77385) Is Macaroni and Cheese a vegetable?

Number of voters: 29
* a) Yes
Number of votes: 10 (34%)
* b) No
Number of votes: 19 (66%)

2011-12-09 [hanhepi]: are you sure? cause last i compared mac and cheese to peas and broccoli, peas and broccoli were barely edible, and the mac and cheese was good. :/

2011-12-09 [Pillowthief]: Thats what I said about pizza.

2011-12-09 [Mortified Penguin]: That's what she said about pizza!

*high fives a random drunken frat dude*

2011-12-09 [Pillowthief]: *high-fives Mort*

But, wait, Im not in a frat...

2011-12-10 [Nekko fox]: It is for the enlightened. It is even more vegetable when you add bacon.

2011-12-13 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: I had some mac & cheese last night. Its more of an American thing I think though, but the lord gave us the light stuff, and it was goood. It is a vegetable because it is in a mostly vegetative state. It never learns anything does it? Or thinks for itself? Therefore, it is veggie.

2011-12-13 [Avaz]: The Corner Bakery has a mac & cheese dish they just came out with. You can add bacon & tomatoes for a small charge. And I feel NOT adding them is the crime. It is sublime! <3

2011-12-13 [Nekko fox]: Remember folks, only the heretic, the blasphemer, and the profligate do not think that Mac & Cheese is a vegetable and thusly their opinions may be disregarded.

2011-12-14 [Pillowthief]: Rabble rabble rabble!

2011-12-31 [Pillowthief]: You're all communists.

2011-12-31 [Ninja Smurf]: I'd have to agree... taken from page 327 of the communist handbook... Any one body of people that supports Mac'N'Cheese of being a vegtable, vegtable like/similar shall be called a hethanous heretic and stoned.

2012-01-01 [Nekko fox]: The book is a heretic!

*the book is stoned*

2012-01-01 [Avaz]: *The cops bust down the door of the book's dorm room and confiscate all of its weed*

2012-01-01 [Nekko fox]: *watches as the book is hauled off for questioning, it's family ashamed and mortified*

2012-01-04 [Ninja Smurf]: *See's Nekko's mom in the cell next to the book*...... *shrugs and gets the fire-hose*

2013-04-05 [Sideways]: How the fuck is a wheat and dairy product a vegatable? What kind of lazy trollshit is this?

2013-04-05 [Nekko fox]: Explain how it's NOT a vegetable! The dairy was once grass but has been turned into a dairy by cows. Wheat is a type of plant, ground to make flour. Ergo, Mac and Cheese is a vegetable.

2013-04-05 [Avaz]: This logic is sound.

2013-04-05 [Nekko fox]: And making logic WITHOUT sound makes it doubly sound.

2013-04-24 [Pillowthief]: Tripoli sound, actually.

2013-04-25 [Nekko fox]: Touche.

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