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Best of your race badge competition ended!

Winners selected:

Duck: [Duredhel] <img:img/photo/48479_1129149392.jpg>
Dwarf: [TheRogue] <img:stuff/roguedwarfbadge4.gif>
Elf: [Asrun] <img:stuff/elfbadge.jpg>
Halfling: [Duredhel] <img:img/drawing/48479_1130786913.jpg>
Human: [Duredhel] <img:img/drawing/48479_1130786942.jpg>
Orc: [Duredhel] <img:img/drawing/48479_1129004381.jpg>

Continue to vote on: Best race badge voting: boyrbc final voting until the 25th of November.


Date: 2005-11-19 15:20:06
News #: 335
Reporter: Hedda

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