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Welcome to Text Adventures! This page is for advertising text-based role-playing games. They can best be described as collaborative stories, where each player controls specific characters within the story. (See Role Playing for Dummies for more information on what exactly role-playing is.)

If you have created a new Role-play, just add a link to it in the comments below Tell us a little bit about it, too.
If you have not found the desired amount of players before your role-play has been bumped into the older comments, feel free to re-advertise.
Please do not clutter the comments with chatter. We do not want role-plays to be prematurely bumped off the page. Excessive chit chat will be deleted.

If you have a text game that is based on an idea other than role-playing, please add it to Games instead.


*Role Playing For Dummies*RP: Bad Bios*How to RP
*The Ultimate Character Guide*The Ultimate Fantasy World Guide*What Not To Do With Powers


Current Active RPs

*X-Men RP* A Book Of Miss Guided Fairytales*Winter of Wolves
* Darkness Reigns (18+)* Bob's Diner *Valzer Scuro (18+)


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2014-07-16 [Nioniel]: :3

2014-07-17 [Chicken Littlefinger]: Bob's Diner is totally a roleplay. :(

2014-07-17 [Nioniel]: "roleplay".

2014-07-17 [Chicken Littlefinger]: *runs away crying and also on fire*

2014-07-17 [Nioniel]: Shush.

2014-07-17 [Stephen]: "Bob's Diner is totally a(n) roleplay insane asylum."


2014-07-27 [~Nox~]: Darkness Reigns just had it's first character death today and is looking for new victims ;D

+18 only as this is mature roleplay, set in 2072, horror/sci-fi themed.

Stop by and drink our kool-aid!

2014-07-27 [Stephen]: Added, thanks!

2014-07-27 [~Nox~]: no thank you ;)

2014-07-27 [Stephen]: I may regret this, but I added Bob's Diner to the list.

Someone may want to put a short and accurate warning by it. =P

2014-07-27 [Chicken Littlefinger]: Are there any other roleplays where I can just join in and start playing without having to set up an extensive character and work out their history and information and a lot of other useless nonsense nobody will ever read except the hateful jerk rejecting my application? I like to think of roleplaying as interactive, collaborative literature. And there's not always extensive histories on every character ever in literature and sometimes a little mystery adds a lot to the story.

2014-07-27 [~Nox~]: I would think the character apps are very helpful for GM's who don't want surprise stupidity popping up in game. Like- and then she discovered that she was really the long lost princess and heir to the throne! or and suddenly he felt a change coming over him, his body arched and his skin burst open to reveal fur! "Oh god! I had no idea I was a werewolf!" He explained in his new, gruff wolf voice.

Screening players in advance by having them submit a character application is very helpful as a GM who has spent a lot of time and effort on this world for people to play, interact in, and explore.

God knows I've received some god awful character applications that were highly indicative of their level of RPing. Had I just let them join they most likely would have run around ruining the game for the serious players or introducing asinine, over-the-top, or just plain stupid plot lines to the game. You can lose a lot of players thanks to one bad RPer, if not dealt with quickly, so it's easier for everyone if the GM filters out these players from the get go.

At least, that's my take on it.

2014-07-27 [Chicken Littlefinger]: But then you can never have secrets or mysteries or interesting plot twists if everyone knows who everyone else is exactly and everyones character is set in stone. Do you think people would appreciate George R. R. Martin adding a prologue to his books with stuff like, "Jon Snow is secretly a Targaryen and his skills include extreme karate and wildling pleasuring"?

Probably not.

2014-07-27 [~Nox~]: That isn't necessarily true. I've had fantastic GMs who, so long as you let them in on the idea first, would work with you to surprise other players and work the secret back story into the game (as long as it actually fits in the game).

You don't need to have EVERYTHING on their history page, but if you want to introduce a plot twist/mystery/secret about your charcters, you should only need to talk with the person running it.

Also, RP's are not novels. Writers control every aspect of their book, it's not as if someone else is coming in and throwing plot twists into their work, they've already decided to do it themselves.

An RP is a collective story, guided by a GM, and its that GMs job to make sure it flows smoothly and is fun for everyone, not just the one player who wants to stand out.

You're comparing apples to oranges =/

2014-07-27 [Chicken Littlefinger]: I'm comparing oranges to smaller oranges that haven't finished ripening yet! But writers only control every aspect of their book if they don't have a publisher/blackmailing stalker.

Point being, I refuse to make a character page. I hate having to develop an entire character's life history before I can join. It doesn't work with my style of thinking or writing. Characters need to be able to be more fluid to make the story flow better and I think GM's should give their roleplayers more of a chance. Don't assume they must suck if they don't have an extensive background for their character. Honestly, I would probably be a better roleplayer than most of the people you've dealt with in the past, but I'll be damned if I'm going to waste time with one of those obnoxious character pages. Though, let me know if there's an RPG that I can just start at, so I can start showing people up with my awesome roleplaying skills.

2014-07-27 [~Nox~]: Well it's great that you know how awesome you are at role playing, but there's dozens of players saying the same thing who aren't any good at all and will only f*** things up.

You can not like character sheets all you want, hell, you can make your own RP that doesn't require them and run it how you see fit. Just don't be surprised when you get some absolutely awful RPers joining in because they dislike character sheets as much as you do, albeit for a different reason.

(Also, an extensive background isn't always even a requirement for RPs that require character apps, but it does force you to think about and better develop who your character is and where they came from, and I'd bet you a hell of a lot of money that George R Martin has note on ALL of his characters to help keep track of who is who and who has done what and where, as do most authors - even if they aren't writing it up in a prologue)

2014-07-27 [Chicken Littlefinger]: He probably has all his characters information in his head. I doubt he'd be happy if his publisher came bursting into his bathroom and told him he needs to write and submit character sheets for all his characters and then stabbed him twice. I mean, would you be happy? Getting stabbed like that?

But Elftown's most successful and popular RPG is like that. B's D doesn't require character sheets and look how popular it is! And I've also seen another roleplay that Tsome started that was like that and it was pretty nice up until they inexplicably banned me for no reason. And there was a Harry Potter RPG I joined many years ago like that too. I roleplayed for a while there until I was inexplicably banned and the whole thing kinda failed. But when I've seen wikis that don't require character sheets get started, they've always been successful up until the point where I'm randomly banned. Then they always fail.

2014-07-27 [~Nox~]: -_-

2014-07-27 [Stephen]: You've never been "inexplicably banned". <img:44166_1164145305.gif>

There's a lot of different types of RP's, and while it's true that "jump in and go" RP's tend to have more players/be more popular, if someone wants something serious that actually makes sense then you need applications.

I dislike them, because it forces me to think more than I like to and that's one reason I stopped RP'ing, but I totally understand the reasoning and think it's justifiable.

*shrug* Everyone likes different types of things. 'Sides, Bob's Diner is also a casual chat environment. I don't think I've ever RP'd in there. :P

I'm not sure if this is actually official (pretty sure it's not), but if it is we should probably chatter elsewhere. <img:44166_1164145305.gif>

2014-07-30 [Expecto Patronum]: Valzer Scuro is a 18+ role play based in present day based in Seattle, Washington. It's a murder mystery and always looking for new suspects/victims.

I also have another role play that is private so even if I put it up you wouldn't be able to read it. So, if you are interested in Greek mythology and are curious, please let me know and I'll send you more info.

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