to a pointed ear. "Moshi-moshi." He murmured into the receiver.

"Hi, I'm looking for...." he looked at the paper. "Kuro? I'm the grandson of Timothy Kells. He left numbers for me to call and you were one of them."

"This is he. A pleasure to speak with you, young Mr. Kells. What is it I can do for you?" He picked his nails a bit.

"Just call me Jaxon... I'm apparently calling for..." he looked at the paper. "Something called a Jamie?"

"Yes, he will be coming to you shortly, he's just finishing up his training. Perhaps another hour or so."

"Wait. Training? For what? What do mean he's coming here? I don't need a nanny. I'm an adult, I can make my own soup and do my own laundry."

"Oh... that is cute... no, no... he's not a nanny... you'll see when he gets there..." Kuro chuckles.

"What if I don't want it?" He groaned. "Damn it I didn't ask for this..."

"He's already been bought and paid for, and if you don't take him, he'll be sent back and you don't want to know what will happen to him if he gets sent back..." Kuro replied, lighting a cigarette and leaning back in his seat.

"Yes, but do I reeeallly care about what happens?" he sighed, lighting his own cigarette.

"Ever wonder how they make large cuts of meat?" Kuro murmurs cryptically. "Just take care of him when he gets there, ok? I got to go." The demon hangs up.

"No, I don't." Jaxon pouted. "Hey, wait I'm not-" he looked at the phone. "Great... fuck."

A few hours later the door bell rang. When Jaxon opened the door a large male minotaur stood there with a large bag over his shoulder.

Jaxon opened the door and looked up, cigarette between his lips. ".... can I help you?"

The bull pushed past Jaxon and dumped the bag upside down onto the floor. "Your order." He snorted and left with the bag. What he'd dumped out was a bound, gagged and blindfolded rabbit boy. White ears flopped over his messy white hair and ears. He wore only pastel pink short shorts and was obviously cold. He slumped forward, trembling on the cold marble floor.

Jaxon grunted as he was pushed. "Rude." He watched the bull walk away, then looked at the rabbit. He walked over, untying and ungagging the boy. He pulled away the blind fold. ".... hello... I'm Jaxon."

The rabbit refused to look up, his long, silky, white ears flopped over his eyes. He rubbed his wrists gently over rope burns. "Hullo, Master. My given name is Jamie, what will you call me?" He recited softly.

Jaxon looked mildly uncomfortable. "Probably stick to Jamie. That's easy to remember... uh... do you wana see your room? And do you like broccoli cheddar soup?"

"I will eat what I'm given." He murmurs softly, everything that came out of his mouth seemed to be rehearsed.

Jaxon pursed his lips, getting tired of this 'yessir' voice. He stood up. "Alright, you're going to need to stop this shit if you're guna live here. I can't deal with this timid "yes senpai" attitude. Here are the only rules you have here. Address me as Jaxon or Dr. Kells. Nothing else, not master, not sir. If i ask you to do something, do it because I'll only ask once. Your job is to clean. I don't need things to be glittering in the moonlight. Just neat ish. That's it."

Jamie tensed and curled into himself. "Yes, Dr. Kells..." It was the closest thing to 'sir' he was given. He couldn't just stop behaving the way six months of training had taught him to behave. "I'm sorry, Dr. Kells..." He murmurs, his head still down. "I'll get to work right away."

"The house is clean for now. Go get yourself some food." Jaxon got up. "You have free roam, kay?"

"Yes, Dr. Kells..." Jamie slowly pulls himself to his hands and knees, carefully standing up. He hid a wince and a whimper as he did, slowly limping toward where he thought the kitchen was.

Jaxon followed after him to the kitchen. "... why are you walking funny?"

"S-Sorry, Dr. Kells... my legs hurt..." He curls into himself.

"Why? Are they sprained?" He asked.

"They never healed right from being broken...and the bindings aggravated the issue..." He murmured.

Jaxon sighed and picked him up, bring him to the kitchen table and laying him down. He examined the feet, thinking. "That's an easy fix, but the initial adjust will be a bitch. After that it's a few days of staying off your feet, then you'll be fine... Want me to fix it?"

"Oh, no, Dr. Kells. I can't service you if I'm off my feet for days. I'll just deal with the pain, it's alright..." He looked away. The pain was unbearable, but he'd deal with it, he had to, right?

"And you also can't service me if you get hurt anymore than you are. Listen, you're a nice kid. I may not be the nicest person out there, but I'm not an asshole. I don't know where you came from or who taught you what, but I'm not going to be a dick for no reason." He gently massaged the bunny's ankles. "I'm going to fix you up, you're going to rest and then we are going to continue this whole... thing."

Jamie looked at him in udder shock. "Thank you Dr. Kells... It means so much to me..." His eyes tear up.

"You're welcome... Now I'm going to give you pain killers now cause this is going to hurt, alright?"

Jamie nods and rubs his tears away on his palm.

Jaxon grabbed some material, filling a syringe with pain killers and injecting him with it after cleaning the spot. "Tell me when you are numb."

Jamie squeaks softly in pain. He waited for a moment. "O-okay... I'm numb..."

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2015-03-04 [Piercedskull]: Jaxon grabbed some material, filling a syringe with pain pillers and injecting him with it after cleaning the spot. "Tell me when you are numb."

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