2008-02-16 [Mikie9191]: Wow - so many great entries. I voted f) but I quite like b) and i) too. Awesome detail. Good work everyone.

2008-02-16 [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]: ^^ Thank you. It helps to full view the image.

2008-02-17 [GLASSALIEN]: C. to me actuly looks like something that should be on this site, the colours chosen for it, just prove the point, congrats to the artist

2008-02-17 [Sheracle]: Aww.. C is pretty... But I don't like that it doesn't have forearms because they're turned into wings.. It should have wings growing from its shoulderblades and also forearms in my opinion..

2008-02-17 [KaiRei]: I like D.

2008-02-17 [Cascading water lillies]: I wanted to choose two that were definitely to my taste. Oh well! :P

2008-02-18 [Six_dragons]: I think C seems to have the most fantasy to it of them ^^

2008-02-18 [Katja]: Well, C is a wyvern if you want to be technical. It has wings where it's arms should be, and or it has no forearms, it has wings.

2008-02-18 [Cia_mar]: you are right about c being a wyvern... there is a discription of one here: wyvern

2008-02-18 [SilverFire]: katja, all pieces were voted on by the council, and only the 10 that voted 'best' by the council made it the poll. If you had a problem with one of the entries, you should have brought it up beforehand, until waiting until now. Because now it just looks like you're sulking because your entry didn't get through. Which I'm sure isn't true. ;)

2008-02-18 [Sheracle]: Well then.. Not to bitch or anything.. But why the F*ยด# is there a wyvern in the final contest for DRAGONS??? Thats just plain stupid.. imo anyways.. someone ought to do something about that! :) and i liked the 'little' dragon from the original contest the best... Just scale it up ;) (if it's okay with the artist ofcourse (like make it have huge babies or something - science can do that!) Heh..

2008-02-18 [Mrs Vicious.]: I like D....it's perdy.... he he.... there all perdy....exept for A and G... there just.. not as perdy... *giggles*

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