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Chess Tournament

If you like chess and strategy, this may be the contest for you. Face off against others Elftowners to see who can be the King of Chess! <img:stuff/Crown_mood.png>

From: Stephen
2014-07-17 03:16:15


I'd Rather Be Naked!

This is a contest for all of you artistic and adventurous photographers out there who would rather celebrate the human body than cover it up! <img:44166_1164145241.gif>

Current Theme: Black and White
Note you must be 18 years or older to enter!

From: Stephen
2014-07-16 20:36:56


Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

Do you want to donate your own stock images to Elftown so that they may be used by artists? If so, donate them to the EPRM in return for nifty badges!

What we want are photos that are useful for artists. The photos should be pretty big, as sharp as possible and contain little more than the subject(s). We want many kinds of subjects, but more important is that we have shots on everything the subject does and from all angles.

From: Nioniel
2013-03-19 23:57:12


Text Adventures

The best place to find active and interesting RPs to join. All RPs found on this page are currently accepting new players. So if you love to role-play and you're looking for an exciting new RP, check out Text Adventures and start playing today!

From: Nioniel
2014-07-17 01:31:19


Apply To Be A Literature Judge

Apply to be one of the literature judges!

From: wicked fae mage
2014-07-21 21:47:49


Apply to the Crew

Are you interested in helping to run and maintain Elftown and make it a better place? If so, then maybe you should Apply to the Crew! <img:stuff/mood33-gif.gif>

From: Stephen
2014-07-16 08:52:14



Are you hosting an unofficial contest you think other members would love to take part in? Let us all know about it on MC. <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

From: Stephen
2014-07-16 08:53:49

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This is the mainstreet of Elftown.

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Literature Judges Wanted

Do you want to give back to the community? Do you enjoy literature? Then apply to be one of the literature judges! Applications are now being accepted for the upcoming poetry season! Visit Apply To Be A Literature Judge and get your application started today!

Date: 2014-07-21 20:46:51
News #: 710
Reporter: wicked fae mage
More art


Here is the featured art for 18th July 2014 brought to you by [Fire fae] (artist) and [Nioniel] (nominator).

Featured Art 2014-07-21

Come visit the official Featured Art <img:img/mood/20610_1166705322.gif> to find out more about this picture and the Featured Art!
To nominate an artist, go to nominate a picture!

About the featured art and nominating a picture
Date: 2014-07-21 21:03:00 Piece #: 263 Mod: Stephen
More poems

Dream Girl

The sun, golden, flowed down the world,
Beams, glowing, bent and curled.
The oceans gleamed, brilliantly blue,
That sparkling, twinkling, cerulean hue.
It filled my mind, my purblind sight;
I saw it, felt it, every night...
But my eyes opened and light streamed in;
My sunshine gone until night again.
Lately though, it won't rise for me,
My dreams give way to reverie.
It's gone now, nevermore to be,
So live on, dear, in poetry.

Written by [Mortified Penguin]

How to submit a poem
Date: 2014-07-16 01:52:43 Poem #: 1732 Mod: wicked fae mage
More features

[Lumos Maxima]

This month's interview is with a fish-lover and enthusiastic role-player! I hope you have fun getting to know more about [Lumos Maxima]!

Is there a story behind your username?
Well the full name was taken so I shortened it. It was supposed to be Eraisuithiel (Air-eye-soo-ee-thee-ell) which is Elvish for Michelle. Which is my real name. *smiles* I see all my friends on here with cool names that they've stuck with for years. Ive never found that one name so I just settled for something that matched me and sounded pretty. But I'm still not happy with it.

Do you know Elvish?
No not really. I've researched it and use it in a lot of my roleplays but I cant actually speak it if you were to walk up to me on a street. Though that would be awesome, like having a conversation in German. We should make Elvish an actual language.

What is it you mostly do on Elftown?
I role play...role play... and role play some more. Thats all I get on here for really. But its enough to bring me back over and over lol

What types of role-plays do you prefer?
I like it to have some romance in it. Because lets be honest...where there's romance, there's drama and it keeps the role-play interesting. I also prefer fantasy. You know, elves, dragons, orcs, etc. Its an entirely different world and I love being in it. Its a way for all the stress of the day to just be washed away. I can step out of reality and play in this fantasy life. Sometimes I even wish it were real.

What is your advice to all Elftowners?
Be creative. If you're feeling down and lost in your work, just remember what you've done before is wonderful and you can do it again.


To view the complete interview with this member go to FMI erai
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The member feature is not to be abused for harassment purposes. Any such instance will be dealt with accordingly.

About the featured members
Date: 2013-08-07 15:45:40 Featured member #: 122 Mod: wicked fae mage
More wiki-pages

The American Civil War


Interested in the Civil War of American past, or perhaps you're just interested in some good-looking artwork? Take a look at [Dark Side of the Moon]'s The American Civil War where they show their respect for the battles and soldiers past through creativity and artwork, highlighting important parts and giving us all a bit more reason to be interested in history.

About the Featured Wiki
Date: 2014-07-16 19:29:51 Feature #: 83 Mod: Stephen
More stories


The featured story for 16th June 2014 is brought to you by [Madame Black] and [Nioniel] (nominator).

"Rubbing my hands together vigorously as I walked, I hailed the train station just ahead. I had trudged through the already piling snow for perhaps an hour, taking the field rather than the roadways. It was a cold January afternoon, and large snowflakes had been falling for some time. I preferred to walk on days like this, for no other reason than to enjoy the beauty of the silent world of winter. The earth was hushed as if it were awaiting some sort of doom, holding its breath as it awaits its fate. I was the only creature stirring at that time, hastily crunching in the snow."

We hope you enjoy this haunting story! <img:44166_1164099989.gif>

Visit the Featured Story to find out more about the feature. To make a nomination, visit nominate a story.

About the featured stories
Date: 2014-07-16 21:20:22 Featured story #: 42 Mod: Stephen

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