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2015-01-18 04:25:51
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A Master's Whip

Played by [Yami] played by [Piercedskull]
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2015-01-15 [Yami]: I want to do this one again!

2015-01-15 [Piercedskull]: Okies!

2015-01-17 [Yami]: Continue, or restart?

2015-01-17 [Piercedskull]: You pick

2015-01-18 [Yami]: We should restart. Do you want each of us to play a master and a pet?

2015-01-18 [Piercedskull]: Okays :3

2015-01-19 [Yami]: Who should each of us play?

2015-01-20 [Piercedskull]: Mmm.... Im half tempted to make Jaxon a master XD

2015-01-21 [Yami]: If you want. You know I love Jaxon, who would be his pet though? He doesn't like Cats, so not Accelo... How does he feel about rabbits? :P I'm debating using Pandora as he originally was, but with the new Pandora's personality, or I could make a new one.

2015-01-21 [Piercedskull]: XD you love Jaxon in the same way I love Lenore. One should probably hate them but akjshdghyujwsiqakjnhs too cute. X3 he doesnt like animals in general, but I can see them being left in his care and him kinda just taking them in and buying other companions on occassion for the shiggles. Pandora would work, unless you had a new character in mind?

2015-01-23 [Yami]: Not off hand, is there some new kinks you want to play with? So you want me to play Jamie then?

2015-01-23 [Piercedskull]: Yus :) im not sure actually XD Whatever Jaxon decides to do. Do you want to do like a bit of backstory?

2015-01-25 [Yami]: sure.

2015-01-26 [Piercedskull]: Okies who starts?

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