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This section was won by [moira hawthorne] with her contribution, *faery*!
wooot to me


created by [moira hawthorne]
assisted by [Lord Dog]

This is a work of fiction.
All the characters in it, human and otherwise,
are imaginary,
excepting only certain of the fairy folk,
whom it might be unwise to offend
by casting doubts on their existence.
Or lack thereof.

-Neil Gaiman

FAE = strange, odd, weird, not-of-this-world
RIE = land
Fairyland = misspelled and redundant

Once there was a time when Faery and the human world move closer together.
When faerys had watched humans; watched over them.
When there was magic in the world and humans were part of that magic.
When faerys loved the humans in their care.
Loved them like children, but also in waiting, awed as they grew.
Waiting for their human friends to grow to love them.
And still Faery is waiting for the human race to grow up.


is to make the best wiki to show all of what faerys are
I want to depict all the different kinds of faerys
so that the definition of what is a faery is explored fully
not glossed over with the simplest explanation.
Im not solely interested in winning the contests
Im interested in making the best faery wiki!
as we all should be.
maybe there should be as many winners as there are different kinds of faerys.
what I dont want is to limit exploring what is a faery
to only a limited predetermined perception of what faerys are

Winged Garden Fairy
Mythological Traditional Faery

First Id like to divide the incorrect general thought of fairys from Faery
Not all faerys have wings! Not all faerys are diminutive!
the word faery can be said to be as ancient as the Persian Peri (faery)
There are mythlogical faerys!
Beings of history and folklore
Lords and Ladies of the Sidhe
Those who ruled Elfland
Those who you would never dream to offend...
Who are named 'the Good Neighbours!'
Even some modern faerys... to name a few!
from writers like Charles de Lint, Terri Windling, O.R.Melling
and artists like Brian Froud and the artists of Duirwaigh Gallery:
Kinuko Y. Craft, Amoreno,Marc Fishman, Christophe Vacher, Gary Lippincott,
Linda Ravenscroft, Marc Potts, Angel Dominguez, and Ian Daniels.
most people know the difference between a cat and a lion
all lions are cats but not all cats are lions
some faerys like spites have wings
some fairys like victorian garden fairys or disney's tinkerbell
but not all faerys have wings
matter of fact the large proportion of them dont!
a sprite is a faery but not all faerys are sprites!
I will link some very informative web sites
... tales of the Tuatha Dé Danann refer to these beings as fairies,
though in more ancient times they were regarded as Goddesses and Gods.
The Tuatha Dé were spoken of as having come from Islands in the north of the world,
or, in other sources, from the sky.
After being defeated in a series of battles with other Otherworldly beings,
and then by the ancestors of the current Irish people,
they were said to have withdrawn to the sídhe (fairy mounds),
where they lived on in popular imagination as "fairies."
Fairies are generally portrayed as human in appearance and as having supernatural abilities
such as the ability to fly, cast spells and to influence or foresee the future.
Although in modern culture they are often depicted as young, sometimes winged, females of small stature,
[they originally were depicted much differently: tall, radiant, angelic beings]
or short, wizened trolls being some of the commonly mentioned.
Diminutive fairies of one kind or another have been recorded for centuries,
but occur alongside the human-sized beings;
these have been depicted as ranging in size from very tiny up to the size of a human child.
Even with these small fairies, however, their small size may be magically assumed rather than constant...
[Wings, while common in Victorian artwork of fairies,*
are very rare in the folklore;
even very small fairies flew with magic,
sometimes flying on ragwort stems or the backs of birds.
*Victorian artwork of fairies,* is dated to the 1800!
faerys have been part of human culture
for nearly as long as there have been people!
Description of Fairies
Faeries are often portrayed in Western children’s stories as tiny, winged, and good hearted.
