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Ok,.... here are my poems. I will put poems by other people in here too.

The Ring
Love is the master of the ring,
And life is a circus tent.
What is this silly song you sing?
Love is the master of the ring.

I am afraid!
Afraid of love,
And loves bitter whip!
Afraid of love,
And loves sharp, stinging whip!

What is this silly song you sing?
Love is the master of the ring.
        By: Langston Hughs


I walk upon the stone hedge
to play upon my broken head
for fear will kill my stolen sole
to brace me with a midnights tole
you think Im just a poser
looking for a way
to say Im just a loser
for that is all I say
to you a broken stone
would mean nothing
but you do not understand
look past what i am inside
thats all you will ever know
all you know is how I came upon you
Im just a broken stone
     [Titanium Tiger]

~Here are some of my poems~

 I Think of You

As I lay down in my sorrows
I think of you
All the good times; I'm letting go
All the bad times; I'm letting go
The thought of you brings me to tears
It brings me forth to face my fears.

Thinking back about my past
I think of you
How we met and became one
How we talked and became one
Your presence takes away my purpose
There’s nothing left for us.

Walking down a lonely path of secrets
I think of you
Dreaming and loving you; a nightmare
Fearing and hating you; a nightmare
All I ever do
Is think of you.

 A New Life

Cold still nights
Dark lonely chambers
I stand alone
With only a name
I slip away.

Horoscopes intertwine
We become one
Life becomes a sin
And I die within.

  The love life of a tacit girl

Just as things were goin my way
All hell broke loose
And we fell apart
You tore out my heart
But I stood tall.

Months went by and I tried to forget
No matter how hard I fought
You were always on my mind
There was no getting over you
The feeling was forever.

It seems impossible to be together now
But I’m game, I’ll give it another shot
You’re my everything and so much more
You think you understand
But you have no idea.

I thought I knew how you felt
But I guess I was wrong
I was so blind
I was such a fool
Even though I know this, I’ll always feel the same.

  Dancing with the Dead

Dark cold nights,
Bright shiny stars,
The trees breath weaves through their limbs,
Only fear is found in the air,
No happiness, no future,
Hope is gone; nonexistent.

The laughter comes up from the children’s graves,
Deep, painful moans creep from the elders,
Colorful leaves dance with the spirits of hope and faith,
Following each others graceful steps, we unite as one,
But soon the night falls into the sunrise,
And we must part.

We bow farewell,
Leaving as the cold night disappears,
The stars start to fade as the warm sun rises,
I will be back tonight,
This I promise,
So, save the last dance for me.

 In the Eyes of a Lonely Girl

In the eyes of a lonely girl,
Theres so much pain inside,
No one understands, the way she feels,
Her lonely life is a turning wheel,
Fading in her open lies,
You can see it in her eyes!

         If I Could

So many ways,
To correct myself,
But all's a blur,
Then, I say,
If I could,
I'd tell you how I feel,
If I could,
I'd die for you,
If I could,
I would,
Stars in the sky,
Brightly shining,
Moon, larger than eyes of an angel,
Why cant I do this,
But now's my chance,
If I could,
I'd tell you,
If I could,
I would
           Is It You?

I awake to the sun, or is it just your face,
The birds chirp a tune, but sounds like your voice,
The clouds move motionlessly like your walk,
I tend to wonder, is it you?,
Then I see you in class,
Your face looks like the sun,
When you speak,
I hear birds chirping to the morning songs,
You walk so slowly, you remind me of clouds,
Is it you?,
Are you the morning that awakes me from my deep sleep?,
I wonder if you are connected to each other,
Who are you,
Is it you?

