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Privs (Privilege number)

Priv:		Meaning
 1		God - Can give more 'titles and orders' 
                in description, make members
               	forum-dictator etc.
 2		Mayor
 3		Vice mayor/Programmer
 4		Lieutenant - Can change all privs and 
                read private messages
13		Sergeant/Captain - Can delete wiki-pages
                (the last version will become first)
                Can also change owner of wiki-pages without
                leaving trace about it.
14		Guard - Can write secret-service 
                messages, see IP-addresses, 
                change other members' data (handle
                reports) and do alarms
29		Can delete in forums, change forumboss
                and read reports.
49		Wiki-boss - Can delete wiki-comments, 
                change wiki-passwords and page-owners
79              Can access all badge-slots
89		Council - Can write news and mainstreet 
                polls, change members privs >=90 
		and has access to own badge-slot
                Can use any page as an index-page (see <URI:categories.html>)
90              Can use the iframe tag 
94		Can upload any file to wiki-pages
99		Can invite people.
100		Wants to help. No privileges. 
101		Normal member.

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2011-07-08 [djxmonster]: icanhaz 90 for iframe?

2011-07-08 [SilverFire]: Done. :)

2011-08-19 [William Christian Inuma]: Could I have the I-frame privilege? Thank you.

2011-08-19 [kians mummy]: May I just say, wouldn't it be better to have a note on this wiki saying "Do not ask for any priv under 90, as these are actual crew jobs, and therefore you will not get it."

2011-08-19 [iippo]: Inuma: done :)

2011-08-19 [William Christian Inuma]: It's appreciated.

2011-08-20 [iippo]: Use it wisely :P

2011-08-21 [William Christian Inuma]: Of course.

2011-09-21 [Mortified Penguin]: It seems during all the crashing and the downtime, I have lost my priv 4 as well as my guard badge. It's fine though, as long as I get them back sometime in the near future, so I can resume my guardly duties.

2011-09-21 [Lord Josmar]: Yea, I had 1 priv too and all that's gone! I expect financial compensation!

2011-09-21 [Mortified Penguin]: It's true, I can totally vouch for him.

2012-02-01 [Lord Josmar]: Can I have priv 94?

2012-02-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Sure.

2012-02-01 [SilverFire]: Done.

2012-02-01 [Lord Josmar]: Thanks.

2012-04-15 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: I did nt know people could see ip addresses. Mind you, I think if its hedda or somebody they aren't going to do anything mean with them.

2013-03-08 [kians mummy]: Just thought I would let you know, anyone can edit this page, shouldn't it be set to crew only? :)

2013-03-08 [Mortified Penguin]: There's no need, hardly anyone even knows about this page and it can easily be fixed if anyone edits it.

2013-08-29 [Sunrose]: Dumdidum..

2013-08-30 [Teufelsweib]: wh00p

2013-08-30 [djxmonster]: O_o

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