However, this description varies widely from worldwide folk traditions
in which beliefs concerning hidden races
sharing the earth with us have resided for most of human history.
Within different regions different descriptions of faeries grew,
[all were more or less human in form although sometimes taller or shorter, but never bearing wings.]
Much of their behaviour was much like humans as well;
they had governments, societies, marriages, children, and war.
They were often mortal and therefore, could be killed.
However, unlike humanity, they had supernatural powers,
which made them, at best, unpredictable and at worst, dangerous.
Few people sought out the company of faeries
and most went out of the way to avoid it.
The size of faeries
The difference in size ascribed to the race
has strangely greatly varied according to time and local customs.
At one time the elves are small enough to creep through keyholes,
and a single potato is as much as one of them can carry;
at another they resemble mankind, with whom they form alliances,
and to whom they hire themselves as servants;
while some are even said to be above the size of mortals,
giants, in whose lap mortal women are mere infants.
The same peculiarity exists in Teutonic belief.
At times the elf is a dwarfish being that enters through key-holes and window-slits;
at other times a great tall man.
In Scandinavia, the Troll may appear in one tale as a Giant greater than two men
and in another as a small dwarf.
William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream
Oberon and Tatiania are described as taking human lovers
they are not small or winged
Peter Brook's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream 1970 > 1994
The Fairies
Image:Titania and Bottom.jpg
Titania human sized with no wings
'Titania argues with Oberon over the human child'
This is a watercolour and ink book illustration for Shakespear's A Midsummer's Night Dream.
art © [moira hawthorne] and characters belong to William Shakespeare but are part of the public domain.
NOTE: tho I drew Titania and Oberon with wings
(b/c this was a school assignment and that was what was required)
it is more common that they dont and only the lower fae (lower in the court) are smaller and have wings
Arthur Rackham: The Meting of Oberon and Titania
consider this fact
Titania and Oberon can not be diminutive tiny faerys
otherwise they wouldnt be able to have human lovers or servants
Enjoying "A Midsummer Night's Dream", by William Shakespeare
by Ed Friedlander M.D.
Two of my favourite 'faery tales' are the ballet of TamLin and True Thomas or Thomas the Rhymer
Tam Lin:
True Thomas:
Thomas and TamLin are just examples of the many mortals captured by the Queen of the Faerys to be her consort.
in these tales which are common to many others thru out the world
the Faerys are 'human' size, ride upon horses, take human lovers
are not tiny or with wings
From: [Lord Dog]
[(about the victorian perception of faery being tiny and winged)]
Of course If it were me I would qualify it by Cultural tags like...
"In ancient Ireland the fae were said to be...."
According to one source I have,
the faery did not start being described with smaller sizes until around the 13th century,
when all fantasy races were being "downsided".
This is correlated by the descriptions of Lugh Son of Morning (Setanta's Birth father) in Setanta legends
and in the Legends of the Milesans / Amerigan the Bard
where the Tuatha de Dana are only described as fair and slight
but are also referred to as being taller than some of the Sons of Mil.
Found an interesting factoid while researching Dwarves let me quote it:
It's worth noting that nothing points to early dwarves' short height.
Short dwarves only appeared around the 13th century,
in sources such as the legendary saga, and it became a trend for mythical creatures
(see: fairies; elves; gnomes)
to be small, such that they gained a mischievous and comical nature.
Given the dwarf's association with dead humans,
it seems unlikely for them to have been anything but human height,
and any shortness they have would be a characteristic of old age.
With the oldest sources depicting dwarves as human height (see Norse dwarves),
early dwarves most likely were.


