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Welcome to Text Adventures! This page is for advertising text-based role-playing games. They can best be described as collaborative stories, where each player controls specific characters within the story. (See Role Playing for Dummies for more information on what exactly role-playing is.)

If you have created a new Role-play, just add a link to it in the comments below Tell us a little bit about it, too.
If you have not found the desired amount of players before your role-play has been bumped into the older comments, feel free to re-advertise.
Please do not clutter the comments with chatter. We do not want role-plays to be prematurely bumped off the page. Excessive chit chat will be deleted.

If you have a text game that is based on an idea other than role-playing, please add it to Games instead.


*Role Playing For Dummies*RP: Bad Bios
*How to RP 
*The Ultimate Character Guide*The Ultimate Fantasy World Guide


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2012-09-10 [SilverFire]: Yarr. Though I think the list of guides and help pages should probably stay.

2012-09-10 [M!]: Does anyone use the games pages? Should I keep the link?

2012-09-10 [Flisky]: I've been trying to revamp CURE for awhile. Just haven't had the time.

2012-09-10 [M!]: Does anyone use the games pages? Should I keep the link?

2012-09-11 [SilverFire]: I don't know how active the games page is, it's not one I've ever really kept an eye on, but I don't think keeping the link will hurt.

I made the top text a little more concise, removed two of the help links (one didn't seem active, the other didn't seem to say anything the other pages didn't already say in a better way), and rearranged them slightly to make them a little bit more readable.

2012-09-18 [His Angel]: If the help page you're refering to was the school for beginning roleplayers (I believe that was posted up there), no, it's not active. People say they're interested but never actually do anything about it. :(

2013-05-16 [CuteCommander]: Any possibility I can post my new RP here?

2013-05-16 [M!]: Just link it in the comments

2013-05-16 [CuteCommander]: H'okay - sci-fi RP Aboard The Argo :D

2013-06-18 [Figgy]: Winter of Wolves, created and run by [Duredhel], is a rule-based RP that is trying to get its roots in the ground still, but it is already welcoming new players and characters :3

It's based in a land of endless winter, where cities thrive underground, and encompasses steampunk themes as well as magic.

2013-06-18 [Figgy]: Also, X-Men RP is always looking for new players!

2013-06-18 [Ace-of-Spirits]: X-MEN!? X-MEN!? I HATE X-MEN! MEEEHHHHH nah just playing with you.

2013-06-18 [Lord Josmar]: Figgy, what do you mean "rules based"? Rule based, like D&D or other established tabletop RPs.

2013-06-18 [Figgy]: It's a bit like D&D, I suppose, but with its own set of rules. WoW - Advanced Rules explains it in detail :3

2013-09-02 [Firewolfgirl]: Hey everyone I'm new here

2013-09-02 [Firewolfgirl]: Can someone talk to meh

2013-09-02 [Lirerial]: Hi :-)

2013-09-02 [CuteCommander]: Hello newby!

2013-10-08 [shadow_walker]: Hello all I am looking for a few people to help me out with the making and running of a new rp.Please if your interested in the idea message me

2013-12-09 [~Nox~]: Darkness Reigns is a mature roleplay set in 2072 with a heavy mix of sci-fi and modern fantasy. We will be starting soon and are looking to expand our player base for a successful launch.

2014-03-25 [Mortified Penguin]: Bob's Diner is Elftown's oldest, most active, and most popular roleplaying game. For nearly a decade now, we've had a massive number of people come join in the fun and play in the guise of anything from a simple customer to a giant tax robot to a corpse and even a sexy manager! To join the roleplaying action, you simply post in the comment section, instead of on the actual wiki, like most other Elftown roleplaying games. At B's D, the wiki itself serves as nothing more than a background to the comments. It's just a freely editable wall including "workers" (roleplayers and what their character is), a gag menu for the sake of making it more like an actual diner, and a number of interesting notes and messages from different Elftowners that have been added over the years. In this roleplay, anything goes. Crude humor, non sequiturs, changing characters, multiple characters, smut, god moding, and basically whatever else you feel like doing. The plot is nothing more than a group of individuals hanging out in a gross, weird diner, where stupid, but often funny, stuff happens daily. There is no set time or place for the roleplay either, as Bob's Diner transcends both time and space and is a universe unto itself with an infinite number of bathrooms and floors, despite that we apparently have no roof or walls or floorboards. B's D is simultaneously both inside and outside of Elftown. The setting is quantum in nature and can change simply by observation. Even words themselves are often personified and given personalities, depending on the situation and the need for their corporeal existence.

You don't have to sign up or become a member or anything, just post in the comment section and you're in. Your default character will be a customer named after your Elftown username. To become something else, you need only state what you wish to be and by the magic of pretending, you become that thing. To control your character, generally you have to use actions set in between two asterisks, like so:

*eats ramen*

With that comment, there is an understood "Mort", my character, before the "eats ramen". Sometimes, character names are also used in the action for more clarification, like so:

*Mort eats some damn ramen*

You may also control other people's characters in the same manner. For example:

*Misty catches fire and burns to the ground hilariously*

The type and style of roleplaying can change from person to person or even character to character, depending on how dissociative your flimsy identity may be. There is no required style and any way you choose to describe your actions, if at all, is acceptable. There are also a number of controllable NPC's, such as Paco, various customers, the health inspector, the zombies, Misty's corpse, Jesus, Hitler, and many others as well as quest items, like the Cloak of Poor Defense, MSHQFTOS, and the fabled Turnip Sack of infinite Turnips. And don't forget, at B's D, there are no walls 1, 2, or 3, so don't expect there to be a fourth.

Just be sassy and don't take anything too seriously and you'll fit right in!

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