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The Elftown Council and Assembly are proud to announce the launch of the ET Dark Arts Competition! If you like dark and creepy, moody and eerie, then this contest is for you, the darker your art the better it is! So come over to the dark side, we have badges!

ET Dark Arts Competition

Announcing the winners of the Magic Competition Veterans' sections!

Magic Art Contest for Veterans Winner:

Winner & Crew
      By [NOOOPE]

Magic Photography Contest for Veterans Winner:

Winner & Crew
  By [playslashwrite]

Magic Written Contest for Veterans Winner:

[Mortified Penguin] - "True Magic"

There once was an old witch and an elderly wizard
They sat huddled alone, during a fierce blizzard
The power was gone and with candles around
The glimmer in her eye reflected a beauty most profound
Now, they couldn’t use spells or do tricks
Nor could they use incantations or wield sorcerous sticks
But the situation wasn’t all that tragic
For when they kissed… it was truly magic.

Congratulations to these three, and thanks to all who entered!

Also announcing the winners of the EPRM Feet Reference!
<img:stuff/z/10620/EPRM%2520Skydancer%2520Feet/11-28-08 Feet 025.jpg?y=100>

Congratulations to our winners! Don't forget to vote in the poll to decide the winner of the EPRM Action Pose Reference contest!

Newly added photo contest!

EPRM Face Reference - 2009-2-27

<img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png>  Public Polls Open For Voting<img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png>

For the Christmas Photography Competition:
Voting deadline is: 2009-1-15!

Elftown Christmas Photo Voting_2008

Please vote for your choice of the entries submitted!</i>
~ Thank you! ~


Be sure to put 'Competitions' on watch so that you don't miss all the new contests, advertise your contest at MC and be sure to look at Mainstreet's Calendar for many Elftown happenings you might be missing!
<i>To mention a few:

- Reviews - Ongoing
- Elftown Photo Reference Marathon - Ongoing. Currently running:
  - EPRM Furniture Reference - 2009-1-27
  - EPRM Face Reference - 2009-2-27
  - EPRM Water Reference - 2009-6-27
  - EPRM Landmark Reference - 2009-7-27
- Crafty Fairytales - 2009-1-02 (extended)
- Chinese New Year Competition - 2009-1-21
- Medieval Smileys Contest (Voting in progress on the wiki-page)
- Elftown Creature Marathon Contest List
- ECM Drow Art - 2009-3-01
- ECM Werewolf - 2009-3-01
- ECM Photo Sessions still open:
  - ECM Fantasy Dwarf Photo - 2009-2-15
  - ECM Orc Photo - 2009-2-28
  - ECM Mage Photo - 2009-3-15
  - ECM Witch Photo - 2009-3-31
  - ECM Troll Photo - 2009-4-15
  - ECM Fantasy Warrior Photo - 2009-4-30

Don't forget the Elftown Museum Temporary Exposition!

Missing: </center>

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