What Are Faeries?
Faery Tradition * Faery Realm * Faery Ritual * Faeries Live * Fairy Tale Witch * Faeries Lore * Faeries History * Contacting Faeries * Offerings For Faeries * Herbs & Charms * Herbs & Charms Continued * Summoning The Faeries * Fate Faeries * Heroic Faeries * Folk Tales * Devas * Daoine Sidhe * Fenian Heroes * The Mighty Sidhe * Dana * Medieval Faeries * Diminutive Faeries * Elizabethian Faeries * Flower Faeries * Jacobean Faeries * Water Faeries * Earth Faeries * Air Faeries * Fire Faeries
also many other interesting links
Existence of faeries * Definition of faeries * Description of faeries * Faeries across history and cultures * Organization of faeries * Trooping and solitary faeries * Faeries’ style of life * The size of faeries * Faerie Rings and Dances * Faeries Powers * Land of Faeries * Main (Types of) Faeries * Monstrous Faeries * Fairy Encyclopia * Gifts * Raids * Image Gallery


annoying musical
but has some good descriptions of different faerys



'Aodh At Your Window' Y! gallery Collab: [Gabycat]'s line art & my colouring.
'The Night's on Fire!' Faery lord goth-metal musician Aodh of SabbathNight rockin it out on stage.
<img0*200:stuff/At%20Your%20Window.png> <img0*200:>


'Aodh Inside Me'
<img0*300:> <img0*300:>


'Faeaodh in a Tree'
'OddFae' and 'Blood Haze'
<img0*200:stuff/AodhFae%202N.jpg> <img0*200:> <img0*200:>


Daemon Faery!
<img0*125:> <img0*125:> <img0*125:> <img0*125:> <img0*125:>
Blue Faery! and Green Faery!
<img0*150:> <img0*150:> <img0*150:> <img0*150:>


'Fae On a CatWhisker!'


Jinx by hawthorne art by [moira hawthorne] Jinx is [dayah]'s OC fairy character
'Jinx on a Toadstool'
'Little Ankle-Biter' and people's magazine spoof.
<img0*200:stuff/ankle-biter.png.jpg> <img0*200:>
NOTE: the magazine cover IS ALL MY ART!
I made the entire magazine cover
I drew/made/constructed the Faeries weekly title
(its not a photoshop font - I drew it in adobe illustrator)
and wrote the rest of text,
I even drew the UPC at the bottom right.
This was my final art project for college computer class,
when we worked on macs and had the use of 3 art programs
Endless hours went into that piece!
Tonnes of nights in the computer lab after classes...
spent pulling my hair out to make it an awesome final project.
unfortunately I dont have a colour version for the magazine cover
b/c it was stored on a jaz disc that was corrupted


'In the Faery Garden' Where do the fairies sleep?! where else?
'Deamon Dance'
<img0*200:> <img0*200:stuff/Deamon%20Dance%20border.jpg>
'My Computer Bradach'
he a nasty little fae who I dont understand at all
he pees on things and crashes for no reason and basically misbehaves
and when he gets pissy he talks in a language I dont understand! o.O
'Danger in the Garden'
Dragonfae Assassin


'What's for Dinner?'



Lugh the Longhand, Irish Lore. If you can find it there is a description of him and others in the stories of Setanta/Cuchulin and Amerigan the Bard talks about Danu being the Mother of the Celtic Dieties who retreated into the sidhe and became the Fairy Folk of Legend

art and character © [moira hawthorne]

'Foxenix', a little mystical phoenix-fox fae is muse for [Fizban]
entered in Fairy Castle and Draw-Your-Muse Contest
art © [moira hawthorne] and character © [Fizban]


For Amusement Go To What Kind of Faery Are You?
my result...

Snow Faery
<img0*250:stuff/faery%20SNOW%20gif4L.gif> <img0*250:stuff/faery%20SNOW.jpg> <img0*250:stuff/faery%20SNOW%20gif4R.gif>

Summer Faery

Japanese Fox Fae
<img0*300:stuff/close%20up%20resized.jpg> <img0*300:stuff/full%20pose%20resized.jpg>

Spirit of the Night, 1879 by John Atkinson Grimshaw

*In Scotland faeries were divided into the Seelie (old Saxon for "blessed") Court and Unseelie Court depending on whether they are friendly and helpful or malicious and evil. Kind faeries travel, spreading good and help where ever they go while the Unseelie hurt, frighten and sometimes even destroy mortals. Though it is not safe to offend those of the Seelie Court, the punishment from members of the Unseelie is much, much worse, and you dont even have to try to offend the Unseelie.

