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ECM Phoenix Winners & Reviews Feature!

<img:stuff/5ETGoldStars.png>  <img:img/mood/phoenix.jpg>  <img:stuff/5ETGoldStars.png>

The ECM Mods, along with the Elftown Council and Assembly, are proud to present the winners for the ECM Phoenix Session!

The ECM Phoenix Art winners: *drum roll* We present:
First Place:
<img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png> By [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]! <img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png>
Also: *Crew Favourite*
              Second Place:
       <img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png> By [Phenomenon]! <img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png>
      Third Place:
<img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png> By [tavis harts]! <img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png>

The ECM Phoenix Poetry winner: *drum roll* We present:
<img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png> "A Beautiful Creature" - Written by [Koho Ai]! <img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png>

The ECM Phoenix Text winner: *drum roll* We present:
<img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png> Best Text - "A Thousand Years" Written by [Alexi Ice]! <img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png>

The ECM Phoenix all around winner: *drum roll* We present:
<img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png> Best Contributor - [Linderel]! <img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png>

Congratulations to all our winners!

... and our deepest appreciation to all that Contribute to Elftown's Competitions!
The badging is underway!</center>

The Elftown Creature Marathon is also announcing the opening of the:

ECM Werewolf Session!
ECM Drow Art!

Deadlines for both are: 2009 - March 1st.</center>


A New Feature:

<img:stuff/5ETGoldStars.png> -->  Reviews!  <-- <img:stuff/5ETGoldStars.png>

Using the Reviews' feature:
Compliments of [Chimes]! See: What makes a good review?
If you look at the row of buttons at the top of your house or diary, it's the button that reads, 'Write a review' between the 'Invite' and 'Upload a folder of images' buttons.

To write a review about a variety of subjects, including movies, books, and more, press 'Write a review'. You'll land on the Reviews' form page. Just fill in the boxes, click save when you are done, and your review will appear in the comments on Reviews or one of its sub-pages. An administrator will swing by the wiki and post the link ASAP.

Very simple! Now there is no excuse not to write a review!

<img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png>  Public Polls Open For Voting<img:stuff/ETGoldStar.png>


Please vote for your choice of the entries submitted!</center>


Be sure to put 'Competitions' on watch so that you don't miss all the new contests, advertise your contest at MC and be sure to look at Mainstreet's Calendar for many Elftown happenings you might be missing!
To mention a few:
- Reviews - Ongoing
- Elftown Photo Reference Marathon - Ongoing
- ECM Elf - 1st December, 2008
- ECM Drow Art - 1st March, 2009
- ECM Werewolf - 1st March, 2009
- Crafty Fairytales - 2nd January, 2009 (extended)
- Medieval Smileys Contest (Voting in progress on the wiki-page)
- Elftown Creature Marathon Contest List
- ECM Photo Sessions still open:
  - ECM Orc Photo - 30th November, 2008
  - ECM Mage Photo - 15th December, 2008
  - ECM Witch Photo - 31st December, 2008
  - ECM Troll Photo - 15th January, 2009
  - ECM Fantasy Warrior Photo - 31st January, 2009
  - ECM Fantasy Dwarf Photo - 15th February, 2009

Don't forget the Elftown Museum Temporary Exposition!

Missing: </center>

Date: 2008-11-16 10:54:48
News #: 459
Reporter: *Artsie_ladie*

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