76173) Which entries should win the Valentine Art Competition?

Number of voters: 416
* a) <img100*0:stuff/Nehirwen-HappyValentine.jpg>
Number of votes: 114 (27%)
* b) <img100*0:stuff/cia%27s%20ET%20valentine.jpg>
Number of votes: 26 (6%)
* c) <img100*0:stuff/NanaLifFairiesWedding.jpg>
Number of votes: 39 (9%)
* d) <img100*0:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsJo-KimMy%20DocumentsMy%20PicturesMy%20ArtworkFairies_AngelsValentine%20Fairy_web.jpg>
Number of votes: 34 (8%)
* e) <img100*0:stuff/fvalfae.jpg>
Number of votes: 52 (13%)
* f) <img100*0:stuff/Triola-TitanicValentine08.jpg>
Number of votes: 32 (8%)
* g) <img100*0:stuff/Elys_valentines08.png>
Number of votes: 17 (4%)
* h) <img100*0:img/drawing/17985_1202655681.jpg>
Number of votes: 36 (9%)
* i) <img100*0:stuff/IskeValentijn.jpg>
Number of votes: 16 (4%)
* j) <img100*0:img/drawing/45483_1202744989.jpg>
Number of votes: 16 (4%)
* k) <img100*0:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsJo-KimMy%20DocumentsMy%20PicturesSt_Ruby_web.jpg>
Number of votes: 12 (3%)
* l) <img100*0:stuff/ss-queenofhearts.jpg>
Number of votes: 22 (5%)

2008-02-14 [A.M.C]: IMO, A is my fave, i just love the way its put together =]

2008-02-14 [Once upon a dream]: "A" isn't my favorite. I voted "H" because it's suits the Valentines day theme; the colors, the characters expression, movement....

2008-02-14 [Chrilith of Akhai]: I count myself among the "True artists" of this world, and I think entry A is quite good. If there's anything I've learned over the years, it's that there's more to good art than just clean lines or well chosen colors. "A" has FEEL to it, even if it's not particularly excellent quality per se.

2008-02-14 [Corazie]: The one with lots of embracing people, I, wouldn't show on full view, it was too big for my computer to handle. So I went for L, I'm a sucker for pop art =]

2008-02-14 [Khronos Atmosphaera]: I personally think they are all very unique. Each one possesses a different art style, which is good. I had a hard time deciding though who I liked, because of all the different techniques. I liked everyone, but, obviously, I can't choose them all.

2008-02-14 [Jitter]: [Taxicab Messiah] if you're right it will be shown when the final results are in *shrugs* There's however no reason to be rude against a piece you don't like because it happens to be winning

2008-02-14 [Leara]: A 'true artist' would not comment giving a rant about how one piece of art is 'poor quaility' because they don't like it as much as another piece, and being completed biased towards that piece, when they have not contributed to the contest themself. Whats unique and beautiful is different to each individual.

2008-02-14 [Sunrose]: You said it was 'poorly done', what does that mean if it doesn't mean 'not good'?
If it's not what you meant to say, then maybe it's a matter of choosing your words more carefully :)

2008-02-14 [Paul Doyle]: Will someone please define what is "true art" and what is not? Thank you.

2008-02-15 [Cina]: "Could someone please define what is 'true art' and what is not?"
I don't think there's a cut-and-dried answer to that one, thankfully. That's what I like about art.

2008-02-15 [Paul Doyle]: Thank you! *claps*

2008-02-15 [*Night_Shade*]: LEO! YESH!

2008-02-15 [LouieRae]: Ah well...most all of them look a bit poorly done...I don't see how "A" is winning, but either way...

2008-02-15 [Taxicab Messiah]: ::yawn::

2008-02-15 [hermione_aislin]: I need Kate and Leo right about now. Love Actually is such a great movie. =)

Well done to all artists though. Take that as a very high compliment... the only successful thing I've drawn lately was a stick figure.

2008-02-15 [Elisha Kelly]: why is this still up for voting if the winners have been announced? Is confused...

2008-02-15 [Linderel]: No one has yet made a new poll. There's a lag sometimes - we're human too :P

2008-02-15 [Jitter]: I don't get why there's such a hostility towards entries lately in contests. It's the third negative thing I see in comments and the other two haven't even closed yet.

Honestly people if you believe entries are "poorly done" or "unimaginative" or "fake art" (je-sus) just make your own darn BETTER art before you judge.

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