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Change to the Uploading Art Rules - written art!

The Council and Guards have decided on a significant rule-change concerning written art!
Images and writings will from here on out be considered equal. This means the same rules will be applied to writings as are applied to images.

We feel that writings are as much an art as images are. Therefore they deserve the same protection on Elftown against theft and similar issues.
Secondly, as is the case with images, we don't like seeing the same writings on each and every house. We would like you to describe yourself in your own words, rather than copying what others have once written.
This is after all an artist community, in which you are given the opportunity to explore your creativity and improve your artistic skills. Don't be afraid to share it with us :)

What does the change mean?
The Uploading Art Rules now contain rules concerning writing. And they state the following:

General Rules

G-5. No random copied writings in (descriptions of) houses.
Writing not your own is not allowed, unless someone wrote it especially for you (a friend).
Example: No copied stories, song-lyrics etc
Short quotes, or the likes, that don't exceed 4 phrases/lines/sentences are OK.
Copied questionnaires are allowed with a limit of 50 questions. Therefore choose your questions wisely.

Art on the Wiki

Copying writings to a wiki is OK, as long as you don't claim the material (the wikiname shouldn't suggest it either).
If the owner requests for it to be removed, it will be done so.
Questionnaires longer than 50 questions can be put in wikis as well. See for example questionnaires.

These rules are in effect as of today, but you will be given until midnight (Elftown time) on Saturday the 21st of July to remove writings that violate the new rules.
Not until then may violations be reported or removed.

PS. Please vote in the Mainstreet poll!

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Date: 2007-07-07 21:32:54
News #: 410
Reporter: Sunrose

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