76254) When you hear the word "fantasy", which of the following creatures comes to mind first? (by [Dark Side of the Moon])

Number of voters: 1101
* a) Unicorn
Number of votes: 67 (6%)
* b) Pegasus
Number of votes: 22 (2%)
* c) Faery, Sprite or Pixie
Number of votes: 201 (18%)
* d) Elf
Number of votes: 199 (18%)
* e) Wizard or Sorcerer
Number of votes: 102 (9%)
* f) Dragon
Number of votes: 322 (29%)
* g) Dwarf
Number of votes: 10 (1%)
* h) Angel
Number of votes: 16 (1%)
* i) Demon
Number of votes: 21 (2%)
* j) Vampire
Number of votes: 72 (7%)
* k) Werewolf
Number of votes: 25 (2%)
* l) [Hedda]
Number of votes: 44 (4%)

2008-03-17 [Dark Side of the Moon]: David Bowie is under the faery listing I believe. 

Did I say that? oops...

2008-03-18 [Account No Longer Active]: David Bowie = amazingness.

2008-03-18 [KASSS.]: wats a hedda xD

2008-03-18 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I think David Bowie's pretty cool too. <img:stuff/sing.gif> 

2008-03-18 [BrokenSilence]: what first comes to mind for me are metamorphs, not just werewolfs but tigers, birds, snakes. my choice isnt up there but id go with metamorphs

2008-03-20 [Elven Rider]: Actually. I think of all of them first:)also many others. Including; Unisus (male cross between a unicorn and pegasus), Unipeg (female cross between a unicorn and pegasus), and others.<img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

2008-03-20 [Paul Doyle]: Whatever happened to the poularity of vampires? I remember there was a poll from a few years ago where vampires narrowly eclipsed the popularity of dragons. Also, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned anything about gryphons yet.

2008-03-20 [Dark Side of the Moon]: 2008-03-14 crowdel: why isnt the Griffin on the list

2008-03-15 Ir-Iddyn: I'm sorry [crowdel]. There are so many fantasy creatures that if I included everyone that I could think of you'd have to scroll pretty far down the page to see them all. ;)

2008-03-20 [Paul Doyle]: Whoops :P

2008-03-22 [Paul Doyle]: Speaking of "fantasy creatures", there's a wonderful page of North Korean propaganda on Youtube highlighting Dear Leader, Kim-Jong-Il. It's amazing these were made with a straight face, even if they were made at gunpoint.

Extreme "fantasy": Lil' chub-chub as a great athlete: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDBCGNGAypY

2008-03-23 [bleeding_heart]: dragons are awesome

2008-03-23 [NewMoon17]: Dragons are awesome.

2008-03-23 [nayboo]: David Bowie=GOD

2008-03-24 [Lakayana]: why are fairies not on the lit? thats what comes to my mind first when talking of fantacy

2008-03-24 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Faeries are on the list. Read it again. <img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2008-03-24 [Zel Holt]: Spelt "Fairy=single Fairies=plurle"

2008-03-24 [Dark Side of the Moon]: It's also spelled faery. There are many different ways to spell this word. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=faery

2008-03-25 [Zel Holt]: Sorry, I was never shown that term before. Carry on. *leaves*

2008-03-25 [Faery Rule]: Yay! someone else who spell it FAERY! i also think of elves but more of faeries sprites and pixies they are so awesome good or evil!

2008-03-26 [Dark Side of the Moon]: That's okay [Zel Holt]! There are lots of different ways to spell "gryphon" also. Just depends on what you fancy and what you think looks nice on paper!<img:44166_1164144907.gif>

2008-04-01 [Mrs Vicious.]: lol
I neerly choed on my cheerio's when i saw the last choice...
hehe Pixy.. i had to choose it.. cuz i am one.. hehe!!

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