- [moira hawthorne] & [Artsieladie]:
WIP *faery* - Owned & created by [moira hawthorne]
edited by and for [Artsieladie]
for use in ECM Fairy/Fae
tho *faery* is an Elftown wiki
Ive been adding the vast number of the external internet site links about Faerys there.
As well as compiling the TONS of informative Ive gathered.

Elftown Links:

- [moira hawthorne] Found by/From:
WIP *faery* - Owned & created by [moira hawthorne]
edited by and for [Artsieladie]
for use in ECM Fairy/Fae
hawthorne's faery garden photo ablum- Owned by [moira hawthorne]
Jinx by hawthorne- Owned by [moira hawthorne]
fairies - Owned by [faeriebard13]
fairy lovers - Owned by [Blvd. of broken dreams]
I love fairies - Owned by [stephie k]
We Believe in Fae - Owned by [HiddenFire]
RPG affiliation:
-faeries - Owned by [moira hawthorne]
Star Child: Aodh - Owned by [moira hawthorne]
Aodh of SabbathNight - Owned by [moira hawthorne]
Cosplaying 4 Aodh & the Makin of Méadhbh Aoibh - Owned by [moira hawthorne]
DoomedFaeries - Owned by [Doomedraptor]

External resources:

-[moira hawthorne] found:
a slideshow of artwork.. most fairys
but also other fantasy creatures...
its present like a mini film/story book with music and text... its quite beautiful

Faery Music
links to over 20 different musicians and bands

found an awesome site for faery costumes
absolutely awesome wing designs!


Other Faery Facts

Faery Paths



the word Glamour is often used when describing beings - elf and faery
and magic even

there is the idea of a glamour as magic that makes you appear as something you arent... often more beautiful
this is still the usage for fashion glamour makeup and magazine ect

There is also a deeper darker meaning to this... magic: glamour and illusion ...
he will automatically appear human to mortals
and appear as is most comfortable for that mortal's mind to accept as normal
but his faery nature makes him more appealing... seems unusual and special
when powerful he can appear as what you most wish / want / desire

there is also the idea that a glamour can hide what is there
something of faery.. say a doorway, or an elf/faery
so they can move unseen and keep their places hidden

there is lastly an older meaning
Glamour - Gaconner or Gancanagh.
The Love Talker. Seducer. Romancer. Scoundrel of the worst kind.
Searching the night for lonely young women, he takes the form of their ideal lover,
seduces them, then exposes their weakness to all before abandoning the young maid/lads.
Few of his victims live long afterwards dying of despair or a broken heart...
A vain, beautiful, seductive, dangerous, conscienceless, Rake.

He is the bad boy that woman and men love.
Loves attention and seeks the newest thrill and latest conquest
once upon a time he likely played a lute beneath a castle window...
now he screams his ass off on stage under strobes and black lights!

He can sing and play nearly anything well to the point of no effort
He is charming attractive flamboyant and a natural actor

The Glamour

“But I don’t have pointy ears.”
The young elf said
As she pouted in the mirror
At the tiny round,
Bits of flesh
That should have been
And Long.
And the mirror smiled.
And said “Look again”
And long, beautiful, tapering ears
Grew out from the sides
Of the young elf’s head
“Your ears are there”
It said, “you only have to look.”
“It’s only just a glamour,
That keeps them hidden
From human view.”
“You see we had to hide you.
Even from yourself.
This world is dangerous
And there are those
Who like nothing better
Than hunting elf.”
And so the young elf smiled
And said “Oh my,”
Then flittered on to ask,
Now where’s the Dance?”
© [LynnAnneBrown] 2008

faery is just one more reason to think outside of the box

when dealing with faery.. either the concept or the beings themselves...
one must choose one's words carefully and never be limited by preconceive notions...
for faery shall twist your thoughts, words and intentions...

