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The heart is not a suitable court.
It is not a playable field.
Words go there to die.

In the brain, there's ping pong.
While thoughts are light,
the game is still fast-paced
and requires full attention.

The weightless things always turn into tennis balls
without any warning.
The table never turns into a net fast enough
nor the small racket into one that can fight back.

The only choice is to let them hit you,
despite how fast they're coming.
There will come a point when you will have your racket
and you'll get a great hit
over and over again.

That's when they'll turn into baseballs.
Only then will it dawn on you to stand behind the machine.

Written by [Leb]

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Date: 2012-03-08 00:20:54 Poem #: 1526 Mod: wicked fae mage


Have you ever heard of something so beautiful that you merely wanted to taste It?

I've seen marvels, heroines,
Graphically phantasmal representations within my nightmares...

There's nothing more beautiful than beauty itself.
There's nothing more absolute than personality.
There's nothing more incredible than giving.
There's nothing more awesome than a whisper.
There's nothing more fantastic than love.
There's nothing as compassionate as sacrifice.
There's nothing near as forgiving as she is.
There's nothing compared to a relationship other than the pathway you took to Get there.
There's nothing that's greater than a friend besides the warmth that they Present you.
There's more to breaking down yourself than you think...

There's nothing as sweet as ginger.
There's nothing more wonderful than the next wonder...


Written by [Galax'Or]

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Date: 2012-03-05 20:26:48 Poem #: 1525 Mod: wicked fae mage

The stranger in my heart

Some would say we're perfect
But they don't know the truth
What lies behind a great disguise
The real thing isn't so smooth
The smile will never tell you
The eyes won't betray
The feelings that lay deep inside
Searching for something to say
I won't say there's no happiness
That would be a lie
But it's hardly there
Sometimes present
Sometimes just passing by
Some might say it's normal
But I disagree
Because sometimes when I look at him
There's a stranger looking back at me

Written by [MyAlterEgo]

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Date: 2012-03-03 02:00:58 Poem #: 1524 Mod: wicked fae mage


Empty words
are all I hear.
Lies upon lies
are what they are.

Cold words
cut me deeply.
Lasting pain
that never seems to fade.

Accusing words
let guilt destroy me.
Till everything
is my fault.

All these words
do so much damage,
but no one knows...
and no one cares.

Written by [Danboo]

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Date: 2012-03-01 22:11:42 Poem #: 1523 Mod: Linderel
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