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2011-12-16 19:13:51
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My old mohawk, up for [Viking]s and [iippo]s.

/ [nehirwen]

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2011-12-16 [Avaz]: You never really imagine mohawk-ed people doing dishes. That's not much of a mohawk rockstar thing to do. :D

2011-12-16 [nehirwen]: Nuh, I wasn't punk or whatever like I told yous, I just have a love for mohawks. ;)

2011-12-16 [Avaz]: You don't have to be punk to be a rock star. :F

2011-12-16 [Akayume]: O_______________________O Whoa.

2011-12-16 [hanhepi]: wow, you really rocked a mohawk! i think it looks awesome! you should do that again.

2011-12-17 [Calico Tiger]: I agree with han :D You look fantastic in that mohawk :D And you should do my dishes for me >_>

2011-12-17 [hanhepi]: omg, yes. and when you're done with cali's dishes, you could come do mine.

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