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Elftown Academy Make-over!


The Elftown Academy has been put through a make-over!

The changes
A number of pages have been removed, the Departments have been cleaned and the rules have been adjusted:
The wikis that used to list the names of Professors and Teachers have been deleted.
The owl-badges that were distributed to contributors have been removed from the badgeslots.

What do these changes mean for Professors, Teachers, Students and members?
You are no longer listed on separate pages and no longer own an official Academy badge.
We have instead created an unofficial badge for Professors/Teachers and Students that are free to use in descriptions.

Why have these changes been made?
First of all the Academy was never supposed to become an official project, but it did.
Now that it has grown, it has become so big that it is almost impossible for the small group of volunteers to monitor and maintain everything. Most of the time was spent on updating various wikis and houses, due to members constantly joining and leaving.
This aspect has been completely removed.
Now our main focus is making sure all classrooms have substantial content to be part of a department.
The Board of Governors maintains the Academy Applications and ETA Classes and monitors all the departments.
The entire Elftown Academy now has a semi-official status: It is monitored by an official group to maintain a certain level of quality, but the contributions are non-official.

To encourage contributions we have these two free to use badges that you can put in your description, created by [May-lea] and [Yncke]:

<img:stuff/ProfessorUnofficial.gif> <img:stuff/StudentUnofficial2.gif>

We're very sorry for any inconveniences you have gone through by these changes, or in the period prior to the final changes.
We hope we will be more able to be of service in the future and that you will enjoy your stay at the Elftown Academy!

- Board of Governors

<img:img/mood/17985_1127690355.gif> Note
Please cast your vote in the Mainstreet poll, if you haven't already :)

Contests currently running:
- ET Photograph Competition: Science fiction photography (30th of June)
- The Happy Birthday Elftown Contest (1st of July)
- ECM vampire photo
See more on competitions

Download The Town Herald: <URL:stuff/TownHerald_Issue14.pdf>


Date: 2007-06-18 16:22:52
News #: 407
Reporter: Sunrose

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