you must be open to all the the unconventional thoughts and possibilities...
or faery will trip you up and trap you in a word play

there's is a Faerytale about a guy who trapped the King of Faery... and forced him to grant his wish to be released.
he wished to live forever.
The King granted his wish and was released.
years passed... decades...
and things werent going as the man had wished...
man was desperate
he searched and search and search
for a way back to the Faery King...
finally he found the King and demanded why he'd been cursed.
The King feint innocent "what do you mean?"
he man ranted about the pains injuries and illnesses he was suffering from...
But The King just smiled and answered...
before disappearing forever from the man's life...
"but you havent died... nor will you and that was your wish."

Faery Lies

Aodh's claim: "I cant lie."
Human: "Since when do faes not lie?"
Aodh always say he cant.
Whether thats a lie is yet to be proved,
at the very least it could be said
he finds telling the truth more amusing.
Aodh will tell the truth to enemies aswell.
Now its always the truth as he sees it,
and this doesnt count for deceiving.
He may deceive you with faery gold,
then if you ask him, tell you the truth.
And just because he always tells the truth,
doesnt mean he always has to tell you all the truth!
If he pays a dishonest bastard
what he thinks is a 1000 gold pieces,
but in truth is nothing but 'faery gold'
(which is leaves &/or nuts),
he will say something like
'this should more than compensate you your lost.'
And he is very good at this....
figure he has had a few millennia to practise.
Now there are some who consider that the fae
aren't all exactly honest in faery tales.
This is a human misconception.
I think they are very honest!
They just have their own morals & ideas of justice!
A human man asks the King of the Fae
to grant him his wish to live forever.
The King grants his wish.
The human comes back years later
and complains that he has aged,
and is plagued with sickness and injury!
The King says: "But you havent died... nor will you!"
Human: "Since when do faes not lie?"
"Forever." Aodh smirked,
"Its only humans who dont believe that what we say is truth."
"Its always easier to accuse someone of lying
when you dont like the truth they are offering."

"What fools these mortals be"

A Midsummer Night's Dream
by William Shakespeare

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2008-09-25 [lacy_azlin]: a few years ago, a very close friend of mine died. I was tired and upset and don't know what possessed me really, but I just started gathering flower petals and small flower heads and made a circle in the yard. When I was done I just sat there and it just felt.. so comfortable. It wasn't a place to feel sad, but happy. I could swear sometimes I heard music. Not a kind I've ever heard before or since. And no matter how the weather blew, the ring stayed intact.
Later when the lawn was mowed. My mom was surprised to find that under the petals had grown a ring of small blue vine flowers. A weed really, but they where the exact size of my ring. All summer as long as those flowers bloomed (they died that fall, and didn't grow back the next year) I could hear music there and just sit and feel happy.

2008-09-25 [moira hawthorne]: ok I got to do some reorganizing here,,, make a special place

2008-09-25 [lacy_azlin]: Well figured I'd put the bit up here until then so I won't loose the write up, rather like how this came out. Now.. to go yell at the roomie to turn down the friskin' noise

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2008-09-25 [lacy_azlin]: Okaysies. My cat is meowing randomly, I need to see what she wants.

2008-09-25 [moira hawthorne]: she is talkin to the faerys

2008-09-25 [lacy_azlin]: She's wanting her treats lol.

2008-09-25 [moira hawthorne]: so the faery told her...

2008-09-25 [lacy_azlin]: lol.

2009-04-11 [Elfie_Lauren]: When I get a job I hope I can buy some of your art Moira :p!

2009-04-11 [moira hawthorne]: I would be most pleased to be pay to make you art!!!

2009-09-18 [moira hawthorne]: I just keep poking more info into here

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