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Role-playing: Text Adventures

If you're going to a big fantasy event, make sure it's listed on conventions!

How do you usually orient your cell phone when it's in your pocket (or purse)?

* Right side up, facing out
* Right side up, facing in
* Upside down, facing out
* Upside down, facing in
* Sideways, facing out
* Sideways, facing in
* It's random, I put it in different every time
* I either don't have a phone, or never put it in my pocket



Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

Do you want to donate your own stock images to Elftown so that they may be used by artists? If so, donate them to the EPRM in return for a nifty badge!

From: Nioniel
2013-03-19 23:57:12


Text Adventures

The best place to find active and interesting RPs to join. All RPs found on this page are currently accepting new players. So if you love to role-play and you're looking for an exciting new RP, check out Text Adventures and start playing today!

From: Nioniel
2014-07-17 01:31:19


Apply To Be A Literature Judge

Apply to be one of the literature judges!

From: wicked fae mage
2014-07-21 21:47:49


Apply to the Crew

Are you interested in helping to run and maintain Elftown and make it a better place? If so, then maybe you should Apply to the Crew! <img:stuff/mood33-gif.gif>

From: Stephen
2014-07-16 08:52:14



Are you hosting an unofficial contest you think other members would love to take part in? Let us all know about it on MC. <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

From: Stephen
2014-07-16 08:53:49

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Christmas Competition 2014

We're sad to announce that we closed the Elftown Christmas Competition of 2014 without a winner. The number of entries in poetry, art and photography are so few, that it can't be considered a 'competition'.

If you'd like to look at the entries, please visit Christmas Competition 2014 entries.
All participants will be badged for their entry/entries.

Due to the lack of interest there will also not be a Valentine's competition, as you all may have noticed.

Please leave your comment on this news if you'd like to share an idea for a competition. Your comment will be automatically posted in the Elftown Suggestions forum :)

Date: 2015-04-19 12:20:46
News #: 720
Reporter: Sunrose
More art

Pirate Queen

Featured Art 2015-02-02
A gorgeous piece of fanart!

This beautiful digital painting of Isabela, a Dragon Age 2 character, really catches the eye. She really seems to challenge the viewer with that look: sultry, yet fierce. The technique is excellent, too.

This fantastic work is brought to you by [q-licious] (artist) and [Linderel] (nominator).
Come visit the official Featured Art <img:img/mood/20610_1166705322.gif> to find out more about this picture!
To nominate an artist, go to nominate a picture.

About the featured art and nominating a picture
Date: 2015-02-03 03:55:12 Piece #: 270 Mod: Stephen
More poems

Halloween Poetry Competition 2014 Winner

"Anticipating Halloween"

Tonight we eat delicious pumpkin soup
From the jack-o-lantern right outside
Big evil grin and clenching eyes
Lit with a candle to guide passers-by
Do stop here and ring our bell
For a trick or a treat and perhaps a scare
We're very curious to see at our door
The monsters, witches, ghosts and what not
You've donned yourselves up as this year
It'll be a happy Halloween indeed!

Written by [Sunrose]

How to submit a poem
Date: 2015-01-02 22:12:42 Poem #: 1739 Mod: Nioniel
More features

[To the Welkin]

I'd like to introduce you to one of Elftown's fun, relaxed artists: [To the Welkin]!


Is there a story behind your username?
Perhaps not the most original inspiration behind a username, but it's actually a shortened version of one of my favorite black metal albums entitled 'Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk', by the band Emperor.

What all do you do on Elftown?
I lurk, communicate with old friends, write private thoughts in my little diary, and scout for art that speaks to me. I enjoy posting little snippets of my own writings and creations; I'm usually quite shy about my art but Elftown has helped me to come out of my shell a bit. There is something very frightening yet liberating about exposing your innermost depths to the eyes of others.

Do you prefer using a specific medium for art?
Typically I gravitate towards charcoals, pen/ink, and the biggest paper I can find. However, more recently in the last year or so I have dabbled in found object sculpture, due to having an apartment and no money to buy decor. You have to get creative when you're poor, haha. I experimented with random gadgets, car and clock parts, woodwork, even silverware. It opened me up to a whole new experience and perspective. I hope to continue this trend and not revert to one specific medium each time I feel an artistic endeavor coming on.
What do you do for a living?
I am a hair stylist. It's not exactly my dream job, but I am determined to find the loopholes of being an artist in modern society. I think it is important to enjoy what you are doing in life. I'm figuring it out as I go along. I do not desire vast amounts of money or recognition, just connectivity with like-minded souls, and endless open doors, as a result of continuously taking risks and putting myself and my art out there.


To view the complete interview with this member go to FMI to the welkin.
Leave a comment on Featured Member or in the forum to nominate a member:
<joinforum:735:join> (Featured Member)
You can also leave a comment there if you wish to be opted out of this feature, or you can request for that in a private message to one of the Featured Member Bosses.
The member feature is not to be abused for harassment purposes. Any such instance will be dealt with accordingly.

About the featured members
Date: 2014-08-12 18:01:35 Featured member #: 123 Mod: wicked fae mage
More wiki-pages

X-Men RP


Today, we're (re)featuring X-Men RP!

Operated in joint effort by [Figgy] and [Duredhel], the X-Men RP is one of the longest running and most popular roleplays on Elftown. If you're interested in a well-established roleplay with experienced members then stop reading this and sign up for the X-Men RP. <img:stuff/aj/61513/1267019305.png?y=20>

About the Featured Wiki
Date: 2015-02-07 17:10:10 Feature #: 87 Mod: Stephen
More stories


The featured story for 15th September 2014 is brought to you by [Kestrelfeather].

"This planet…we are not alone on it…in the shadows of night, we see forms, apparitions. When I try to look closely, they fade away. This planet…It is my belief that it is not meant for us. I think we should leave. There is a darkness rising on Arjuna.

It takes an unusually high mental capacity to ignore the rambling thoughts of the Collective and focus only on the voice you want to hear. For me, a biologist currently trying to find salvation for the human race, that one voice I search for is often the root of all life: the Earth spirit. There are billions upon billions of thoughts in the Collective. Of reproduction, of love, of war…every life on Earth sends energy into it. Until recent decades, human kind, Homo sapiens, didn’t have the ability to tap into it. Being bipedal and with advanced abilities, the last step in human evolution was of the mind. It took thousands of years, but eventually select humans developed the ability that for so long, man had been lacking.
I am part of the Collective, one of the Listeners, the first human ever to hear the voice of the Earth itself. Although my grades in ‘Silent’ school weren’t spectacular, at a young age my Listening abilities surpassed any other humans’ in the world. At age twelve, I was pulled from school, isolated from the other children. I was the only one in my class with Listening ability, answering middle-school level biology exam questions with complex diagrams and exact genetic codes. "

We hope you enjoy reading this captivating story! <img:stuff/aj/61513/1267019305.png>

Visit the Featured Story to find out more about the feature. To make a nomination, visit nominate a story.

About the featured stories
Date: 2014-09-15 23:40:58 Featured story #: 45 Mod: Ravendust

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