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Saturday 2009-01-25. I was working on boring stuff when Nettan answered my mess and I had to run very fast there.
Nettan and Karl
Kristoffer and Evelina.
Elin, Beppo and [Hedda]
No more money at Staoil! Neither banks or oil are worth anything anymore.
Thomas is making Elin flat.
Nettan is happier than healthy.
That's the dress-code!
Malin and Linnea at the SeKeL pub.
(Linnea), Alexander and Sofie.
Becka bought me a Småland beer as she or someone else was constantly babbling so it was impossible to figure out what to pay for the beer.
After-party! Sleeping guy #1. (#2 isn't on photo).
Ramsus the host and some other guy.
Sleeping guy again!
Very nice lamp.
I have no clue what that is.
Hanna is going to be on HG on Tuesday!
That's the way to prepare for afterparty. Henrik and Joel or more likely the opposite.
Big camera
The guitar-guy and some fans.

/ [Hedda]

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