2012-06-29 [nehirwen]: It's too short for b. :(

2012-06-29 [Viking]: Ah, I thought it might be. I'll get rid of that one and find a replacement.

2012-06-29 [Viking]: How about the new one? f, that is.

2012-06-29 [nehirwen]: I think it will be that length soon enough. :)

2012-06-29 [Viking]: OK =)

2012-06-29 [nehirwen]: Now vote. :p

2012-06-29 [Viking]: I'm still considering. And I might add another.

2012-07-06 [nehirwen]: I've decided to get style D. :D

2012-07-06 [Viking]: Whoohooo!

2012-07-06 [nehirwen]: Now to make an appointment. I hope somewhere next week so I can surprise the boyfriend when he comes back from vacation!

2012-07-06 [Viking]: And you'll be posting pictures, won't you?

2012-07-06 [nehirwen]: Of course! Really crappy ones. I made an appointment for monday. :)

2012-07-06 [Viking]: Awww, you can't post good ones?

2012-07-06 [nehirwen]: No, I have a sucky cheap camera and le photographer boyfriend isn't home for a while. I think even my webcam makes better pictures than my camera, maybe I should install it again. x)

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