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Winner of the ET sci-fi logo contest!

Through the Mainstreet poll we have let you decide on the winner of the ET sci-fi logo contest.
We present to you the winning science fiction logo for Elftown:

By [BinaryPhoenix]

<img170*0:stuff/2039_ETscifib.gif> <img170*0:stuff/SciFiETLogoYncke.png>
Crew favourites: The logos by [NOOOPE] and [Yncke] were in a tie of votes for crew favourite</center>

Congratulations to the winner and many thanks to all participants for contributing to Elftown! ^__^


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New rules
On July 21st the new writing rules have gone into effect. Copied texts are no longer allowed.
Please see <news:Change to the Uploading Art Rules - written art!>

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Missing: </center>

Date: 2007-07-31 12:14:49
News #: 414
Reporter: Sunrose

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