77073) Which of these images should win the ECM Witch photo contest?

Number of voters: 331
* a) <img100*0:stuff/Witch_and_Her_Cat.jpg>
Number of votes: 17 (5%)
* b) <img100*0:stuff/Leah_-_Vintage_Witch.jpg>
Number of votes: 55 (17%)
* c) <img100*0:stuff/Yuletide_Fun.jpg>
Number of votes: 3 (1%)
* d) <img100*0:stuff/Witch_Of_the_Tower.jpg>
Number of votes: 45 (14%)
* e) <img100*0:stuff/The_Solitary_One.jpg>
Number of votes: 19 (6%)
* f) <img100*0:stuff/Follow_me.jpg>
Number of votes: 4 (1%)
* g) <img100*0:stuff/Forest_Witch.jpg>
Number of votes: 10 (3%)
* h) <img100*0:stuff/hogswarthomework.jpg>
Number of votes: 19 (6%)
* i) <img100*0:stuff/photofolio-tri-witch.jpg>
Number of votes: 28 (8%)
* j) <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1247864337.jpg>
Number of votes: 22 (7%)
* k) <img100*0:stuff/NehirwenAsWitch.jpg>
Number of votes: 33 (10%)
* l) <img100*0:stuff/aj/169023/1248145871.jpg>
Number of votes: 76 (23%)

2009-08-22 [Galax'Or]: It obviously represents the alchemical brewery that any witch or warlock can muster...

2009-08-23 [Galax'Or]: aha, nice one...pulling out the facts from wikis always shows them up!

2009-08-23 [Nekko fox]: Gotta stick with 'L'. Most 'witchy' in my opinion, the rest are decent, but aesthetically speaking I need to go with L.... Very pretty pretty.

2009-08-23 [BourreƩ]: I don't trust wikipedia, I've had issues with them before. They are continually falling into the trap of blending fictitious popular opinion with truth. This will definitely make it more popular, but impede its ability to be the source it could be. Kinda bit too much to ask of a website run by pedo-bears...

2009-08-23 [Cillamoon]: Thanks for "teaching" me. I was unable to see the loop at the top so it looked like a cross to me.

2009-08-24 [Nioniel]: Anytime, if you're ignorant on a topic, all you have to do is ask.

2009-08-24 [Cillamoon]: Yes, I will ask my sources, thanks.

2009-08-24 [Nioniel]: Well, they do seem to know their facts, np.

2009-08-24 [Delilah88]: Ohh, very pretty pictures!

2009-08-28 [Lurch]: B, boobs. Wiccans always go sky-clad

2009-08-30 [Jeffster]: Gotta love (L), a very typical modern witch.

2009-09-02 [Doyle of Arda]: That Ankh does have a smaller than normal loop.

2009-09-02 [Nioniel]: Yes, it is a bit smaller than they normally are, a friend of mine made it for me a few years back. :)

2009-09-08 [Silviyius]: Dammm I would want B or H to do some spells on me!

2009-09-10 [Delilah88]: How very juvenile a comment...

2009-09-11 [Lurch]: That's what your mom said XD

2009-09-11 [BourreĆ©]: They can turn you into Hemorrhoid cream. 

2009-09-11 [another brick in the wall]: Man I can't believe J isn't up at the top. I absolutely love it.

2009-09-12 [Delilah88]: is this closed then? It's no longer on mainstreet...

2009-09-14 [Lurch]: yeah now its "mage"... lame

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