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2008-09-07 [†SYN†]: *feels a rush of pain and excitement hit her skin. She feels the need to scream. but doesn't take her eyes off this beast of a man. She leans her neck back more. and then headbutts him in the jaw. she scrambles to her feet and dives into the water. When she reemerges, she is now clothed. She whips her hair around her face, exposing her once bitten neck. It is completely healed. "round two?" she questions him.*

2008-09-07 [Tommy Gunn]: Lupo Wolf-Shadow shakes his head and snorts, blood dripping from his nose and into his mouth. He growls fiercly at her words.
He begins to run full speed at Her and lunges, completely leaving the ground. His sharp claws ready to slash her to ribbons

2008-09-09 [†SYN†]: *she laughs slightly as he runs toward her. and as he reaches her, she grabs him by the back of the neck and throws him against a nearby tree. She walks toward him and pulls out her pistols and aims them at Lupo, "this will not kill you, only injure you slightly, but it will give me a chance to weaken you." She says as she cocks her guns. She raises her eye brow and steadies her guns, she fires off one round from each gun. She shot him two times on each side of his chest.*

2008-09-12 [Tommy Gunn]: Lupo Wolf-Shadow reels in pain from the shots and falls to his knees whincing. He gets back to his feet and trys to run to her but falls short and meerly staggers over to her. He begins to swing his paws at her wildly, attempting to slash her. He also slips in a few small lunges with his jaws. The blood now forming black pools under him.

2008-09-12 [†SYN†]: *takes one step back, she throws her guns to the side in the deep brush, she stands completely defenseless with no intention to defend herself. She smiles*

2008-09-13 [vladracu]: *sits above [†SYN†] in a tree branch and watches her movements with his dark eyes*

2008-09-13 [Tommy Gunn]: Lupo Wolf-Shadow takes his last strength and leaps on her knocking her to the ground. He sinks his claws deep in her mid section and attacks with his jaws, thrashing at any amount of flesh he can sink his teeth into.

2008-09-13 [vladracu]: *jumps down from the tree branch and lands behind lupo. He grabs the beast by the back of his neck. He then lifts lupo free from [†SYN†] and throws him back against the tree from before. The tree trunk snaps backwards as his huge body mass hits the tree. He then grabs [†SYN†]'s arms and throws her upward to her feet. He turns toward lupo and growls, showing his fangs.*

2008-09-20 [Angelique Le Mort]: *Angelique smirks at Demetrius and skips on her way to the parks exit. When she is out of sight, she begins to leap from tree to tree, then from building to building until she is in a position with a vantage point of the concert that will be starting*

2008-10-05 [Demetrius Duvalt]: "Well then till we meet again." He waited till Angelique was out of site before pulling out a small throwing knife. He causally through it right where Amras Séregon was. "Hmm don't try spying on me again." His voice was even and cold, a true killers voice. D had already grabbed his gig bag and slung it over his shoulder before walking out of the park daring anything to attack him.

2008-10-06 [Sabbe Fhtagn]: *gets next to Demetrius*is that the way to greet a friend?

2008-10-07 [Demetrius Duvalt]: Demetrius' old mischievous smile came across his face, "Some of us don't have the luxury of friends especially when they don't want them to get hurt."

2008-10-07 [Sabbe Fhtagn]: *laughs a little* as you can see i'm still alive ... in a manner of speaking

2008-10-08 [Demetrius Duvalt]: D chuckled a bit, "Thats because I don't come into town that often."

2008-10-08 [Sabbe Fhtagn]: i've noticed but tell me what brings you back?

2008-10-08 [Demetrius Duvalt]: D stopped walking a determined look crossed his face, "I heard that a certain vampire with long white hair had come to town and I intend on finding and killing him. Thats all you need to know."

2008-10-08 [Sabbe Fhtagn]: *smiles softly*that is all i want to know my friend but if you don't mind i have places to go people to see and i bet you do to *gives a nod and walks off*

2008-10-09 [Demetrius Duvalt]: D smiled again as he watched Amras walk off, "Whatever..."

2009-05-21 [†SYN†]: *Pushes [vladracu] to the side, and glares at his smirking face.*

2009-05-27 [Demetrius Duvalt]: As D continued walking down the street trying to remember where the band told him to meet. "Was I supposed to meet them at the hotel or at the concert...oh well forget it, I'll just head to whichever is closest and that would be...the concert....I really need to stop with these inner monologues"

2010-01-20 [†SYN†]: IS ANYONE HERE???

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