 When You

When you laugh,
I get a warm feeling,
When you talk,
People listen,
You seem so kind,
But is this really you?,
Yet inside I know your good,
Seeing you, I freeze,
But not inside,
When you smile, I get chills of
When you stare,
You have that something in your eyes,
You make me feel good inside,
When you are around,
When you are you,
I feel like me,
When you touch me,
I freak out,
But I have a cover up,
Your voice reports the news from heaven,
I fall into a spell when your near,
You are the sun shining down on me!,
When you are serious,
I know something is wrong,
When you are with your friends,
I feel empty, but then you
Just appear

Why cant I?

Friendship and trust,
Is what we have,
Your like my best friend,
But I don't know,
There's so much to say to you,
But there's also,
So much I can't,
Why can't I?,
Tell you how I feel,
Why can't I?,
Look into your eyes,
Without feeling shy,
We have so much in common,
But we don't understand each other,
Could there be more,
I don't know,
What does the future hold?,
We'll have to wait,
Why can't I?,
Act the way I want around you,
Why can't I?,
Ask all these questions,
To be answered,
I hope you ask the same questions too.

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2006-11-01 [I Think I'm In Love with Edward Elric]: Sweet...I'll check them out...

2006-11-01 [Silent_Chaos]: ok!!! ^-^ Theyre not the greatest... but oh well.

2006-11-01 [I Think I'm In Love with Edward Elric]: Wow...really good...VERY good...and I totally can connect with the have no idea how many times I feel someof those, even in one day

2006-11-01 [Silent_Chaos]: Yeah... I know. "I Think of You" took like 8 minutes and I was so emotional that day. Cuz guys are losers, lol One in particular. LMAO

2006-11-01 [I Think I'm In Love with Edward Elric]: HaHa....LMAO...I TOTALLY agree...ugh...I wish guys could grow up and be more mature just as fast as we do...HaHa....some guys never do grow up though...Whats worse is lying hypocritical guys...

2006-11-01 [Silent_Chaos]: Hell yeah. I dunno. Guys are gay and they should die. Well, most, not all. lol

2006-11-01 [I Think I'm In Love with Edward Elric]: could not even imagine what happened today, with this stupid ex-boyfrind of mine that I love too much...but my best friend held me through it all, and he is a guy

2006-11-01 [I Think I'm In Love with Edward Elric]: Sad thing is...He does it cuz He "likes" me and I just keep ignoring that fact cuz I still like stupid head...

2006-11-01 [Silent_Chaos]: Yeah... stupid gayness

2006-11-01 [I Think I'm In Love with Edward Elric]: Jeepers...If the majority of guys just fell off the face of the earth, I prolly would not give a rip...

2006-11-01 [Silent_Chaos]: I agree. TOTALLY! LMAO But yeah... but not all. Cuz there are very few who arent all that bad. In my opinion that is.

2006-11-02 [I Think I'm In Love with Edward Elric]: Yeah...I agree...but you have to be REALLY careful, cuz even some of those "nice" guys end up being real jerks....Like dating your ex-best-friend...HAHa....stupid...

2006-11-02 [Silent_Chaos]: Oh um... yeah... hehe... been there. It is stupid. But yeah, thats kinda why I want to stay single... Im afraid of getting hurt.

2006-11-08 [live fast die young]: nice poems... :)

2006-11-08 [Silent_Chaos]: THANKS!!! ^_^

2006-11-16 [I Think I'm In Love with Edward Elric]: SINGLE IS AWSOME

2006-11-16 [Silent_Chaos]: I know. lol Thats why I want to stay single... cuz its awesome, HAHA

2006-11-22 [I Think I'm In Love with Edward Elric]: Yeah...<img:img/mood/44166_1164145160.gif>...I am actually half-way glad that I am single now...mmm...been keeping up with the poems?

2006-11-22 [Silent_Chaos]: Eh... not really. I have a cold and Ive been studying for finals... which ended today! YAY!!!!

2006-11-26 [Smile For Me!]: I'm all in a flutter from reading these works from your mind... just thought I'd let you know how they effected me <img:img/mood/44166_1164145305.gif>

2006-11-26 [Silent_Chaos]: Oh, well, thanks. ^_^

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