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ECM Dragon Winners!

The Council, the Assembly, and the ECM Mods are happy to announce the winners of the ECM Dragon Session, 2007-2008 of the Elftown Creature Marathon! Thank you ALL that participated and contributed to Elftown's Creature Page, the Dragon!

For ECM Dragon Art:
First Place:
By: [blackphoenix]

Second Place:
Third Place:
By: [nathie]
Crew Favourite
By: [DarkJenni]

For ECM Dragon Mood/Avatar:
Winning Mood Set:
Winning Avatar:

By: [Jitter]
By: [nehirwen]

For ECM Dragon Poetry:
Winning poem: The Dragon of Henwyreld
Written by: [Dark Side of the Moon]

For ECM Dragon Text:
Best text: By [Sue Falkenkralle]
For Best Contributor:

Congratulations to all the Winners
of the ECM Dragon Session!


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- Festivals: Easter Festival - 13th of March, 2008
- ECM Fairy/Fae - 1st May 2008
- Medieval Smileys Contest - 15th of May, 2008
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Date: 2008-03-09 13:25:47
News #: 438
Reporter: *Artsie_ladie*

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